Cinema Paradiso Revisited

This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite movies of all time and one the worst movies I have ever seen. Talk about conflict!


The first one is an Italian film, Cinema Paradiso, focused on family and personnel growth. The second is soft porn, Good Luck Chuck, masquerading as a comedy.

Cinema Paradiso came out about twenty years ago. Good Luck Chuck is much more recent.  Chronologically, the time between them is a blip; but, examining them culturally, the rapid degradation of the art form is nothing short of riveting.

Cinema Paradiso begins right after World War II in a small town in Italy. The story line centers around a young boy named Toto and his friend Fredo. Fredo becomes a father figure to Toto as Toto’s father was killed during World War II.

The two develop a relationship around Fredo’s job, where he runs the only movie theater in town. He teaches Toto how to run a screen projector which, at the time, was an actual trade. Fredo teaches and mentors Toto on cinema, generally but more importantly, on life. In so doing, Fredo sees in Toto the seeds of greatness.

When Toto becomes a young man, Fredo forces Toto to promise to leave the town and never return. Toto’s gifts and talents are so great that Fredo knows they were meant to be shared with the world and not confined within such a small community. Fredo tells Toto that if he ever returns, he will never speak to him again.

The scene is beautiful and poignant in that Toto leaves the only place wherein he is truly loved. He leaves  his widowed mother and sister, as well as Fredo, to explore and conquer the rest of the world.

Many years later, having become a fabulously successful businessman, Toto returns to attend Fredo’s funeral.  The town is clearly in awe of Toto’s fame as his dealings are well documented in the press.  He returns a conquer, of sorts, but without family. In essence, that was the price he had paid for the life he lived. His true loves had been formed, and left, in this small town — friends, family and the unrequited love of a girl with whom he had attended school. Toto and Fredo sacrificed much having loved each other as only father and son can. Yet, both knew the price of greatness. The love that Fredo (and Toto’s family) felt for him would have only slowed him down.

There is something special about human nature that compels us to want to keep those we love and cherish close to us; but, to truly love someone is about encouraging, then allowing, them out into the world so that their greatness can be revealed. Cinema Paradiso captured this with beauty and grace..

Fast forward twenty years later to “Good Luck Chuck.”

It centers around Chuck, who at age thirteen, was cursed by a girl for not kissing her during a game of spin the bottle. Chuck’s curse is that women can find their “one true love” after having sex with him. Chuck is forever destined to be alone since anybody he “loves” i.e “has sex with him” then leaves him to find their true love.

As women discover that “Chuck” is a good luck charm, they throw themselves at him with reckless abandon. He begins to have sex with anybody and everybody. He is shown having rampant sex in every conceivable position. So plentiful and frenzied is Chuck’s sex life that the director splits the screen into four mini-screens so that we can fully capture his prowess. In one particularly depressing scene, Chuck goes to visit his friend for advice only to find him pleasuring himself with a grapefruit.

The movie, though billed as a comedy, is really soft porn. I never once laughed during the movie and I was beside myself to think that a director would actually think that a man pleasuring himself with a grapefruit was somehow funny.

Good Luck Chuck” featured Jessica Alba and Dane Cook, both of whom are considered talented professionals. Many people were involved in the to direction, production and marketing of this movie. Yet no one involved intervened to stop this abomination. It is a sad state of affairs that this film made it to the movie theaters. It’s showing only reinforces my belief that our culture has descended to a nearly unprecedented low

I don’t know when sex got linked to humor, but it seems that those lacking in creativity or talent resort to it for cheap laughs. I saw it up close around 2000 when I went to see Susie Essman, from “Curb your Enthusiasm” preform at a comedy club. I thought she was funny and quite talented so I wanted to see her live. Sadly, her whole show revolved around her haranguing a family of ten from Ohio.  Like me, I imagined they came in hoping to see a talented comedian.  Instead she asked everyone’s preference regarding sex (anal- homosexual-positions, etc.). She even asked the elderly mother and father about their sexual history. They laughed nervously, so as to go along with the routine, but I knew they had been humiliated. They had come as a  family to have a few laughs. Instead were psychoanalyzed by a middle-aged-sex-obsessed (now pseudo) comic. Her performance was truly pathetic. I felt sorry for the family that had been unwittingly subjected to Essman’s maliciousness as she tore into them for cheap laughs. Perhaps I should take solace in the fact that not one person  laughed during her entire set.

