MOAB Then and Now

Today the United States dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat. It was dropped in Afghanistan on the caves used by ISIS affiliate Khorasan to attack U.S. troops. The bomb is a GBU-43 named “Massive Ordinance Air Bomb, or MOAB. Am I the only one who was riveted by that acronym?

Moab is a name I am very familiar with since it is on the mountain Nebo, in the Land of Moab, that Moses gazed upon the Promised Land and died without ever having entered it. Why? Because Moses disobeyed God’s direction.  During the Exodus, while the Israelites were wandering in the desert on their way to the Land of Canaan, God instructed Moses to “speak to” the rock so that water could be brought forth to show the people that God would provide for them. Moses “struck” the rock instead and the water poured out.  The consequence of Moses having disobeyed God was that Moses would bring the Israelites to the land but never enter it himself. He died there.

What was so terrible? So he struck it instead of speaking to it. Wasn’t the purpose to get the water out to show God’s willingness to provide? Well, no. The purpose was to be humble, witness faith and be an example of patience with a doubting people. Moses brought forth the water in anger. Faith and patience know not anger. Then, to add insult to injury, he took credit for the miracle!

I don’t want to get all religious on you here. I write about energy not theology. From that perspective, different energies have different frequencies and effect different ends. The type of energy you use has a direct impact on the end you affect…on the outcome.

I remember what a teacher once told me when I was taking a class in Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. He said, “Of course you have to discipline your child. And sometimes it’s necessary to appear to be stern or even angry. That is fine as long as you are angry in appearance only, not in your heart. When you seem angry to that child, you must be holding love in your heart.”

It’s a nuanced approach but I get it. What originate from love can only create good. What originates from anger can only create more anger. Speaking to the rock would have done it without anger. When Moses struck that rock he was angry. So what began in anger ended poorly…for him.

We live in troubled times and, too often, we think we have all the answers. In our hubris, we act precipitously and take credit for the outcome, conveniently forgetting that there is a higher power that provides us with the basics of how we are to live our lives and who assures victory.  Have faith and be love. Its simple. We are still allowed to defend ourselves, or the oppressed, but we must do so with an awareness and circumspection of what is in our hearts. We must understand our connection to all that is. If evil was set back today, and good comes of it, let us understand that it was divine intervention that succeeded not egoic politicians.

So what’s the connection between Moab and MOAB?  I sure hope those pilots had love in their hearts when they dropped that thing.                     Carole

The Heart of the Presidency

I abhor war. Any sane person does.

I also don’t support the concept of nation building or think it is the job of my country to impose its culture or form of government upon other nations. I am not a nationalist or isolationist. I’m just an American who knows she is blessed to have been born in the United States.

I am also a Jew.

So when I watch Syrian children writhing in pain and unable to breathe because a barbarian named Hafez al-Assad used nerve gas on innocents, I am vividly reminded of the abhorrent use gas played in the 20th century history of my people. It reminds of a world that stood by silently and watched. And it makes me surprisingly proud of President Trump.


Because at the very least, bullies only understand an equal and opposite force. They don’t understand diplomacy, they don’t care about public opinion, and they mock “red lines in the sand” that are all talk and no action. In fact, they call it cowardice.

Such was the case with Barack Obama and Assad. What every Arab, and every Israeli, knows is that in tribal cultures such as exist throughout the Arab world, the failure to meet force with force is perceived not only as cowardice but also as an invitation for even greater brutality. Barack Obama invited the growing chaos of the Middle East and the spread of ISIS precisely because his repeated inaction was taken as weakness and he would not, or could not, see the damage he was doing due to his own ideology and ego.

Some are saying that in raining Tomahawk missiles down on Syria Trump was finally “Presidential.” It reminds me of Michael Douglas’s line from the movie “American President” when he orders a retaliatory bombing strike against a munitions warehouse in Libya, knowing he would, in the process, kill the innocent night watchman who was just doing his job. One of Douglas’ staff remarks,”Mr. President, what you did tonight was very Presidential.” To which Douglas replies, “What I did tonight is the least Presidential thing I do.”

Killing is never something to be glorified.

