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America’s Soul Meets Stalin’s Vision

It was an interesting week for me in experiencing the current state of our Nation’s soul which causes me to have concern for its well-being.

LifesupportFirst, I posted a comment on Breitbart online under an article on Donald Trump’s announcement to run for the Presidency. I merely suggested that while he may be a financial whiz, let’s not mistake charisma and the ability to make money with our need for Presidential leadership. What followed was a seemingly endless series of replies that excoriated me for not seeing that The Donald “talks straight, has his own money, and knows how to cut a deal.” As if those were the qualities one looks for in leader of (what’s left of) the Free World

Secondly, a friend of mine who knows I don’t have cable because I don’t watch TV sent me a gift this past week. Knowing my interest in media and politics she surprise ordered me Season One of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series “Newsroom.” I watched the first three episodes on disc one and was mildly interested. Then I inserted disc two and was riveted. I was riveted by the deceit, mis-characterization and obvious hatred Sorkin has for the Conservative Right.

Finally, in another comment I posted on Facebook which addressed the failings of the Obama Administration, I received numerous responses that felt certain that my findings were based on nothing other than my “racism.” In other words, if I conclude that his policies have failed… I must hate black people.

Joseph Stalin, former dictator of the Soviet Union and mass murderer said:

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” (emphasis added).

To continue with Stalin’s analogy, I would add that the body of America is currently in the equivalent of the Intensive Care Unit as it relates to all three.

Our patriotism has turned itself upside down. We abandon our Veterans, call anyone who stands for country a “bible, gun toting redneck,” and seem to focus only upon what our country does wrong without giving thought or voice to all that we do right. Our morality, in the best case, has descended to a new low in modern times…that is if we have any concept of what “moral” looks like remaining at all. Our spiritual life has been systematically bred out of most of us under the guise of “political correctness” and taken the reactionary form of fundamentalism in those who’ve managed to hold on to any concept of God whatsoever.

Alice von Hildebrand, theologian, former professor and wife of German Catholic theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand who opposed Nazism, said recently that “Hitler lost the physical war but won the war of ideas”…for the evil, hatred and division he aspired to spread lives on.

Tragically, Stalin seems to also live on.

America is collapsing from within because her body is sick and her resistance mechanisms, patriotism, morality and spirituality have been compromised. Without some serious treatment to reverse the deteriorating condition of our National soul we will, I suspect, shortly find ourselves on life support.

Should that occur, Russia, China and Iran are readying themselves to “pull the plug.”



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