The degradation found now in our “arts”…movies and television… is truly frightening.  During the last decade or two, television has gone so far as to develop a new archetype, the anti-hero, which is on full display with shows like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.” These are “heroes” so flawed we root against them.

Our heroes no longer inspire. They are, however, on display as a reflection of our culture and how far we have fallen.

When “Cinema Paradiso” came out it coincided with the end of the First Gulf War.  Since that time, Hollywood has harangued the political class and the military for the wars and violence in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And yet, Hollywood can not, or will not, acknowledge that much of the anti-American sentiment now in full display throughout the Middle East (with the exception of Israel) is also a result of the cultural rot that America exports through its cinema and television  programing.

Movies have the ability to raise us up or tear us down. In service to its own political agenda and cultural demise, Hollywood is hell bent on lowering society’s cultural norms. I only hope that new mediums such as YouTube will seek to inspire a new generation of artists to acknowledge and seek to produce the greatness and power of human creativity.



Slavery in America

The black population of Milwaukee is the best example I’ve ever seen of being caught between a rock and a hard place.


Milwaukee is the 7th poorest city in America. Its unemployment rate among African Americans is 37%. The last time Milwaukee had a Republican mayor was 1908. Yes, 1908. Since then, it has had either Democrat or Socialist mayors. I don’t use the term Socialist loosely. I mean mayors who ran as Socialists.  For 38 of those 108 years the mayors were Socialists.

Now in both theory and practice, there is very little difference between the policies of Democrats and Socialists. Both believe in the collective over the individual. Both believe in massive government programs. Both believe in dis-empowering the individual by keeping them dependent upon 1) the belief that they cannot make it without government assistance and 2) that it is the responsibility of the rich to give up their earned wealth to those who have less and for government to mandate that redistribution.

The effect of 108 years of Democrat/Socialist administration has brought poverty, dis-empowerment and rage to Milwaukee.


It is human nature to feel good about personal power. It is human nature to feel free to chart one’s own course in life. It is human nature to resent dependency and to feel anger at who, or what, perpetuates dependency.

Progressivism and Socialism are the mainstays of the modern Democrat party. In fact, Hillary Clinton defines herself as “an early 20th century Progressive.” What this means is that she advocates for the very programs that cause outcomes, dependency and dis-empowerment, which run counter to human nature.

Food stamps, Section 8 housing, ObamaPhones, ObamaMoney, endless unemployment income not tied to re-training or efforts to seek employment…these and more keep people, particularly African Americans, dependent upon the very people who falsely claim to be helping them.  And those kept dependent will hate those who give them “things” while denying them the opportunity to become independent and earn their own way in the world. You cannot give enough things to people who are enslaved to get them to like you. However, apparently you can give them enough to get them to vote for you.

This is the “rock and the hard place” between which the poor of Milwaukee finds themselves. They are not alone. The 10 poorest cities in America — Detroit, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Miami, St. Louis, El Paso, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Newark – have all had Democrat mayors from 27 to 108 years!!  They continue to believe the fiction and the lies that their masters tell them and then rely upon those lies to re-elect those masters.

If the language sounds like slavery…well it is. This pattern is modern-day Progressive, institutionalized, slavery as sure as the slavery of the plantations of the pre-Civil War South.

I was never a registered Republican. But I am a Conservative because Conservatives believe in the power of the individual. They are not hard-of-heart nor do they believe that everyone must fend for themselves. They simply believe that those who truly cannot fend for themselves should be helped first by fellow citizens through local communities and houses of worship before responsibility for such assistance falls to government, as a last resort.

Conservatives understand that a person would rather learn to fish than be given a fish…would rather a hand-up than a hand-out. Once you assist someone in standing on their own two feet you empower them.  But when you make someone reliant upon you, when you reinforce a false belief that they cannot make it on their own or somehow need fixing because in some way they are broken…that person will resent you for the condescension and, in the long haul, hate you for the crippling effects of your misguided caring.

This is the rage of Milwaukee. This is the rage of Black Lives Matter. This is the natural and deadly end result of the Progressive approach to government.

The solution to the rage boiling to the surface in our cities is personal empowerment. It is an end to LBJ’s futile and fictitious War on Poverty to be replaced by a Rush to Empowerment. It is the lifting of the veil of illusion that government programs designed to keep people minimally fed and sparingly housed will lead to anything other than cultural paralysis and uncontrolled rage.