What President Trump did last night had nothing to do with being presidential. It had everything to do with being human. Regardless of your politics, we are Americans and do not stand by and watch children’s lungs incinerated in real time while we stand frozen in either ineptitude or fear. We do not make political calculations or take a poll to see what the popular response should be. We aspire to elect people who, in such moments, understand what is at stake and have the personal fortitude to stand and say, “No. Not on my watch.”

I watched a Syrian man interviewed on CNN who had suffered the chemical attack by Assad’s forces and survived. He was thanking President Trump for his action last night. He said it brought hope to the Syrian people who have been pleading for 6 years for some sign of support from the United States. He begged our President not to stop. When the CNN anchor then asked him what he thought of the President’s immigration ban, he said, ‘We do not want to be immigrants. We want safe zones in Syria. We want to live in our own country without being slaughtered.” So much for the anchor’s failed attempt to invite criticism into a moment of praise.

I rest easier tonight not because my President bombed a country and flexed a muscle. I rest easier because he saw those children, as did I, and his heart hurt.  Oh yes, and because last night he said to bullies everywhere, “No. Not on my watch.”                 Carole

What al-Sisi Knows About Obama

This isn’t the first time I’ve written that I didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008 or 2012.


I had my reasons. But today I listened to a caller, an African American man, who explained why he didn’t and it struck me like a ton of bricks.

My reason back then had been based upon a book I read by a former NY Times African American writer who, having been raised in a mixed family similar to Obama’s and shared significant other similarities, set forth the reasons why Obama didn’t know who he was. Wasn’t sure if he was Black or White. Didn’t know in which community and culture he belonged. The book was so well written, and reasoned, I closed it after the last page and knew Obama wasn’t fit for the job.

The rationale of the African American who called in today was quite different. He said, simply, “Obama was trained to be a community organizer. He was trained to play upon discontent, stir it up and use it to create civil unrest to accomplish a political agenda. This is who he is and this is why, eight years later, he has done just that to the nation. It is the unrest and violence that has erupted everywhere. It’s the effect of Alinsky-like tactics that he and those he surrounds himself with were trained in.”


It isn’t as though I didn’t know Obama was a community organizer or that he was friends with Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dorn, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Vann Jones and others.  Or that they all have Socialist leanings. Or that George Soros is funding the whole game. It’s that I never connected the dots in quite the way this guy had done it.

Suddenly, even the Muslim Brotherhood connection and support made sense.  After all, doesn’t radical Islam in its early stages (before it gets to the beheadings) use community organizing tactics to foment discontent within the Arab world? It would be a natural for Obama to find common ground with such organizations that were using the same, or similar, tactics and strategies he had learned to “help liberate oppressed” communities both inside and outside the U.S.

So the riots taking place across the country and the blood in the streets, such as tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina are the direct result of the down and dirty tactics of a community organizer dressed in Presidential garb and wrapped in an American flag.

He’s had, by the standards of the radical Left, a great run. He’s brought the nation within a stone’s throw of Socialism, brought bloodshed to our streets and imported enough radical Islamists to assure the inevitable, massive, terror attack just waiting to happen.

However, by the standards of freedom loving, independent, hardworking people everywhere, he has been a plague upon us. His protégé, chomping at the bit, wants you to elect her to continue his “legacy.” If we are blind enough and dumb enough to do so, it won’t be a legacy as much as a terminal metastatic event that will eat away at what pockets of health and sanity still exist within our Republic.

Sometimes the only way to really see ourselves is in the reflection of another.

Today, President al-Sisi of Egypt went public, having met with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. No one knows the Muslim Brotherhood better than the Egyptians who, despite Obama and Clinton’s ill-devised support of the Arab Spring, unseated the Muslim Brotherhood and have been keeping them at bay ever since.  Al-Sisi and other high-up Egyptian leaders stated that they don’t trust Hillary Clinton and that they have suffered under the non-support of the Obama Administration as it cozied up to, and supported, the Brotherhood against the will of the Egyptian people.

So, if you’ve been unable to see Obama and Clinton for who they really are (and I am not a Trump supporter) take a look at our reflection in the eyes of the Egyptians.  For the moment, they are a lot closer to the problem, and far enough away from here, to have a vantage point you may not have considered. Looking through their eyes may open you own.


