The Last Days of Night

If you want to be inspired by what goodness of heart and purity of purpose look like but also want to understand the scope of corruption that has existed between the private sector, government and media as far back as Tesla and Edison, then you must read this truly brilliant novel by Graham Moore. Its historical fiction par excellence!

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Is There Such As Thing As Universal Law?

Twenty two suicides a day.

universal law

These are the amount of U.S. military personnel we are losing to suicide each day. “6,500 former military personnel killed themselves in 2012. More veterans succumbed to suicide than were killed in Iraq. In 2012, 177 active-duty soldiers committed suicide, conversely 176 soldiers were killed in combat. In other words, more soldiers committed suicide compared to being killed in action.”

I am a Marine who served in combat.  Naturally, I feel an affinity with my brethren. It pains me that both Republican and Democrat  politicians are quick to send our men into action but quicker to forget about them once they return.  The Veterans Administration has been a disaster for decades.  Shockingly little is done to care for returning Veterans.  When we finally forced a turn over that at the highest post in the V.A., Administrator, not a single person was fired. Nor was a single person fired following the disclosure that there existed at several VA hospitals, dual sets of treatment lists – one fraudulent – showing timely treatment at various V.A. hospitals across the country when in fact many vets had died from grossly  delayed or non-existent treatment in violation of the V.A.’s own guidelines.

There are a few organizations out there trying to ill the void left by the V.A. One of them is The Wounded Warrior Project . A few years ago, I volunteered and worked one of their charity events. The experience left me with such overwhelming sadness that I vowed to myself never to return.  Seeing those young men, many of them severely and permanently disfigured, left me with such sorrow that I knew I could not help them. The last thing they needed was my pity. The Wounded Warriors Project does great work for our Veterans; but, after talking to some of their health professionals, even they acknowledged there Is a limit to what they can do in terms of recovery and reintroduction back into a “normal life.” Some of these men have seen such horrors and suffered such tragedies that these healthcare professionals cannot fix what has been broken inside of them. My service, combined with extensive reading on the subject,  has made me well aware of the scars left by war that participants live with for the remainder of their lives.

Any sane person instinctively knows that the trauma of war mars the lives of all involved. Such an awareness is akin to a Universal Law. But I would argue there are other universal laws that exist as well. Look at nature and how the change in seasons affects the planting, availability and consuming of food. Failing to align with or violating the cycles of life can cause us real damage in ways seen and unseen.

Take something as basic as sleep. Our body naturally produces Melatonin, a hormone that  regulates the sleep and wake cycle. For about a year, I used to work the “graveyard” shift for my bank. I was exhausted that whole year! I simply couldn’t get to sleep during daytime hours. When there is natural light outside, our bodies do not produce Melatonin. Consequently, despite the fact that I was exhausted, I could not sleep during daylight hours.

So, even when consciously making a decision to sleep…we must fall into harmony with Universal Law.

Now we are living through a time when we are being told that there no absolutes. Everything is pliable and malleable. Even in the case of sexual identity, we are told no Universal truth exists. The only truism is the one we “identify with.” So, if a man thinks he is a woman and wants to identify as such, so be it. That is “his” truth.

How is it then that on matters such as war, nature, and sleep we can acknowledge and see Universal Laws in action yet in the realm of sexual identity, we can’t?

The Progressive Left argues, successfully I might add, that its really up to us how we choose to subjectively proceed when it comes to a male/female self-identification. But on a biological level, the blueprint of our identity is defined scientifically, and objectively, by our chromosomes.  Males are comprised of the XX chromosome and females of the XY chromosome. So, on a genetic level, the biology of who we are is defined and fixed in the blueprint of our design. Think of it this way. I could take a 30-year old, beaten-down Kia automobile and replace the exterior with a brand new Mercedes without doing anything to the engine.  So, while the outside might appear to be a brand new Mercedes, the “heart” of the car, the thing that keeps it alive and moving, is still a Kia. Such is the case with gender identity. You can’t change the essential and biologically composition that defines you. Well you can make medical alternations and even transition the “exterior” but the chromosomal blueprint remains what it was at creation.

