First They Come For The Jews

I wanted to link to the fantastic article by Ben Shaprio

benshapiroBen goes to great lengths to detail Obama’s inability to describe the true threat that faces America because he is neither an advocate nor a believer in Western Civilization.  Obama’s inability, or refusal, only empowers the enemy.


Winston Churchill Taught Us Words Matter

During World War  II, Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of England and for a long period of time he was the leader and face of the free world. His was the only country that had been able to offer any resistance to Germany’s march across Europe.

Neville_chamberlain1921Part of Churchill’s success was his ability and willingness to identify and give name to German Nationalism as the encroaching threat. He was able to plan accordingly and marshal his country’s resources precisely because of his unrelenting determination in speaking out against the threat he perceived Germany to be not only to England but the Western world at large.

Blindness or cowardice by other European leaders were the reasons that Hitler’s army steamrolled over most of Europe. To the contrary, Churchill was able to plan his country’s defenses because he faced the enemy head on. His dogged perseverance remains one of the principal reasons that Germany met defeat in World War II.

Contrast this to the numerous responses and statements made by President Obama regarding the latest terrorist attacks by ISIS. Our President labels the attacks as carried out by “fanatics.”  In his recent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama discussed, in great detail, the problems with religious fanaticism going back to the Crusades– yes– the Crusades… an event that took place over 900 years go! So, while Christianity appears to be fair game when analyzing current day barbarism by ISIS, apparently radical Islam is not.

In fact, the entire Obama administration, from the State Department to the Department of Defense as well as the White House all speak with measured and guarded words when addressing the threats coming from ISIS, never calling them what they are: Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism.

Unlike Churchill, who was able to anticipate the Germans’ moves precisely because he saw Hitler and his intentions for what they were, Obama’s inability or unwillingness (blindness, cowardice or sympathy) to clearly identify the risks posed by ISIS makes him unable to accurately predict their movements. This inability by the Obama Administration to call ISIS what it is places the United States in a more vulnerable, and thereby dangerous, position.

In many ways, President Obama has it easier than Churchill did. The Germans tried to hide their maniacal end game; not so ISIS. Churchill had to convince his nation and the world that what Hitler said was not what he really intended. Contrast ISIS, which promotes its intentions by way of video beheadings while marketing Sharia and a Caliphate to the world with a boldness never before seen.

Yet while Churchill took on his challenge, Obama shirks his.

Neville Chamberlain preceded Churchill and will forever be remembered as an apologist and a naif. Inconceivably, and tragically, these appear to be fitting adjectives for the 44th President of The United States of America.



Where Did America Go?

Slopes can be slippery. This is why it’s prudent, even necessary, to be alert and diligent when headed down one.  Sadly we as a nation were, in fact, headed down one for quite some time but turned our attention elsewhere. Our negligence now finds us bruised and battered at the bottom of the slope. In case you think the reference is an exaggeration…follow-up on two stories in today’s news.

LibertyFirst, British newspaper The Guardian has reported that Chicago police have a “black room” where they illegally detain suspects for up to 24 hours without warrant or probable cause and inflict physical damage upon detainees. Secondly, Dan Rosen, Senior State Department official in charge of federal counter-terrorism programs was arrested Tuesday afternoon for allegedly soliciting sex from a minor. This is the person who gets to say who is designated a terrorist and who is not. What’s the likelihood that he’s been vulnerable to manipulation and/or blackmail by terrorists seeking to enter the U.S.

Chicago is Rahm Emanuel’s domain. He’s was then governor Bill Clinton’s director of campaign finance, Senior Advisor to Clinton at the White House from 1993 to 1998, cabinet-level position of White House Chief-of-Staff for Barack Obama, and currently Mayor of Chicago. His nickname is “Rahmbo” for his “take no prisoners” approach to decimating adversaries. The “black room” as outlined by The Guardian’s investigative reporting gives new meaning to “Chicago-style” governance.

The State Department was Hillary Clinton’s domain. In fact last year, well during her tenure and oversight, an investigative internet program called “For The Record” produced a special on allegations by Whistleblowers from the State Department of rampant solicitation of minors for sex as well as drug abuse being endemic within the State Department community both domestic and foreign. (The investigation is being rebroadcast tonight on demand here).

Do you recognize your country? Where did America Go? Child porn and solicitation at the State Department and Soviet KGB style police tactics? Yes, we’ve got problems with Islamic extremism but take a look closer home. We’ve got real problems with runaway, corrupt and immoral government on both the federal and state levels and across party lines (although both Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton are Progressive Democrats of the highest order).

My parting thoughts are these: I have no illusions that we, as a nation, have always done the right thing. However, I am certain that we had some semblance of morality and lawfulness inherent within an imperfect system. This is apparently no longer true.