We can solve this. But in order to do so we have to, as with any enemy, call it by its name. Its motto is Social Justice. Its goal is slavery.

Its name is Progressivism.


Cultural Suicide

You can build the wall and still fail to protect the country.Self-destructhThere are two kinds of threat: external and internal.  If we build the wall, and monitor it properly, we can go a long way toward addressing the external threat. The internal threat is quite another matter. It’s less apparent, more difficult to counter and much more dangerous.

Terrorists, or anyone else, seeking to do physical harm by crossing our borders unimpeded can do significant damage. Such damage can draw upon our physical and financial resources, from minor to catastrophic levels, in our recovery efforts. Disaster resulting from terror draws upon our collective will and determination in order not to be brought down by harbingers of hate. But, as with 9/11, we have been there. Our national resolve to repair physical destruction and surmount national grief has been tested and proven fit for the challenge.

But what about threats from within? On this front,I have far less confidence that we will awaken in time or that we can survive.

For decades, our children have been educated by Progressive, history-altering academics both in grade schools and universities. They have been taught a selective and self-serving view of America’s contribution and role in the world. Our “contribution” has been narrowed to one of exploitation. Our “role” has been defined as a global oppressor. We have inflicted upon two generations a conscience of guilt and shame for being American. We have inflicted upon one generation a conscience of guilt and shame for being white.

Nations, like individuals, err. Even the best of us stumble and fall. Even the best of us have moments in our lives, if given the chance, we would seize to do over differently. This is life. This is learning. Mistakes are the fertile ground upon which we grow better and, hopefully, wiser. Nations are no exception.

Yes, there have been grave errors committed in the name of manifest destiny (decimation of Native Americans), commerce (slavery) and fear (Japanese internment camps). But this same fallible nation that committed these grave errors is also the most charitable and giving nation in the world. In 2012, the U.S. gave $30B in developmental (i.e. not peace-keeping or anti-terrorism) public aid. The United States is among the first, if not the first, to send monetary and medical aid to victims of natural disasters.

We are a good and caring people. However, even good people who are daily subjected to falsehoods can be brainwashed into believing what is not true. So, by way of a carefully planned, thoroughly executed Progressive political agenda that has been slowly and systematically implemented since the Woodrow Wilson presidency, our self-image and our self-confidence have been eroded and all but destroyed.

Yet, there is still another internal threat as deadly as the Progressive agenda. It is the insidious melding of foreign cultures that have little in common with our own.  I am not talking about immigrants who come to the United States and retain their own religious and cultural identities within their own homes, communities and spiritual institutions. I am talking about immigrants who seek to impose upon America their home country’s culture with the goal of substituting it for that which is uniquely American.

In the fit of mental illness we call political correctness, there is no difference between the people of, let’s say Turkey and the people of the United States. We all want peace. We all have concern for the future. We all seek a better quality of life. We all want the best for our children.

Well, maybe not so much the children.

This week, the Turkish Constitutional Court ruled to annul a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as sexual abuse. That’s right. Now, if you are 12 years old in Turkey, you can be said to give consent to having sex… say…with a 60-year -old man (apparently even if you were raped and the offender says you consented!).

In case you haven’t noticed, we in the United States have nothing in common with a Court, let alone a culture, that would make such a law. This is anathema to us. Yet the speech police and the PC police here in the U.S. are so busy hurrying to market the “oneness of Bernie Sander’s-like kumbaya” that they step over the obvious to stand firmly upon the absurd.

We have nothing in common with nations, governments or cultures that abuse children, kill homosexuals, torture animals, behead for sport, cut off hands for stealing or enslave women, to name a few… all in the name of God.

So, as we delay securing our physical border, continue to misinform our young, and remain blind to the insidious invasion of our culture by foreign adversaries who seek our destruction, we remain complicit in that destruction.

Oh, and making believe it is not so… only hastens our demise.


Trading The Truth

I use to trade emerging markets debt for a living.

What's wrong

Every morning traders and salesman were given the economic data for the countries that we traded. We would get the latest economic numbers from countries like Brazil and then, we would evaluate how the news would affect the debt. Put simply, if the numbers were better, showing more growth in the country, the bond prices would rise signaling that the country had a better chance of paying off its debt.

Any decent finance professional can read the data and give you his or her take on the probable financial outcomes for country and the movement of  debt prices. For example, if a country started to spend too much on certain projects that would hamper the country’s ability to pay, the bonds would trade lower.