The latest push to redefine our sexuality has been going on since the 1960’s when the sexual liberation movement was born. Establishing sexual identity as subjectively defined is just the latest ideation of this movement. The Left’s goal has always been about removing the constraints and morality from sex. It argues that once those restraints are removed people and society at large will benefit.  We will all be more  free of the stresses and strains that accompany sexual “repression” and dogmatic thinking. We will be happier. Unfortunately, people who have the most amount if sex, such as those in the pornography industry, are known to have higher rates of suicide and drug problems than the public at large. The numbers are so high that YouTube has a vast amount of videos by porn stars who have killed themselves either by suicide or drug overdose. Having sex with lots of people is not good for mind, body or soul. When you treat sex as a solely physical act, separated from an emotional and moral component, there are repercussions.

From sex to sexual identity the Left, now with the imprimatur of the Federal government thanks to the Obama Administration,  is trying to push the notion that these are all decisions made on an individual basis…untethered from any Universal truth.

This is the problem of the Progressive Left – it is continually trying to shape and reshape inherent, natural and Universal laws that are the foundation of a balanced and thriving ecosystem of which we humans, male and female, are an integral part.




Whose Responsible for the Opioid Epidemic?

My experiences with drug reactions and drug addiction began in my mid-20’s.


Growing up, I was a closeted emotional wreck. I say this because I had developed a great act which, to others, masked the fact that inside my own skin I was depressed, confused and felt very much as if I didn’t belong anywhere despite popularity at school, good grades and an intact family.  Married at 23 and divorced at 24, I was no longer able to hide the depression.  A physician put me on the anti-depressant Triavil.  Not long after, I tried to commit suicide and came dangerously close to succeeding.

Fast forward to my mid-30s when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. At the time, it was not the commonly diagnosed disease it is today. In fact, I saw 21 medical specialists before the Arthritis-Lupus Clinic at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia got it right. It was, and I believe still is, considered to be a partially sleep-disorder related illness. At that time, the treatment was believed to be Amitriptyline (also known as Triavil). While at a dosage of 90mg or more the drug acts as an anti-depressant, at a considerably lower dose it does not; however, it does, at the low dose, induce crucial non-REM sleep, the restful transition sleep that many with Fibromyalgia seem to lack.

My tolerance for the Amitriptyline increased over time until I was approaching that 90mg ceiling. So, my treating physician prescribed Valium to accompany it. I quickly built up a tolerance to it and that dose was increased as well.

In a matter of no time I was addicted to it.

Without belaboring all the details, I’ll just say that when I realized I was addicted, I phoned a local hospital that had a drug detox unit and spoke with the head floor nurse. She told me I had two choices.  I could admit myself to the unit immediately or go cold turkey at home; but, if I chose the latter I had to have someone with me around the clock for seven days. She said either way, withdrawal was going to be hell.

And so it was.

Family and friends took turns staying with me for the next week. I was alternately hyper, depressed, suicidal and lacked any appetite. In fact, I had to force feed tiny amounts of food and water. It’s an experience never to be repeated or forgotten.

Recently, Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) has come forward with legislation to combat the national epidemic of addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin, known as opioids. Portman’s bill, known as the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), passed in the Senate by a vote of 94 to 1 in March and was followed this past week with several related bills to also address the epidemic.

But, as with so much of what ails us as a nation, legislation isn’t going to fix the problem because 1) the pharmaceutical companies have too much skin in the game and to many lobbyists; 2) Obamacare has so destroyed the ability of doctors to take the time needed to effectively diagnose and treat illness and, 3) we have become a culture of the quick fix, instant gratification and impatience with all things that require time and effort.

I may have tried to commit suicide without the anti-depressants prescribed for me at age 23 but I’ll never know that for certain. What I do know is that there exists an undisputed body of medical research concluding that, in certain people, anti-depressants (and particularly following cessation of the medication) increase suicidal ideation.