So, two questions remain for me and I hope for you. 1. Hillary Clinton for president. Really? 2. When are we going to stand up, shout “enough is enough” and demand reform,  accountability and prosecution?


The Lawyer, The Psychic and The President of The United States

I have been a lawyer for three decades and a professional intuitive for almost that long. As a lawyer, I could not have been as successful as I was without correctly evaluating my clients’ cases and resolving them to client satisfaction. As an intuitive (some say “psychic”) I could not have built the national client base I have without being able to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, events forthcoming in my clients’ lives.

duhWhich is why I remain stunned at how anyone in this country can still defend, or have any faith in, a President who has been as verifiably wrong as often as Barack Obama. In the 2011-12 election cycle, he mocked Mitt Romney’s calling Russia our greatest foreign threat and condescended to Romney’s “1950’s outlook”; he killed Osama bin Laden and had Al Qaeda on the run; ISIS was the “JV” team; he supported the Arab Spring”; the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful political party; he told us Libya was secure; Yemen was no problem; and most memorably, if you liked your doctor and your plan you could keep them.

In hindsight, the list is seemingly endless…and verifiable on video. It is, in fact, so much easier to recall all that he has gotten wrong than what he may have gotten right. So it begs the question, where has the media been and quite frankly, where have we been?

More importantly, where are we?

I’m encouraged within the past week by 1) Thomas Sowell’s article on the President’s shameful ISIS strategy; 2) The Atlantic’s article on who ISIS really is and what it is they really want and, best of all 3) Rudi Giuliani’s no holds barred speech to the American-Iranian Community of Arizona’s Symposium. Each of those indicate to me that we may finally be awakening to, and willing to openly identify, the tragic circumstances created by a Commander-in -Chief with no military, business or political experience but plenty of exposure to radicalism of his own choosing…best known as Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright to name a few.

In fact, Barack Obama is the best example of why you never offer “on the job training” to anyone where the job entails danger, be it psychological, physical or in the instant case, national.

Going into 2016, let’s not err to the other extreme. Obama had no experience. Let’s not be too quick to elect someone because they’ve been in the political game for a long time and “know the ropes.” We could hang ourselves just as easily with that standard.

Being President of the United States, as with any leadership position, is less about longevity or familiarity than it is about principles and values. When we demand to know what the candidates’ principles and values are, then base our votes on those, it is much more likely that in a crisis (whatever it may be) we will find ourselves with a captain able and willing to chart our course rather than drifting rudderless in what is clearly the wrong direction.


What Dietrich Bonhoeffer Would Do About ISIS

Today I was at a physician’s office for a routine appointment. While awaiting his entry into the exam room, his P.A. was updating some of my medical information in the computer. At one point she advised me that I had not yet taken advantage of on-line access to my medical records and could do so by simply choosing a username and password. I asked her if doing that would allow the government to then access my records or whether the hospital had already computerized its system of record keeping and it didn’t matter whether I chose on-line access or not. Here reply shocked me. She said,” Well, we went to computerized records about 4 years ago but you don’t have to worry. I don’t think the government can access your records. They’re confidential.”

BonhoefferThis is an educated woman. She actually believes what she said. Now what I don’t know is 1) whether she is so naïve that she has some sort of blind faith in the integrity of the government or 2) whether she is so scared of the power of government that she can’t bear to think otherwise.

Regardless, I think her statement points to a widespread problem in this country which, in light of ISIS and other potential incursions into our liberty and overall continued well-being, threatens our future.

We cannot afford to turn a blind eye or deaf ear to things we find uncomfortable or unnerving. While you may not have to watch videos of beheadings to know that the people who are committing them are barbaric, it’s not enough to intellectually know it. It is only enough when you are vocal and actively opposed to an ideology that promotes such barbarism.

Silence in the face of danger is an action unto itself. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German Lutheran pastor, theologian and anti-Nazi dissident said: “Not to speak is to speak. Not to stand is to stand.”


Exporting Instability

Here is a great article on how Saudi Arabia promotes instability throughout the region.

saudiflagThe premise of the article is that Saudi Arabia is a very unstable place and the price of maintaining the little stability they do have is by exporting their disorder throughout the world.

The result is that Saudi Arabia provides billions in destabilizing financing.  Saudi Arabia provided the start-up funding for both al Qaeda and ISIS.  It even “invested” $10 billion in the current Egyptian military dictatorship.

The problem isn’t ISIS but rather Saudi Arabia.

A great read!


Who Thought Feet Could Say So Much?

When my father was dying from cancer, I took him to see the Chinese doctor that I frequented. My father, having previously dismissed any form of alternative medicine, changed his tune once he found out he had liver cancer and the prognosis was not good.

Dad was going through chemotherapy treatments, had begun to lose his hair and was feeling sick all the time. He was taking an assortment of drugs to ease his pain. Sadly, nothing was working.

