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Best Medical Care In The World

One of things I frequently hear from the Conservative movement is that Obamacare will destroy “the best medical care system in the world.” However, medical care superior to that which exists in the U.S can be found in many other parts of the world. Which begs the question: “Has anyone making these claims ever been treated for a medical condition outside of the U.S?” I have.  I’ve been treated quite a few times outside of the U.S and I was impressed with the care I have received.

Medical CareWhenever I travel to Ecuador (my wife’s native country) I send all my kids to the dentist As I can do it for a fraction of the cost here in the U.S. Seventy percent less to be exact! The dentists have all attended quality dental schools, are certified, and very knowledgeable about the profession.

The commentators make it seem like the rest of the world still uses witchdoctors while the pundits drone on that we have the best medical system in the world. Really? At what price?

In 2013, I paid over $25,000 pout-of-pocket in premiums for health insurance for a family of eight. When the company called me to renew my policy, I asked them to give me the reason why I should continue. Silenced echoed through the phone. In the end, they agreed that there was no reason for me to continue to stay with them as the price was too exorbitant.

For my insurance policy to kick in, I first had to spend $25,000 before I would see any benefits. So I declined future coverage and decided to pay for everything out-of-pocket: medical, dental…everything. In the years for which I did just that, I averaged approximately $3,000 in medical expenses. This included getting braces for one of my daughters and even then I did it “on the cheap” by getting the work done by graduate students at the local university.

I have come to look at health insurance the same way I do car insurance. With my car, I don’t expect anybody to pick up my tires, oil changes or tune-ups however, if  I get into a major accident, I have the coverage to replace my car.

But with health insurance you can’t do the same. People have become accustomed to seeing the doctor for the smallest of inconveniences. Here in Texas, there are tons of medical clinics where you can get all of the basics done like injections, exams and x-rays. For the most part, if your healthy, it works really well. So it made no sense for me to pay $25,000 dollars worth of medical care when I only needed about $3,000.

However, the risk that I ran was that if I had gotten into a serious accident, gotten cancer or anything life threatening condition, I would have been in trouble. I would have been willing to pay for catastrophic insurance to insure my family but those polices don’t exist.

Car insurance is cheap compared to the value of the car because the insurance companies know that the likelihood of people getting into an accident is low. If insurance companies could price up catastrophic insurance the same way car companies do, I believe most of the health insurance problems in the U.S would disappear.

In the medical care clinics here in Texas all of the prices are printed and listed. There are no hidden expenses and the care is excellent. When I paid the doctor directly, I always knew what the bill would be. But through insurance, the prices of everything get distorted. Currently , I have insurance through my company and I have no idea what the cost will be when my wife goes to see the doctor. I pay the co-payment, but things like tests, medicine etc. all get billed from the doctor to the insurance company. Three months later I usually get a residual bill for some miscellaneous item that my insurance didn’t cover…huh??

The public, the media and the government have come up with the notion that health care is a right and should be available to all.  What they don’t want you to know, or tell you that in the end, is that you are the only person responsible for your heath. You cannot outsource health!  This means eating right, exercising regularly, sleeping well and generally taking care of your body. I know if I do these basic things I will live a much happier and healthier life with a lowered chance of needing to see a doctor.  Sleep and relaxation are phenomenal remedies for most common ailments.

Which gets back to the problem of health issuance the way its set up through Obamacare. Obamacare forces everyone to pay for insurance equally. Young people receive a bad deal given what they use versus what they pay. To the contrary, the elderly pay less as a a percentage of use because they use more services than young people. Obamacare architects, realizing this potential of over-use of healthcare by the elderly, created health boards that will determine who gets healthcare and who doesn’t.

For example, a 70-year-old person with cancer has a less likely chance to be treated for that illness as compared to a 16-year-old with cancer precisely because that the younger person has a longer projected lifespan.  Why give a 70-year-old with a life expectancy of only a few years access to medical care when it will blow out the costs?

Most voters have no ideas what is coming their way since Obamacare implementation has been delayed so many times. Its been delayed because the truth of its full implementation will destroy the Democrat base. For those who don’t remember, Obamacare passed as a bill without one single Republican voting for it, and the bill was never reconciled between the House and the Senate (by the way this is  illegal). The belief is that once voters really understand the extent of the lie of Obamacare, they will revolt.

So when people say “we have the best healthcare in the world and it will only get much better with Obamacare” realize that in many countries, there exist better doctors, offering services at lower prices, willing to do the work for a fraction of the cost.

Once upon a time the U.S might have had the best medical care in the world. That truth died many years ago. The Obamacare architects want you to believe that given the new changes we will have even better care while covering more people. As Ayn Rand famously said “You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” The day is coming when Americans will come face-to-face with the reality that we live in a country with average health care… selectively provided… at exorbitant prices.

Such is the truth. Obamacare was the lie.

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