As for the subsequent addiction to Valium in my 30’s as a result of treatment for Fibromyalgia, it cured me forever of a willingness to take any pain medication for almost any reason. I can say that with certainty because I have had surgery since and refused all pain meds post-op to the horror of my physician. Yes, I suffered through rather than risk addiction to the too easily prescribed Tordol, Hydrocodone, Percocet, Tramadol. I am neither brave nor stupid. I simply never want to go through hell again. So, I chose two days of excruciating, post-op pain to even the possibility that a pain killer might be addicting.

What I learned from both of these experiences has served me well ever since.

First, following the attempted suicide, I embarked upon a life of inner reflection and personal responsibility. I decided nothing was worth living a lie and if I lived the life I wanted, rather than the life I internalized was expected of me, at least I could like myself for my authenticity.

Second, I threw off the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Well, not initially. I still said I had it but I treated it as a “lifestyle” illness. If I ate healthfully, exercised the correct amount, noticed what types of emotional, mental and physical stress in my life precipitated an “attack,” I could use my lifestyle to contain, or even eliminate the illness. For years now, I no longer think or speak of “having Fibromyalgia” nor have I had any symptoms.

While we may not be able do anything about the power of the pharmaceutical companies and their power over the FDA, or change the catastrophic effects of Obamacare on the quality of healthcare, what each of us can do is take responsibility for whether we are living a life of authenticity or deceit of self; whether or not we choose the quick fix over less expedient but safer alternatives and, perhaps most importantly, whether we are willing to acknowledge that much of what ails us is related to the pace at which we live and the choices that we make in trying fit into a culture that, in its present state, may have very little to contribute to our physical, emotional or mental well being.



Bill Gates’s Biggest Regret

It’s a somewhat shocking regret. Bill Gates regrets that early on in the development of Microsoft he resisted hiring lobbyists. Apple’s Steve Jobs made no such error.


When I first heard what Gates said I immediately thought of the disparate lives and alliances of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. If you’re unfamiliar with the politics of one or both both of these men, here’s the abbreviated version.

Tesla, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist is best known for having discovered alternating current (AC). He was backed and financed by entrepreneur George Westinghouse and Westinghouse Electric Company. Edison, inventor and businessman, is best known for inventing the light bulb and phonograph. He was backed and financed by Edison General Electric, which came into being in 1889 as a result of a merger spearheaded by J.P. Morgan’s Drexel, Morgan & Co.

What do Tesla and Edison have to so with Gates and Jobs?

While a great many people recognize the names Thomas Edison and General Electric, the same cannot be said about Nikola Tesla and Westinghouse (although Elon Musk has certainly brought “Tesla” into vogue). The reason for our “education” into the first two and not the latter is, arguably, politics.

General Electric was, and still is, a highly “political” corporation that established a relationship with the federal government that persists to this day. In case you doubt that just look at what happened in 2008. Over a period of several weeks, GE borrowed $16 billion by selling commercial paper through the Federal Reserve. While such purchases (short-term IOU’S) are not uncommon for companies like GE in order to fund daily operations, at that time the credit crisis had begun and private markets were frozen as a result. And that was just a snapshot of the collusion between GE and the government. In fact, GE did not initially even qualify for the any of the bailout programs it utilized but after lobbying by the company and assistance from then the secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, the FDIC changed the eligibility rules and GE was accepted.

(As you finished reading that last sentence you may have heard Bill Gates’s greatest regret about not having hired lobbyists echoing in your ears).

Edison and GE understood, as did Jobs and Apple, the benefits, perks and power inherent in aligning with government and using lobbyists to court and payoff politicians. Which is why the federal government’s Department of Education authorizes text books that teach about Edison not Tesla and why, in 2014, GE ranked among the Fortune 500 as the 6th-largest firms in the U.S.  and the 14th most profitable. As of 2012 the company was listed the fourth-largest in the world among the Forbes Global 2000,

Oh, there is a Westinghouse Corporation of today that flourishes as a global nuclear power company; but, it was founded in 1999.  George Westinghouse‘s Westinghouse Electric, founded in 1886, ceased to exist due to a series of mergers. It ceased to exist because Westinghouse didn’t play the same corrupt game as GE. As for Tesla, he believed with every fiber of his being, that energy was free and able to be extracted, or harnessed, from the very air itself. He worked toward revealing that process until his death. Imagine how freaked out the powers that be were at the thought of free energy for every citizen to access without government control or profit!