A Chinese healer, Master Lee, had cured many of my ailments over the years and had helped my wife as well with many of the chronic conditions from which she had suffered. Master Lee had a remarkable ability to sense where the problem areas were and cure them. During one session for example, he unexpectedly placed his hands on my nose, adjusted it and fixed a breathing problem I had for years. In my teens, I had broken my nose and it had not properly healed. Master Lee, with no knowledge of the injury or my breathing problem, none-the-less sensed it and cured it. Such was the nature of Master Lee. He had an ability to perceive many issues that plagued the human body without being told.

Dad was a tough man and a skeptic about most things in life. He was a true blue American who had no time for nonsense or quackery. It was, therefore, with much trepidation that I brought him to see Master Lee.  I could tell by the look in his face when we arrived at the office that he was upset with me for bringing him there. I lead him into the inner office and then waited for him in the reception room.

An hour later my father emerged looking and feeling better. He told me this had been the first doctor he had seen anyone where he actually felt better after the appointment. I could see the look of optimism on his face and went to thank Master Lee for his work. However, when I went into his private office, he looked upset. He told me Dad didn’t have much time left. I asked how he could know and he said, “The feet don’t lie. Your father’s feet are swelling because all of the excess fluids draining into them that he cannot dispose of. When the fluids pool like this it is because the energy is not flowing properly. Death usually comes shortly thereafter.”

Master Lee had not shared this information with my father. Nor had any of the treating physicians. Given the litigious nature of our society, physicians are very careful of what they communicate for fear of being sued. But more than that, Master Lee did not wish to rob my father of hope. He told me instead so that I could begin to prepare. Thirty days later my father was dead.

What so amazed me about Master Lee’s perception was his diagnosis and ability to truly know the exact stage of the illness’s progression and, with precision, what lay ahead.

Master Lee was not a physician by Western definition. In fact, by trade he was an electric engineer. By discipline and training, he was a Kung Fu practitioner. He combined the principles of electricity with the internal energy created through the practice of Kung Fu and came up with a way to heal the body. His treatments were a matter of massaging and manipulating energy pressure points along the body to increase energy or, as we might say, improve the natural flow of electricity that runs through the body.

Master Lee could heal people through his hands although he had no medical degree or background in health  His medical knowledge was limited but his consciousness was quite expansive which enabled him to bypass traditional ways of looking at and treating disease.  It remains a sad fact that overall, we still hold a very narrow and limited view on a, multitude of issues that keep us revolving around, rather than moving beyond, self-imposed limitations. Master Lee knew about limitation, but he allowed his gift to flow and thereby helped the world.

We are each responsible for blazing new trails of knowledge and then living our truth. We must each find that which we have been gifted and let it flow through us towards others…the same way a man with no medical knowledge helped a dying man feel better and reignite hope one last time.


A Symptom Called Brian Williams

I had a shocking and disappointing conversation with a good friend yesterday. She asked me if I thought that Brian Williams would return to anchor the NBC Nightly News following his six month suspension. I replied that I didn’t think so because six months in media and journalism is an eternity and things move on. Then I volunteered that he shouldn’t be permitted to come back based upon his lack of ethics. That his need to satisfy his own ego at the expense of reporting the truth precludes him from a position that has, or should have, integrity and the reporting of fact as part of the job description.

WilliamsMy shock and disappointment was a reaction to her reply.

She said she was sad to see him go because he reported the news so well, was a good father and seemed to be a good person liked by many of his colleagues. She demanded of me, “Can’t you forgive him? Shouldn’t he be forgiven? Don’t you think he’s learned his lesson?”

I want to answer all three of her questions. First, he doesn’t need my forgiveness. Assuming he wanted it, I would gladly offer it up if he were contrite and exhibited evidence of remorse. Sadly, his on-air mea culpa contained yet another lie. Cornered into revealing the truth, he was still willing to manipulate the facts to make himself look better.

Secondly, of course he should be forgiven. We are all human, fallible and likely remorseful, even shamed, of behavior at some time in our lives. Forgiveness is always available for those who recognize the error of their ways, accept personal responsibility, and commit to ceasing the behavior. Americans, in particular, are soft-hearted and forgiving of individuals who seek to “turn over a new leaf.”

Thirdly, no, I don’t think Brian Williams has learned his lesson. This humiliating exposure may have him contemplating where he’s been, where he wants to go and how he wants to get there but I doubt he’s turned that corner yet. However, even if I’m wrong, only time will tell because only time can present him with the opportunities and circumstances to act differently next time.

Having responded to her questions, I went on to say that regardless of whether or not he gets it, he’s forfeited a career where honesty and integrity are foundational principles, or should be.