Why Obama Calls it ISIL

Understanding history is the first part of the answer. Understanding psychology is the second part.

wordsSo, first a little history.

If you have never heard the names “Sykes-Pichot” you likely have no idea what or where the “Levant” is. The Levant is what the “L” of ISIL represents. Sykes-Pichot references two individuals who caused the Arab world to long for the reestablishment of the Levant.

As WWI progressed, Russia, France and the United Kingdom entered into a secret agreement to establish their control of the Ottoman Empire that would be defeated in the war.  These powers effectively divided the soon-to-be former Ottoman Arab provinces into areas of future British and French control. The slicing and divvying up of the vast amounts of Ottoman controlled territory was for the purpose of assuring that the empire did not reconstitute itself and once again pose a threat to the Christian world.

Sir Tatton Benvenuto Mark Sykes, on behalf of the United Kingdom was instrumental in the drafting of the document that defined the new boundaries as was François Marie Denis Georges-Picot who negotiated the agreement on behalf of France. Hence, the Sykes-Pichot Agreement became known at the conclusion of the war.

It infuriated the Arab world. Not only had it lost the political, military and geographic positions of dominance it held prior to WWI, the Agreement was a turning point in Christian-Arab relations as it reneged on the  UK’s promise for a national Arab homeland in the area of Greater Syria,which had been the quid pro quo for the Arabs having fought on the side of the British against the Ottoman Empire. It was a grand betrayal that took away protection for religious and ethnic minorities in the region.

The name “Levant States was the term used to refer to the French mandate over Syria and Lebanon as a result of the agreement. More generally, in the Arab world, it refers to all of the Middle East… all the way to the Mediterranean and the islands beyond. The word itself instills and incites hatred, for what the Agreement did in creating 1) artificial boundaries; 2) confining conflicting ethnic and religious groups to the same geographic regions, and 3) generally disempowering the Arab world while placing a divided region under the auspices of either the British or the French.

ISIL stands for “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.” Its goal, among others, is to reverse the effects of the Sykes–Picot Agreement and reestablish the Caliphate, a Sharia-ruled Muslim nation with global dominance aspirations.

Now, the psychology.

Why does President Obama call it ISIL when every other public figure, and the global news media, call it ISIS?

Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, John Brennan, called Jerusalem “Al Quds.” Islamist terror groups routinely use the name to rally the faithful. It is the name Muslims give to Jerusalem. They do not recognize the name Jerusalem as they do not recognize the right of any of Israel or its Jewish or Christian inhabitants to exist. In fact, in the speech citing Al Quds, Brennan spoke a few sentences in Arabic then joked, “Don’t tell the folks who don’t speak Arabic what I just said.”

Brennan’s aside was quite revealing and consistent with a pattern of behavior in the Arabic world which is to say one thing in English when speaking to the West or western media but something totally opposite when speaking to the Muslim world in Arabic.  This is permitted under the Koranic doctrine of taqiyya, which permits lying to or deliberately deceiving infidels for the purpose of advancing Islam by drawing out, and making vulnerable, non-believers.

Why is Brennan’s choice of the name Al Quds instructive in understanding Obama’s choice of the name ISIL? Because by so doing, they are both publicly acknowledging and honoring the Muslim historical and political position on both Jerusalem and the Levant that is the majority view within the Muslim world.

The tragedy in Benghazi was the failed effort of the Obama Administration in transporting arms through Turkey to Syria in support of ISIS against President Bashir Assad, with the intention of toppling the Syrian dictator we had once supported. Now we claim to be trying to defeat ISIS in Syria. While in many minds ISIS may conjure up the militaristic terror organization carrying out heinous acts of slaughter, the greater entity and threat to freedom is ISIL, which seeks world domination.

Contrary to President Obama’s assertion in his post-Orlando-attack speech, wherein he stated that words don’t matter and therefore calling out “radical Islamic terrorists” by those words won’t make a difference in defeating them… words very much matter.  Ask Black America or the RNC.  Blacks have often spoken of code language used by white America to indicate a condescending attitude of the latter towards the former. For example, when speaking of “inner cities crime” Blacks say it’s really whites speaking about black people exclusively as the perpetrators. The political Left has also accused the political Right of using certain words to trigger racial fear and scare white working class voters. And who can forget the oft repeated “Right-wing conspiracy” accusation by the Clintons, designed to marginalize and demean their political opponents.