What always fascinated me were the end of the day conversations that would inevitably  center around back to the U.S. political system and its policies. Given that I worked with many left-leaning and left-of-center political Progressives, they were always happy to see Obama’s expansion of government programs such as Obamacare. These same business professionals, who hours earlier, would be slamming Brazil for spending or wasting too much money on bloated government programs, would cheer and applaud these same programs when implemented here in the U.S.

It always struck me as odd because their analysis would be so prescient when it came to the analysis of foreign countries; but, when it came to applying the same standard here in the U.S, they were incapable of doing so. Given that the U.S. is such a wealthy country, there is this belief having more money than other countries obliges us to spend more on social programs.

I spent large parts of my childhood in Ecuador. I grew up seeing first-hand the tragedies that result from failed economic policies. Whenever I see the move to more Socialist programs here in the U.S., I always connect it to the devastation and tragedy that befell Ecuador when it tried Socialist measures.

In general, I have found that immigrants who fled from  Communist countries such as Russia, Cuba and Ecuador are acutely aware of politicians’ intentions well ahead of their American brethren because they have already seen these same promises and their failed, and oftentimes deadly, results.

When President Obama called for medical reform, it seemed he had significant support to do so. On the surface, saying that you will reform medical deficiencies and inequities by providing coverage “to all” sounds like a worthy undertaking. However, if the government had really wanted to improve the medical system, it should have allowed insurance companies to sell their policies across state lines. That would have immediately added a lot more options for consumers.  But it wasn’t even a consideration because the real aim of Obamacare, like all government programs, was more control of the economy. One-sixth of the economy…to be exact.

As I said earlier, this looked eerily familiar to immigrants from Communist countries. They knew, all along, what the unstated goal of Obamacare was even if most Americans did not. Control. Control. Control….not improved or more inclusive healthcare.

The premise of Obamacare is that we had the economic ability to help those not covered. That premise is a lie. The U.S. is a debtor nation with over twenty trillion debt!!!… and roughly another forty-five trillion!!!! in unfunded liabilities. The promises made by the federal government regarding healthcare will never be realized. We will default on our debt and, at some point, all of the promises made will go up in smoke.

No country in history has ever been as indebted as we are.

The reason that the U.S has been able to pull this charade of financial solvency longer than any other country is that the U.S. dollar is the reserve currency for the world. Because the U.S. dollar is always in demand, our currency has an underlying strength which most countries don’t enjoy. Another reason the dollar remains strong is that all commodities (think oil) in the world trade in U.S. dollars .

For example, whenever France has to buy billions of dollars of oil to fuel its economy, it has to trade euros for dollars to fund the transaction. The sheer fact that it settles in U.S. dollars creates a tremendous demand for those dollars.  Further,  these excess dollars end up in our treasury market creating natural buyers of U.S. treasuries.

Because of this demand for U.S. dollars and treasury bonds, these financial instruments are artificially inflated. This has given our politicians the false confidence to enact policies and embark on spending programs that other countries don’t have the ability implement.

When Zimbabwe’s economy began to crater, it enacted many of the same monetary policies of the United States. The rationale seemed logical…copy the economic policies from the strongest country in the world. The results were disastrous. The economy tanked, the country defaulted and the currency is worthless. Zimbabwe failed to realize that there never was any demand for their currency. In light of this, Zimbabwe decided to inflate their money and the markets penalized them for it.

The United States isn’t the only country hellbent on defying the laws of economics. The list of countries committing economic suicide are too numerous to mention; but they’re all racing to fix their economies by adding more debt to them.

Currently, there are $11.7 trillion bonds globally with negative-yield sovereign debt. Jim Grant posed a tongue-in-cheek question: “If these are the first sub-zero interest rates in 5,000 years, is this not the worst economy since 3,000 BC?”

Just as U.S. traders could not, or would not, see that Obamacare was never going to have sufficient financing, central banks have failed to realize, or ignored the fact, that what happened in Zimbabwe can happen anywhere. Now, the elites are scared because they designed and perpetuate this mess. They know there is no way of fixing it. Yet, as unfathomable as it may seem, both candidates for the U.S. Presidency are clamoring for more government intervention.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The Dream of Communism

Decades ago I had the opportunity to travel to Russia. It was still the Soviet Union at that time and not a favorite vacation spot for many in the Free World (except, of course Bernie Sanders who chose to honeymoon there!). But, my opportunity was part of a package sea/land tour through Scandinavia and what is referred to as the “North Cape” which happened to include an overland trip to Moscow and Leningrad and so I booked the tour.