I qualify, “or should be” because we soft-hearted Americans can also be blind. Brian Williams is not a disease. He is a symptom. If there’s a disease in this story it’s NBC, the network that hired Chelsea Clinton for $600,000 to write for and host a journalistic magazine when she had zero journalistic experience. It’s a network that employs Al Sharpton, a professional conman who can barely read or speak the English language, having had every organization he ever started sued for tax fraud. A conman welcomed in the Obama White House 83 times and deemed by this President to be his “Civil Rights Adviser.”

No, Brian Williams is simply a symptom of a nation that has grown accustomed to and comfortable with shoddiness, corruption and a generalized lack of ethics. I stand by my statement that he should be terminated. But so should Chelsea Clinton, Al Sharpton and all the executives at NBC who continue to perpetuate this fraud.

BREAKING NEWS: A long as we take it they will continue to dish it out.


I May Suddenly Disappear

Given my years in finance, I no longer trust any of the government’s numbers, so it came as no shock to me that that Jim Clifton,  CEO of Gallup, has publicly stated he has no faith in the employment numbers that the government has been reporting as of late.

gallupThe government claims that unemployment currently stands at 5.6%. Given the fact that 90 million Americans are not working and 1 in 6 are on food stamps, it makes no sense to Clifton (or me!) that the unemployment rate could be that low.  Clifton went to say that the percentage of full time jobs in this country as held by the adult population “is the worst it’s been in 30 years.”

Given the serious nature of his charge, Clifton actually said he was worried he might “suddenly disappear” and not make it home that evening if he disputed the accuracy of what the U.S. government is reporting as the unemployment rate.

For the full story check out the gateway pundit.


The Police as the New Tax Force

I grew up in New York City in the 1970’s on the Upper West Side of New York City. The area was made up on mini enclaves of immigrant communities, housing projects, middle class workers, and the wealthy all crammed together. Within a twenty block radius of where I lived, the Irish lived to the south in Hells Kitchen, the Latinos to the north and the housing projects right by my doorstep.

nypdI went to grammar school on the East Side. I had to take two buses to get home at night and it required my being able to safely, and sometimes not so safely past many of those enclaves in order to get home. Given that I was small and traveled alone, there were always packs of predators around ready to pounce. Clearly, I survived and am thankful for all those “colorful” and “educational” experiences.

Since the city was a dangerous and exciting place, the police were there to keep the peace, settle disputes when they arose, and generally keep things from getting totally out of control.

All that changed in the 1990’s when Rudy Guilani became Mayor of New York City. New Yorker’s had gotten fed up with the crime. The city had become a dangerous place. Under Guilani’s Administration, the police came out in force and became a very  visible and effective presence. The general philosophy of policing was based on “The broken window theory’ which is that criminals will commit more crimes when they see that a neighborhood is not being maintained. So where there is more trash and broken windows, more crime tends to occur.

The NYPD began arresting people for littering, jay walking, public drunkenness and a slew of petty crimes. The city got cleaned up quickly, citizens were happy and the safety and overall environment of the city markedly improved. But it didn’t stop there.  Cameras were installed all over the place to monitor the city. Red light cameras were installed to automatically ticket drivers; stop and frisk procedures were implemented whereby the police could stop randomly frisk anyone if they looked suspicious. While the events of 9/11 accelerated this process, NYC took notice that good policing was good business as well.

The city Administrators realized they could make good money by handing out tickets. Over time, this evolved to the police having been given quotas whereby they have to write so many tickets per month. The original goal of cleaning up the city morphed into something else: a new way to extract money from its citizens.

In my final years living  in NYC, I was stopped twice for driving a suspicious vehicle (I drive a minivan), received two red light infractions (by a camera) and two parking tickets. Tickets in NYC are not cheap at $200 per fine. But NYC is not the only city that has taken notice of this revenue windfall. Cities and states all over the country have gotten involved in this scam.

All of these municipalities are desperate for money and the politicians know they can’t raise taxes. SO, They now have de facto taxes, whereby the police are “encouraged” via quotas to harass the citizens…the same ones that employ them.

In the city that I live in now, there are cops everywhere giving tickets for the most minor infractions. The police no longer have the support of the average citizen as they know the police are no longer there to serve them.  People have come to loathe the police as they have effectively become a new taxing authority.

The police motto is “to protect and to serve” but who do they protect and who do they serve? Clearly they now serve the government as a way to generate revenue…with an apparent ever decreasing duty to protect individual citizens. There have been numerous cases throughout the country where the police failed to respond in an appropriate manner to help individuals and the courts have always ruled that the police have no obligation to any individual…only to the public at large (see here).

What the police and politicians don’t seem to understand is the enmity and resentment that has grown between the police and the populace. The people now view police as an arm of the I.R.S. They know that if they truly needed their help, the police are under no duty or obligation to help. With the courts backing up this approach where do we go to find those people whose job it is “to protect and to serve?”

One cannot serve two masters and the police are no exception. Government or the populace…only time will tell.