Al Quds and ISIL are code words. Lately, not very veiled ones at that because the enablers and supporters of radical Islam who serve at the highest levels of U.S. government have, in their confidence and arrogance, come out of the closet in their biases, alignments and political agenda.

When President Obama says ISIL the West hears ISIS… but the Muslim world, terrorist and non-terrorist alike, hears the validation of the Arab world’s claim to exclusivity throughout the Middle East, its expansion and dominance of a global Caliphate under Sharia law, and the annihilation of the State of Israel.

Yes, words matter.  For example, treason.








Joe Biden’s Chutzpah

If you’re not up on your Hebrew, chutzpah means arrogance.


Several decades ago I had the fortunate opportunity to work in conjunction with a team of lawyers and Congressman to have the humanitarian, Swedish WWII war hero, Raoul Wallenberg, deemed to be a U.S. Citizen. The effort was spearheaded by Wallenberg’s family in trying to find out what happened to him after the war ended and he was taken prisoner by the Soviets.

Wallenberg had saved tens of thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary but as the war ended, the Russians believed him to be an American Intelligence asset.  Taken into Soviet custody, he was never seen again although for years there were rumors and spottings by released prisoners that he was being held in Lubyanka Prison. He was officially declared dead in absentia in October 2016 by the Swedish Tax Agency. His story is truly amazing.

Wallenberg was, in fact, awarded the title of Honorary Citizen on the United States by President Ronald Regan in 1981. I played a small part in the events leading up to that award. Without going into much detail, I had the opportunity at that time to meet with then Senator Joe Biden to discuss efforts being made by the Wallenberg family to freeze, through litigation, Soviet financial assets here in U.S. banks to force the Russians to reveal his whereabouts or fate following his capture.

At the time, my impression of Senator Biden was that he was charming, personable, likeable and not too bright. Over the ensuing decades, his public persona seemed to validate my perception of long ago. Oftentimes I, like many Americans, found his foibles and verbal fopahs the basis for a good laugh. “Good Old Joe” was fun to watch and expectations of grand achievements were low.

Fun to watch until today.

Today, a much older but no wiser Vice President Biden had the audacity to slam Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for obstructing the Middle East Peace Process, with reference to the Netanyahu government’s policies regarding settlements in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

Biden said “I firmly believe that the actions that Israel’s government has taken over the past several years — the steady and systematic expansion of settlements, the legalization of outposts, land seizures — they’re moving us and more importantly they’re moving Israel in the wrong direction” He continued that those policies were moving Israel toward a “one-state reality” “That reality is dangerous,” Biden added.

First of all, with friends like him who needs Arab enemies? Secondly, how dare he tell a statesman who has, literally, dedicated his life (as his brother Yoni gave his life) in defense of the country he loves? Thirdly, how does he know in what direction Israel needs to move and who is he to say anyway? Fourth, no two state solution? Good! Because once Palestinians have that other state they will be joined by their Arab neighbors and, in accordance with the PLO Charter and Hamas’ stated goal, set out in full force to attempt to annihilate Israel once and for all.

The impediment to peace is Israel’s policy of building homes in a specific area? Its not rabid, knife-wielding Palestinian terrorists randomly stabbing innocent Israelis and Americans just walking the streets of Jerusalem? Its not tunnels ending in Israeli towns or army bases, built by Hamas, for the sole purpose of kidnapping Israelis or slaughtering them in their sleep? Its not Palestinian-planted fire bombs on public buses transporting men, women and children just living their daily lives? It’s not Palestinian schools teaching that Jews are pigs, or worse, and killing them is the highest aspiration a child can achieve?


Biden had two problems in giving that speech; one is that he works for an anti-Semitic boss. Two, Biden was playing to his audience and giving them what they wanted to hear. He was speaking before “J Street” which the media often mischaracterizes as a pro-Israeli advocacy group. Nothing could be further from the truth. J-Street is a left-leaning lobby that disparages Israel’s efforts to defend itself and undermines the country’s image when it can.  J Street is Pro-gressive not Pro-Israel. Shame on Biden for carrying Obama’s water and for pandering to J Street.

