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Where Did America Go?

Slopes can be slippery. This is why it’s prudent, even necessary, to be alert and diligent when headed down one.  Sadly we as a nation were, in fact, headed down one for quite some time but turned our attention elsewhere. Our negligence now finds us bruised and battered at the bottom of the slope. In case you think the reference is an exaggeration…follow-up on two stories in today’s news.

LibertyFirst, British newspaper The Guardian has reported that Chicago police have a “black room” where they illegally detain suspects for up to 24 hours without warrant or probable cause and inflict physical damage upon detainees. Secondly, Dan Rosen, Senior State Department official in charge of federal counter-terrorism programs was arrested Tuesday afternoon for allegedly soliciting sex from a minor. This is the person who gets to say who is designated a terrorist and who is not. What’s the likelihood that he’s been vulnerable to manipulation and/or blackmail by terrorists seeking to enter the U.S.

Chicago is Rahm Emanuel’s domain. He’s was then governor Bill Clinton’s director of campaign finance, Senior Advisor to Clinton at the White House from 1993 to 1998, cabinet-level position of White House Chief-of-Staff for Barack Obama, and currently Mayor of Chicago. His nickname is “Rahmbo” for his “take no prisoners” approach to decimating adversaries. The “black room” as outlined by The Guardian’s investigative reporting gives new meaning to “Chicago-style” governance.

The State Department was Hillary Clinton’s domain. In fact last year, well during her tenure and oversight, an investigative internet program called “For The Record” produced a special on allegations by Whistleblowers from the State Department of rampant solicitation of minors for sex as well as drug abuse being endemic within the State Department community both domestic and foreign. (The investigation is being rebroadcast tonight on demand here).

Do you recognize your country? Where did America Go? Child porn and solicitation at the State Department and Soviet KGB style police tactics? Yes, we’ve got problems with Islamic extremism but take a look closer home. We’ve got real problems with runaway, corrupt and immoral government on both the federal and state levels and across party lines (although both Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton are Progressive Democrats of the highest order).

My parting thoughts are these: I have no illusions that we, as a nation, have always done the right thing. However, I am certain that we had some semblance of morality and lawfulness inherent within an imperfect system. This is apparently no longer true.

So, two questions remain for me and I hope for you. 1. Hillary Clinton for president. Really? 2. When are we going to stand up, shout “enough is enough” and demand reform,  accountability and prosecution?


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