I distinctly recall the distress my travel plans caused for my maternal Grandfather and Grandmother who had each escaped Russia and Poland respectively, as little children…my grandfather being a stowaway on a boat that crossed the Atlantic.  “Grandpop” as I called him, sat me down and with tears in his eyes said, “Carole, why do you want to go back? We fought so hard to get out.”

No matter how I explained that “times had changed” and that as a lover of travel this was all quite exciting to me, he remained sad and uneasy until I left…and until I returned home.

My experience in Russia was not what I imagined. My Visa was stamped with a “j” for Jew and those of us who were Jewish on the tour were segregated out away from the others at times and treated royally…along with the oft repeated explanation, “See how well we treat our Jews!”  Despite these assurances, a Russian woman cashier at a market refused to check me out when she saw the Star of David on a chain around my neck. She indicated she didn’t want my money.

Despite what you may think, this isn’t a  post about anti-Semitism. As we exited the Soviet Union after three days of touring, we were given the option of either flying back to Copenhagen where the ship was docked or taking a side trip to Hamburg, Germany. I didn’t need to think about it for a second. I bypassed Hamburg and headed straight for Denmark.

I had seen enough Communism and Socialism in the Soviet Union in three days to last me a lifetime.

When we landed in Copenhagen, having flown out Aeroflot, the Russian state-owned airline, I disembarked from the WWII surplus plane and, at the bottom of the stairs…and the feet of two Russian stewardesses, got down on my knees and kissed the ground in Denmark.

Moscow had been oppressive. The people and the city were “grey.” The city was grey with pollution. The people were grey with oppression. Food was scarce. People whispered questions to us about what life was like in the United States. We were watched and guarded everywhere we went. Red Square was “closed for renovations” and my request to visit the Summer Palace of Tsar Nicholas and Tsarista Alexandra was denied. One of the novels that had been in my suitcase entering the country and taken by a custom’s officer was never returned.  Women in grey “babushkas” sat atop huge tractors in Moscow repaving streets.

Yes, I had seen enough Communism and Socialism to last me a lifetime.

So imagine my wonder at all the people who were rallying and supporting Bernie Sanders and who have segued to yet another Socialist, Hilary Clinton. In fact, an entire Democrat Party that champions Socialist values and governance.

Such misguidance can only come from 1) misinformation; 2) lack of direct experience or 3) illusion. Perhaps all three.

Communism and Socialism have never worked and never will. They subsume the rights of the individual to the will of the collective for the benefit of the few. Nowhere can you point to their success. Yet, millions of young Americans have been sold a bill of goods and even brainwashed through revisionist history controlled throughout public education and, in the case of higher education, by the deadly combination of Leftist academics and foreign money.

We are a people adrift because we have untied ourselves from the anchor. That anchor is the U.S. Constitution.  Without it, we are cut off from the governing principles and constraints that have made this the most remarkable, however brief, experiment in individual liberty ever to have graced this planet.

No, we are not a perfect Union. But the words in the Preamble to the Constitution express the “why” of that effort: “In order to make a more perfect Union…”  We were not perfect and we weren’t claiming we could be perfect. But brave men and women had risked “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” for the right to try. And so they did.

Now, having come so far, on the backs of so many, we seem to have lost sight of greatness and devolved to a place where Clinton, Trump, Progressivism, and Socialism (Communism light) are our highest goals and the highest good.

Grandpop escaped. I went back out of naiveté. Our nation is going there by submission to the lowest common denominators. I’m glad my Grandfather isn’t here to see the precious opportunity he risked his life for being destroyed through willful ignorance and traded away for government promises that enslave and the illusion of protections that eventually become prisons.


The Clinton Email Scandal- Another Take

Given that everything is now seen through a political lens, many people can no longer see the fact that Hillary Clinton actually committed a crime while serving as Secretary of State by not safeguarding her emails.


When I mention this fact to my liberal friends, the best defense they can muster is that it is a Republican witch-hunt. Okay, maybe it is. I’ll concede the possibility; but whether it is or isn’t doesn’t change the fact that she still committed a major crime.