So Edison’s reputation and “celebrity” survive today as does GE’s profitability and near zero payment in federal taxes. Tesla’s notoriety and accomplishments, by comparison, are in relative obscurity but for those who self-educate and Westinghouse…well you have the picture by now.

Let’s fast forward. We’re about to elect a new President.

Even if we take the most cynical view that every one of the current candidates is an establishment politician and political insider it does not alleviate us of the responsibility to none-the-less make our choice.  While certain candidates entrenchment is more patently obvious than others (Hillary Clinton more so than Donald Trump), they they have all emerged out of a broken system that is at least 150 years in the breaking.

My suggestion is that each of us voters looks beyond the self-serving labels these candidates give themselves, beyond the rhetoric and puffing and looks instead to the issues and solutions that they identify and propose. Because in the end it will still be the power brokers, in and out of government, who move and shake the economy and foreign policy. At least if we refuse to allow ourselves to be conned by such things as a bumper sticker (“Hope and Change”) or a slogan (“Make American Great Again”) and instead, pull that lever or punch that chad based upon policies and principles… we’ll have a prayer.

If enough of us refuse to play the game, if enough of us start to make informed decisions, if enough of us stop rewarding the crooks and ignoring the patriots we have a chance of creating a future where the nice guys finish first…not last.


Science Makes A Life-Altering Discovery

If we look at the history of our species and what we have accomplished to-date, it is difficult for me to understand why anyone would doubt what can, and is, occurring beyond the realm of our five senses. Have we not yet learned that there is more that we don’t know… than we do?


The latest example of the seemingly incomprehensible is the just released finding by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) that the entire corpus of Western classical music exists in a field of reality completely removed from human perception. In case you don’t immediately grasp what that means (as I did not; it took me two reads to get it) this means that when you stop listening to classical music, it doesn’t cease to exist. It actually continues to exist in a realm, along with all the other classical music ever composed, outside of our human perception but none-the-less real. In other words, it’s all “floating around” out there as surely as we are floating around in here.

Or, in the alternative, is either of us floating around anywhere?

This discovery by CERN, and the question I just posed, is why I call myself The Jury Whisperer and founded a business by the same name. For years, I practiced law and was an Intuitive with a national client base. But I kept the two worlds separate because, while the Integration of those two seemingly incompatible skill sets was the norm for me, it was certainly not the norm for society. In fact, my legal friends disparaged intuition and my intuitive friends disparaged lawyers! That left me having to bifurcate my exterior world in order to co-exist.

Talk about a legitimate basis for psychosis!

Ultimately, I decided that my success as a lawyer was in large part due to my intuition and my openness to listening and following that guidance from within. I always perceived the information I received internally as similar to tuning into a frequency not often accessed by others… like AM and FM but simply by some other call letters. This information exists outside the realm of our five senses just waiting to be “tuned in.”

Like Tesla or Marconi (if you’ll allow me a moment to hang with some pretty awesome company) I felt that what I knew could be shared for the greater good and accessed by many. That’s because I had developed and honed, over time, my own abilities through repetitive use: commonly called “practice.” Now, I am teaching lawyers to identify, strengthen and apply their own intuition to their professional lives. But its certainly not limited to lawyers. Anyone can elevate the quality of their existence, personal and professional, by releasing limiting ideas about what is knowable beyond that which has been known.

It’s always a thrill for me each time science catches up with Universal Intelligence. That’s what the CERN discovery is. It’s not only a boon for our conscious evolution, it’s also a welcome affirmation for those of us already aware that what we don’t know far exceeds what we do.