However, in this primary season with all its chaos, there is apparently reason for hope and celebration. Joe Biden isn’t running.


An Open Letter To Charles Krauthammer

Dear Mr. Krauthammer:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the post “The Holocaust and the Jewish Identity.”  While I agree with both the premise and the conclusion, I must take issue with one particular conjecture.

In highlighting Mr. Sander’s identification with the Holocaust as the point of reference for his Judaism, you note in your post that “Sanders is 74, but I suspect a growing number of young Jews would give an answer similar to his.” I disagree.  Sadly, I think American Jewish youth would identify with neither the accomplishments of their ancestors nor the Holocaust. I believe they would identify mostly with Socialism as both their ideology and their religion. This is the legacy of decades of American Jewish assimilation and identification with the political Left, surrender to political correctness and an organized effort within our education system to 1) condemn Israel (and by so doing Judaism as well) and 2) promoting Socialism as the saving grace of humanity.

I am the mother of an American Jewish daughter who was born in China and raised in the United States. My daughter was educated in Orthodox Jewish day schools from ages six to eleven following my ex-husband’s conversion to Orthodox Judaism. I myself was raised in a non-practicing family that held holiday dinners and rarely went to synagogue.  Pride in my Judaism was more theoretical than practical, based more upon tradition than practice.  However, in honoring my then husband’s choice, we became an observant family and, therefore, our daughter had an early and deep foundation poured in the spiritual practice, ethics and rituals of Judaism. When we divorced, our daughter was eleven and I returned to my “more mystical than observant” brand of Judaism and my daughter entered public school.

Fast forward eleven  years. My daughter is now completing a three-year voluntary service as a Lone Soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Commander in a Combat Search and Rescue Unit. Despite her having left the U.S. a fairly observant Jew three years ago, she is no longer observant. She is now a Zionist through and through. This initially surprised me; yet, I have come to understand why and how this is so.  She has had a benefit unavailable to most American Jewish youth and Jewish young adults.  No longer finding emotional or spiritual sustenance in the practice of Judaism, she has chosen instead to find it through pride in the land and its People.  Such a choice does not exist for young American Jews who do not have the Israeli experience in one form or another.

Absent an observant family steeped in both tradition and religious practice, seeing the Holocaust as something predominantly historical rather than personal, and influenced by the pressures of political correctness, these young American Jews turn instead to Socialism as their anchor and cause celebre. It is a tragedy of monumental proportion. The treasure trove of identification with either the religion or the land is lost to these newly defined “wandering Jews” who seek through the darkness what is only available in the light. It would behoove American Jews to take advantage of the many programs and vehicles for sending their children to Israel (Birthright, Young Judea, Garin Tzabar etc.)  for even a brief period of time to gain a perspective and a connection that is only available by walking the land and internalizing what it means and feels like to not be a minority in your culture.

I hope a time will come when your belief that many young American Jews would identify with the Holocaust as their defining moment is replaced by an identification with the achievements, contributions and uniqueness that is Judaism and its People.



An American Woman Serving in the Military

Context is everything. So is perspective. The same set of facts within a different context, or from a different perspective, can lead to an opposite conclusion. Such is the case with women in the military. My co-blogger, Steve Clark, has written a factually accurate and passionately felt post regarding the pending inclusion of women in combat within the U.S. military. As a former Marine and member of a family that has seen its share of men go off to war on behalf of their country he sets forth a compelling argument why he opposes the decision and why he intends to never see his daughters in combat.


I, on the other hand, just today hugged my daughter goodbye at the airport in Austin, Texas as she ended a five-week visit home. Home for us is where I live yet my daughter is a Commander in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  She is currently serving in a combat Search and Rescue Unit as an out-of-country volunteer. She began as an American citizen but, as a result of her service, now has both U.S. and Israeli citizenship. She carries two passports.

I agree with everything Steve wrote in his post. Within the context of U.S. politics and U.S. military history, we have too often sent young men to die to satisfy the recklessness and excesses of politicians who never see combat while reaping the luxuries and financial rewards that so often accompany the buildup and execution of war.