When I was in the military, I was given numerous briefs on how to handle classified material along with the severe penalties if I were to make  a mistake. For example, the radios that we took out into the field were encrypted and considered as classified material. They were treated with the utmost care because if one of them ever made it into the hands of the enemy, they would be able to decipher the military’s communication system.

On one particular field event, a radio operator lost his radio and the whole battalion (over 1,000 people) was ordered to “walk the woods” until the radio was found. It took over 20 hours to find it; but, that is how the military treats classified information. All measures are taken-  at all costs – to safeguard national secrets.

A fellow officer with a higher security clearance than mine told me that whenever he needed to read or send classified email (Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information) he had to obtain entry into a special vault called the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). No cell phones, cameras, thumb drives, disks etc were allowed in the vault. Why? So no one would purposefully or accidentally cross contaminate classified information onto non-classified devices!

Once a disk or thumb drive was used on a “classified only” computer, that devise was tagged with a classified sticker and was not then used on a non-classified computer. If he ever had classified email on a non-classified computer, his career would have been over and he would likely have been incarcerated. That is how serious the military takes classified material.

Classified material is a big deal because it helps protect our military personnel and our agencies.  The President is first and foremost Commander in Chief and, as such, his or her first responsibility is to protect American lives. Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States, (a/k/a/ Commander-in-Chief). In her reckless or intentional disregard she, as Secretary of State, failed to protect American lives by placing them in jeopardy. While not an American, just this weekend the Iranians hanged an Iranian nuclear scientist who was convicted of providing the U.S. with information on the Iran nuclear program. The scientist was specifically discussed by Hillary Clinton on her unsecured email server.

Benghazi and now a hanged Iranian scientist. She has already cost lives. Who can imagine the scope of the damage she will cause with even more power!

One of the things missing in the debates thus far has been Hillary Clinton’s recklessness with her email server. But America is on trial as a result as well.  Every sane person knows that if an ordinary person did what Clinton did, they would be in prison by now for a very long time. Hillary Clinton did what she did because she knows the same laws don’t apply to her. There is one set of laws for the “common folk” and a different set for her and other elites.

The whole world is watching how America’s vaunted legal system where “all men are treated equally” and where “the rule of law applies to everyone” is deteriorating. From a financial perspective, investors will view the country skeptically knowing that laws are arbitrarily applied and enforced. The whole world, in subtle and not so subtle ways, will treat America differently.

We the people, not the elites, will suffer the end result.

When I worked in emerging markets and traded bonds from Argentina, investors would demand a risk premium on the assets they would buy because they knew the laws in Argentina were arbitrary. They needed to be compensated for that risk. So, if a 10-year bond with a single A rating in Argentina traded at a 10% yield, that same bond in the U.S would trade for 7%. Investors would demand 300 basis points because they perceived the risk as different.

Investors knew if there was ever a problem in the country, Argentine officials did not have a history of a stable and fair legal system and, thus, needed to be compensated for their risk taking. Having worked in finance for many years, I can guarantee you the “quants” who price risk will adjust America’s risk premium higher which will, in the end, make every American instrument more expensive.

There are consequences for what Hillary Clinton did and the ramifications will be felt over various aspects of our society for years to come. Over time, the decision not to prosecute Clinton will impact us all. Her detractors as well as her supporters will all be worse off.  Nobody wins in this scenario except for one person: Hillary Clinton.

Welcome to Hillary’s America.



Funding Terror The Obama Way

In a world hurtling exponentially toward digitized currency, the Obama Administration transfer of 400,000,000 euros to Iran in cash placed on pallets and flown there in an unmarked plane begs the question: “Why cash?”

Answer: “Untraceable.” Digital money leaves a trail. Cash to Iran is undetectable and untraceable as it continues on to Hezbollah, to lone wolf terrorist payments, to financing global activities and organizations that violate international law.


How is it justifiable, at a time when you cannot take out large sums of money from your own bank account without being reported by your bank to the Federal government, that this same government transfers, in essentially the “dark of night,” over a third of a billion dollars to a state that sponsors Islamic terrorism…a known supporter of worldwide jihad that happens to deals in cash!

I wonder, are you thinking at this moment, “What difference does it make anyway?” or are you thinking “What the hell are we doing?”

Maybe you don’t think connecting the dots is important. But when the whole picture is visible only by connecting them, failing to do so is willful ignorance.

