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America Lost

It’s hard to defend truth in a world consumed by illusion.


It’s more than the fact that we have a reality TV host running for President against a proven liar who, at any other time, would have been convicted by now of at least criminal negligence and at most, treason. It’s really about how much we are willing to be complacent and uncaring about the shameless lies we are being told.

I have to take back the “we.” That’s a literary technique to make the reader feel that the writer is part of the group.

I am not. I am neither complacent nor uncaring.  I am astounded at how asleep, or just plain intellectually lazy, most of this nation has willingly become through years of manipulation by the media and years of corruption by the politicians.

As far back as 2008, the majority chose to believe everything on its surface without any regard for whether there was anything of value behind the illusion. The staging of the Democratic Convention in 2008. The orchestrated, messianic themed delivery of the first black candidate. It was all theater. He had no experience. He had no credentials. He had black skin and could read a teleprompter. He got the Nobel Peace Prize for being black…which surely must have been the most bizarre qualification anyone had ever been considered for previously, let alone won.

And whatever past he did have, neither you nor the media cared to inquire of it. It was “shock and awe” Hollywood style and you were such willing participants.  You asked for little more than a bumper sticker slogan of “Hope and Change” and guess what? You’ve gotten little else.

But every day you’re told how wonderful he is. How great the economy is. How much more peaceful the world is. How much more respected the United States is. And you buy it anew…day after day after day.

As 93,000,000 of you are out of work. As terrorist cross our borders, legally and illegally. As Executive Orders override the will of the People, not to mention the Constitution.  As your healthcare premiums rise despite assurances to the contrary. As your children think socialism is the solution to the world’s problems. As you don’t recognize the country you knew less than a decade ago. As public officials are caught lying red-handed concerning most important issues and say, “What difference does it make anyway?” And by your silence, you agree.

Day after day you buy the lies anew.

As if all of that weren’t enough, you’re eager to do it yet again. You buy the lies from Trump or Clinton, depending upon your political affiliation. You reelect those who have not kept their promises. You moan and complain and do nothing while in your heart, perhaps unexpressed, you are living in fear of what comes next.

Yet even that fear does not move you to demand of yourself – action.  Action that stands for what is right and true. Action that stands for principles which others, in our past, felt worth dying for.  Actions that say “I am a free willed being created in the image of something divine and you will not lead me to slaughter. Nor will you destroy the foundation of individual liberty upon which my country was built.”

No, there is no action. Why? You are stressed. You are tired.  You are busy. You have grown comfortable in your discomfort and complacent in you servitude. So you will continue to complain… and be more afraid of action than of slavery.

I cannot find my country or my countrymen. But I have a daughter and so there is the future to tend to.  So I stand for what is right. I speak about what is principled. I tend to my integrity. I trust in my God.

And I pray, every day, for those of you who cannot remember, or do not care, who you are or why you were born in this place and at this time.


America Lost
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America Lost
You've lost your way and you're not alone. This is a nation adrift.
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Above The Fray Podcast
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