So why am I so proud of my daughter? Why do I bid her goodbye with both a mother’s tears of anxiety for her safety as well as an indescribable parental pride?


We are American Jews. Israel, twenty-four miles wide at its widest point, has been a nation under relentless siege for its entire existence. For 68 years, the tiny nation has never known peace or its citizens the luxury of personal safety. Israel does not have an offensive military agenda. It does not seek to nation build. It aspires to no conquest. It seeks only to live in peace on a sliver of land granted to it following the nightmare known as the Holocaust when the world turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to attempts at a systematic and barbaric genocide aimed at annihilating an entire people because of their faith.

After my daughter graduated high school in New Jersey she spent a gap year in Israel. I was not opposed to her taking a year off prior to college but I made it clear she had to volunteer someplace in the world to give that year meaning.  She chose a nine month program in Israel designed for exactly such a purpose. When she returned home to begin her freshman year, she informed me that she “had a plan.” She was going finish her freshman year then volunteer for a combat unit in the IDF. She would then finish college after her service.

I was shocked and deeply concerned but felt I had a year to either talk her out of it or witness her enthusiasm waning. Neither occurred. As I observed the commitment to her decision deepen as her freshman year progressed, I realized she was responding to an inner calling that I had no right to impede. She is now two years and two months into her three year commitment.

Yes, I lost a lot of sleep during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer. Yes, I often worry about her well-being. Yes, I often wish she was not so readily in harm’s way. (It was her base outside of Gaza last year where several terrorists emerged from the Mediterranean in scuba gear intending to kill soldiers only to themselves be killed before they could kill).

But in a world of young people who have no sense of history or purpose, who live vicarious lives on the internet, who indulge themselves when not being indulged by their parents, who turn to drugs and pornography to escape reality, who think friendship is how many people “friend” them on Facebook…I take pride in the fact that my daughter has purpose. I take particular pride in the fact that she is helping keep safe a nation and a people that desire only to live and let live.

When I visited my daughter last year in Jerusalem where she lives when off base, I was truly amazed by the love and pride expressed to her everywhere we went by Israeli citizens. When I would introduce her and say “this is my daughter” the response was invariably “here… she is everyone’s daughter.” Volunteers who have died in service to the IDF have had funerals attended by thousands of Israelis who never met them yet walk hours to the grave site to pay tribute. Young men as well as young women have died in such service.

When you walk the streets of Israel, a common sight is young female soldiers in shorts having lunch or even sunbathing on the beach in bikinis with an M-16 or M-4 slung over their shoulder. (IDF soldiers are subject to incarceration if their weapon is stolen or lost and so they  never part with it unless staying in a private residence and, even then, it must be broken down and its parts stored in multiple locations within the home). No one wants to see a woman go to war. Not as Steve eloquently laid out in his post, not any Israeli, and certainly not this mother. But when it’s a matter of existence, not politics or nation building, then everyone, regardless of gender, who can serve…should serve.

If that service is an inner calling then ultimately, and more importantly, it’s a matter of heart not gender.


The Refugee Problem Isn’t US It’s IS

Lately, I’ve been thinking about false narratives and it came to me that what we as a nation have been sold is exactly that: a false narrative. The narrative is that we are a racist society that has not moved much beyond Jim Crow laws and the segregation that preceded the 1950’s. Further, because we are a racist society, the latest manifestation of that racism is our unwillingness to accept Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees during, what is for them, a time of crisis. This act of national, collective flagellation has divided into two fictitious camps: those who believe they are standing up against minority discrimination and those who don’t care about it at all.


This division is turning to hatred of one another.

In Kabbalah, mystical Judaism, one of the gravest sins we can commit is what is termed “baseless hatred.” This is hating someone for no reason at all. Because the division that now plagues us as a culture is based upon a fiction, we have been reduced to that very state of baseless hatred of one another.

I say the narrative is a fiction because there is an undeniable and unbridgeable gap between the reality of what is versus that which is being thrust upon us by people and organizations with a political agenda.

Institutional racism has not been a problem in this country for decades. Yes, there remain individuals who hate others simply because they are different (this will likely always be so) and there have been inequities in our judicial system in terms of arrest and sentencing that yet need to be corrected. But minorities in this country, be their skin be black, yellow, or brown, have the ability and yes, even the opportunity, to education and employment that far exceeds anything like their prospects anywhere else in the world.