Obama White House Senior Advisor, Valeria Jarrett, was born in Iran. Her parents are Iranian. FBI files released under a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act request “reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.” Jarrett secretly brokered the back door deal that later became the catastrophically reckless Iranian nuclear deal.

Huma Abedin, top Hillary Clinton aide, confidante and former Chief-of-Staff to Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign, was an assistant editor at a publication called the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from 1996 until 2008. The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is an Abedin family business. Her brother, Hassan, 45, is a book-review editor at the Journal and was a fellow at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, where Abdullah Omar Naseef is chairman of the board of trustees. Dr. Naseef is currently an officer of the International Council For Dawa and Relief (IICDR) which is affiliated with many organizations associated with the global Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas fundraising, or support for Al Qaeda.

Connecting any dots yet? Jarret…Abedin…Iran…Obama…cash…terrorism.

Oh my! How conspiratorial and politically incorrect of me to state the obvious. Then again, I’m not drinking any kool-aid so that could be my problem. I have a reckless tendency to analyze facts and throw in a little common sense to reach reasonable conclusions. At the same time, I have this rebellious nature that causes me to ignore what I know to be in defiance of rational thought and intentional manipulation.

But I digress.

This is about the inexplicable (unless you add jihad financing to hostage ransom payments) cash transfer by the Obama Administration (read as: four more years with Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin) to an enemy regime hell bent (no pun intended) on our destruction.

Connect the dots or sow the seeds of our own destruction.

The big picture looks pretty clear to me. But, then again, as a child I honed my skills doing jigsaw puzzles not watching television while being marketed lies.


America Lost

It’s hard to defend truth in a world consumed by illusion.


It’s more than the fact that we have a reality TV host running for President against a proven liar who, at any other time, would have been convicted by now of at least criminal negligence and at most, treason. It’s really about how much we are willing to be complacent and uncaring about the shameless lies we are being told.

I have to take back the “we.” That’s a literary technique to make the reader feel that the writer is part of the group.

I am not. I am neither complacent nor uncaring.  I am astounded at how asleep, or just plain intellectually lazy, most of this nation has willingly become through years of manipulation by the media and years of corruption by the politicians.

As far back as 2008, the majority chose to believe everything on its surface without any regard for whether there was anything of value behind the illusion. The staging of the Democratic Convention in 2008. The orchestrated, messianic themed delivery of the first black candidate. It was all theater. He had no experience. He had no credentials. He had black skin and could read a teleprompter. He got the Nobel Peace Prize for being black…which surely must have been the most bizarre qualification anyone had ever been considered for previously, let alone won.

And whatever past he did have, neither you nor the media cared to inquire of it. It was “shock and awe” Hollywood style and you were such willing participants.  You asked for little more than a bumper sticker slogan of “Hope and Change” and guess what? You’ve gotten little else.

But every day you’re told how wonderful he is. How great the economy is. How much more peaceful the world is. How much more respected the United States is. And you buy it anew…day after day after day.

As 93,000,000 of you are out of work. As terrorist cross our borders, legally and illegally. As Executive Orders override the will of the People, not to mention the Constitution.  As your healthcare premiums rise despite assurances to the contrary. As your children think socialism is the solution to the world’s problems. As you don’t recognize the country you knew less than a decade ago. As public officials are caught lying red-handed concerning most important issues and say, “What difference does it make anyway?” And by your silence, you agree.

Day after day you buy the lies anew.

As if all of that weren’t enough, you’re eager to do it yet again. You buy the lies from Trump or Clinton, depending upon your political affiliation. You reelect those who have not kept their promises. You moan and complain and do nothing while in your heart, perhaps unexpressed, you are living in fear of what comes next.

Yet even that fear does not move you to demand of yourself – action.  Action that stands for what is right and true. Action that stands for principles which others, in our past, felt worth dying for.  Actions that say “I am a free willed being created in the image of something divine and you will not lead me to slaughter. Nor will you destroy the foundation of individual liberty upon which my country was built.”

No, there is no action. Why? You are stressed. You are tired.  You are busy. You have grown comfortable in your discomfort and complacent in you servitude. So you will continue to complain… and be more afraid of action than of slavery.

I cannot find my country or my countrymen. But I have a daughter and so there is the future to tend to.  So I stand for what is right. I speak about what is principled. I tend to my integrity. I trust in my God.

And I pray, every day, for those of you who cannot remember, or do not care, who you are or why you were born in this place and at this time.