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Bill Maher Gets “American Sniper” Wrong

Bill Maher is funny, illogical and Jewish. Let’s take them one at time.

Funny: I have little in common politically with Maher yet, more times than not, I have laughed at excerpts I’ve seen from his performance. Whether he writes his jokes himself or simply delivers them, he’s really good at what he does. Not many comedians can make me laugh out loud.

AMSniperIllogical: Maher has been quite vocal as of late in his condemnation of radical Islam and of anyone, President Obama included, who sees its intention being other than what it is: to maim, torture, kill and/or tax anyone who refuses to submit to Allah and Sharia law. He has also recently called deceased American sniper and Navy Seal Chris Kyle a “psychopath patriot.” It makes me wonder exactly who Maher thinks we were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan…or precisely how “careful” and “non-psychopathic” one should be in preempting radical Islam’s goal.

Jewish: Maher was raised in an Irish Catholic environment. Growing up he didn’t know his Mother, Julie Berman Maher, was a Hungarian Jew. Judaism defines religion as anyone born to a Jewish mother (father’s religion is non-determinative). Consequently, Maher is Jewish whether he practices it or not.

When I combine his three characteristics as outlined above, I wonder if Maher would be making jokes if radical Islamists were here in the U.S. beheading Jewish comedians who mock Allah? If yes, and he were concerned about his jokes and his Jewishness making him a target, would he prefer to be defended by Rosie O’Donnell sitting in a tree singing “Kumbaya”…or the likes of Chris Kyle armed with an M4?

It’s a rhetorical question.

In his craft, Maher has great timing. It is, however, a lot easier to be funny and judgmental from the safety of a TV studio in the United States than it is from behind a wall in Iraq trying to save your compatriot’s lives and making life altering decisions with split-second timing.

It’s a dangerous world. I’ll leave Maher’s timing to him and the Liberal Left. Personally, I’d prefer Chris Kyle’s timing any day of the week. And if box office is any indication, so would a whole bunch of other Americans as well… to the tune of $162 million and counting.

Howard Dean, former head of the DNC, said on Maher’s show that people are flocking to see American Sniper because they are “angry.” No, Mr. Dean, they are flocking to see it because they are tired of being lied to and treated like children. They are flocking to see it because they are hungry for truth and courage in action.

Chris Kyle’s life was what’s lacking in America. As long as there is radical Islam on the march, Maher, Dean and the Left would do well to sit up, take notice and pay closer attention to the message of American Sniper.

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