What the politicians have conflated in your minds is the justified Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s with the unjustified outrage and demands of the Black Lives Matter movement. Having convinced you that they are the same, they pushed you one step further to believing that reasoned caution, in properly and fully vetting refugees from a part of the world where terrorists are successful in infiltrating and remaining undetected in refugee camps, is racism.

Nothing could be further from the truth; but truth has become irrelevant, dispensable and subservient to lies.

Both the Statue of Liberty and the WWII refugee ship “St. Louis” have been raised recently as arguments in support of currently allowing Syrian refugees into this country. In fact Ellis Island, which stands in the shadow of Lady Liberty, was the verification point for all immigrants in order that none enter the country and do anticipated or otherwise avoidable harm. If you were a Nazi you did not knowingly come through Ellis Island just as if you had tuberculosis you were similarly turned away. Ellis Island was intended to protect the nation from foreseeable harm…a notion that is now looked upon with mockery and derision.

The St. Louis had Jewish refugees from Nazi slaughter and the ship was shamefully turned away from our shores resulting in most of the passengers dying in concentration camps. It is a blight upon the nation. However, ask yourself how many Nazi’s intending to kill Americans had infiltrated the St. Louis or how many Jews were members of the Third Reich. None is the likely answer. Yet, IS terrorists have infiltrated refugee camps and are intending to use that infiltration here, as the just did in Paris, to kill Americans. So the St. Louis is yet another false premise for dividing us.

You have been convinced that you are the problem. Your narrow mindedness, your bigotry, your selfishness, your racism is the problem.

It is a lie.

Let me say with certainty that the problem is not US, the problem is IS. The problem is the Islamic State not the United States. The problem is actual terrorists who want to violently take over the world, not reasonable American citizens who want to protect our homeland.

The problem is that guilt and shame are tools being used as weapons, in advance of actual weapons, in order to create both figurative and literal paths of entry into American culture and, ultimately, America itself.

Do not allow yourself to be guilt-ridden or shamed. We are an honorable and generous people and the most charitable on earth. We are a brilliant experiment in political freedom and one doomed to fail only if we continue to follow the false narrative and turn upon one another.

Nothing and no one else can destroy our will to live in Truth and Light. We can, however, destroy ourselves by continuing to live the lie and refusing to feel our way out of the darkness.




ISIS is Half The Problem

Anyone who has ever been in a failing personal relationship or business knows that half measures only work to delay the inevitable. You cannot ignore the failings, or make restoration a part-time effort, without actually perpetuating an environment where failure grows exponentially. This reality applies to much more in life than personal relationships or individual businesses. Half measures generally get you a proportionate ROI.half measuresTake, for example, the financial crash of 2008 and Islamic extremism.

Last week, Christine Legarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that the next financial crisis is coming because we failed to fully address the factors that caused the last one. What she is referring to is 1) the stimulus package bailout of the big banks; 2) propping up of corrupted financial institutions and, 3) the Federal Reserve’s endless printing of money. In fact, the money printing has led to new bubbles (remember the housing market?) and greater debt (18 trillion and growing monthly). The dollar, which all the experts told us could never be replaced as the global standard in oil and other transactions now finds China and Russia accepting, in direct transactions, currencies from other countries thereby bypassing the U.S. dollar.

In 2011, President Obama announced that U.S forces had killed Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The President called it a milestone in the war against al Qaeda and terrorism. Al Qaeda was half the problem at the time. ISIS (a/k/a/ ISIL and IS) was the other half and it went relatively unnoticed and/or unaddressed.  And so, while the internal battle for control of radical Islam waged on, President Obama went about courting and supporting the wrong players (Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, for example) while alienating our allies (Israel, for example) and decreasing the size and effectiveness of our military. The President’s fecklessness led him to call ISIS, the victor in the Muslim internal terrorism battle, the “Jayvee team” and, most stunningly, declared “ISIS contained” on the day before that entity successfully pulled off a heinous and disastrous act of terrorism in Paris leaving hundreds dead and wounded. Such failure of leadership also keeps this President blind to, or in defiance of, ISIS’s stated intention to wreak the same destruction and havoc here on U.S. soil. Remember, bin Laden vowed to do the same years in advance of 9/11 and he was ignored at our peril.

Half measures have gotten us a proportionate ROI in both the financial markets and national security. When the next predicted crash occurs there will be panic. When ISIS, with terror cells already in the U.S. makes good on its promise, there will be panic.

In our naive, and in some ways cowardly, efforts to commit no more than half measures towards stopping corruption in the public and private sectors and standing against evil in the form of Islamic extremism, we have painted ourselves into the age-old corner where cultural and societal decline follow and physical extinction becomes a brutal reality.

President Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

We are passing on to our children debt and servitude by way of our selfishness and cowardice. We will be held accountable both in their minds and hearts but also in the eyes of God.

President Obama is a false leader and our political system has become but an illusion of democracy. It is clear that this system, in its current condition, will not readily permit the rise of a true leader. Yet, there is still a window of opportunity for leadership to emerge that is both just and righteous. However, it will come from outside the broken system and it will take enough individuals with the courage to publicly stand in support of that leadership to override the corruption endemic within both parties.

Caution: Look not for leadership in bravado, hubris, empty promises or free stuff. Look to the individual who talks and walks their truth, who is brave enough to give us the truth and who is hopeful enough to inspire us to tackle adversity and, by so doing, once again become the best that we can be.


Submit or Die

In a 1972 essay by author Ayn Rand, published as part of a compilation of her works in 1995 titled “Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution” Rand wrote the following: “Without property rights, there is no way to solve or to avoid the hopeless chaos of clashing views, interests, demands, desires and whims.”submitI cannot imagine an observation more on point to explain what we are witnessing with the mass invasion of Europe by Muslim immigrants or here in the United States across our southern border by Latino and Middle Eastern immigrants.

Nations without borders (unlike Doctors Without Borders) are entities that have abandoned their property rights. You cannot have a property right without first setting forth the boundaries that establish property.

Rand explores in detail the intentions and methodology, beginning as far back as the late 1960’s in Berkley, California that was put in place here in the United States that began as a usurping of administrative authority at universities, and throughout academia, by illegal and often violent student rebellion.

What Rand observed (and I might add prophesied) here in the U.S. regarding the “power of the mob to solve social problems by means of physical force” is likewise set forth relative to Europe in “The Coming Insurrection”, a 2007 political tract written by The Invisible Committee outlining the step-by-step process by which they intend to effect the “imminent collapse of capitalist culture.”

What Rand noted at Berkley in the 1960’s burgeoned into Occupy Wall Street, the Baltimore/Ferguson riots and, most recently, Black Lives Matter. Likewise, what the Invisible Committee proposed has become the Muslim invasion of Europe. Each day brings new headlines about chaos, violence and religious persecution in European towns, cities and refugee camps of non-Muslims by Muslims. As I write, these are just those making news within the past few hours.

We in the United States have no historical perspective for what is occurring at home or abroad. We have never lived under dictatorship or tyranny in our lifetimes or in our history, for that matter, but for a brief hangover period from British rule that led to the America Revolution.

The solution?

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, in his book “The Great Partnership: Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning” states: “Multiculturalism insists that every culture is equally entitled to respect. All else is a form of racism or phobia or authoritarianism.” Sachs goes on to state: “Abrahamic politics (that found in the Bible) never forgets that there are things more important than politics, and that is what makes it the best defense of liberty.”

Morality can exist independent of religion but it will not last long. Religious values are the foundation upon which lasting morality thrives. Over time, absent that foundation, morality becomes nothing more than words from a time gone by that have lost their meaning.

In our quest for equality through multiculturalism and our dismissal of God, we abandoned the Abrahamic foundation of politics and morality that created societies of unprecedented individual freedom and scientific advancement. In that same quest, we allowed ourselves to cower before the name callers who contort necessary values and principles into racism and Islamophobia.

Submission is a necessary part of the human experience. The question is, “To what do we choose to submit?” Until and unless we are willing to humble ourselves once again and submit to a transcendental ethic to which both we and the state are accountable, we will continue down this path of self-annihilation and cowardice in the face of the most violent among us.