MOAB Then and Now

Today the United States dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat. It was dropped in Afghanistan on the caves used by ISIS affiliate Khorasan to attack U.S. troops. The bomb is a GBU-43 named “Massive Ordinance Air Bomb, or MOAB. Am I the only one who was riveted by that acronym?

Moab is a name I am very familiar with since it is on the mountain Nebo, in the Land of Moab, that Moses gazed upon the Promised Land and died without ever having entered it. Why? Because Moses disobeyed God’s direction.  During the Exodus, while the Israelites were wandering in the desert on their way to the Land of Canaan, God instructed Moses to “speak to” the rock so that water could be brought forth to show the people that God would provide for them. Moses “struck” the rock instead and the water poured out.  The consequence of Moses having disobeyed God was that Moses would bring the Israelites to the land but never enter it himself. He died there.

What was so terrible? So he struck it instead of speaking to it. Wasn’t the purpose to get the water out to show God’s willingness to provide? Well, no. The purpose was to be humble, witness faith and be an example of patience with a doubting people. Moses brought forth the water in anger. Faith and patience know not anger. Then, to add insult to injury, he took credit for the miracle!

I don’t want to get all religious on you here. I write about energy not theology. From that perspective, different energies have different frequencies and effect different ends. The type of energy you use has a direct impact on the end you affect…on the outcome.

I remember what a teacher once told me when I was taking a class in Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. He said, “Of course you have to discipline your child. And sometimes it’s necessary to appear to be stern or even angry. That is fine as long as you are angry in appearance only, not in your heart. When you seem angry to that child, you must be holding love in your heart.”

It’s a nuanced approach but I get it. What originate from love can only create good. What originates from anger can only create more anger. Speaking to the rock would have done it without anger. When Moses struck that rock he was angry. So what began in anger ended poorly…for him.

We live in troubled times and, too often, we think we have all the answers. In our hubris, we act precipitously and take credit for the outcome, conveniently forgetting that there is a higher power that provides us with the basics of how we are to live our lives and who assures victory.  Have faith and be love. Its simple. We are still allowed to defend ourselves, or the oppressed, but we must do so with an awareness and circumspection of what is in our hearts. We must understand our connection to all that is. If evil was set back today, and good comes of it, let us understand that it was divine intervention that succeeded not egoic politicians.

So what’s the connection between Moab and MOAB?  I sure hope those pilots had love in their hearts when they dropped that thing.                     Carole

Do Millennials Want To Overturn The Tables?

As a Jew I’ve always been interested in the story of Jesus, a Jew, overturning the money changing tables on the Temple Mount. He was clearly repulsed and angered that the Pharisees were violating both the spirit and the letter of the Law. In so doing, he declared that it was written, “’My house will be called a house of prayer. But you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’” He was painfully aware of the hypocrisy of those who were espousing and teaching one set of values and rules while living another.

Jesus overturning

It makes me wonder if that isn’t what has driven the millennials in such large numbers to Bernie Sanders in particular – – and socialism in general.

If I were between the ages of 16 and 36, which is the general age range of millennials, I’d be looking around at adults (both in and out of positions of power) and thinking that regardless of what they tell me, these people are living lives of not-so quiet-desperation. I’d see adults trapped in debt from college loans, credit cards, automobiles, and mortgages to name just a few…working as hard and as fast as they are able to just keep their heads above water…so to speak. Debt they will likely never fully discharge, suffering from stress related illnesses; over-medicated and under-insured; divorced or divorcing. I’d see a society trapped in materialism without an anchor in either God or the Constitution. I’d say to myself, “I think what I’ll try is the opposite of that.”

On the surface, the opposite of a deteriorated culture lost in crony capitalism is socialism. Not because it’s an actual solution to the current state of affairs but because it rightfully identifies the current state of affairs. But the naming of a problem is but half the battle and it’s the easiest half. Coming up with a viable and constructive solution is the tougher half.

What millennials are missing, and it’s not their fault as they have been deliberately mis-educated by the Progressive agenda, is that Socialism has been tried repeatedly throughout history and it fails every time. Even our most faithful ally in the Middle East, Israel, began as a socialist society but quickly learned that in order to 1) protect the rights of the individual, including private ownership and 2) to innovate, it was necessary to move away from a political system where the encroachment upon personal liberties leads to fascism, where innovation is nearly impossible due to centralized governmental control, and, where a select class of people are economically privileged and granted political access denied the general population.

Millennials want to rent not own. The smaller the better. They want to take Uber not own a car. They want to live more simply and with less stress. The look to Bernie Sanders…at all the Bernie Sanders hawking socialism and they see a panacea. Well, they think they see a panacea. There is no cure-all for all that ails us. There is no one answer that will right all wrongs. There is no one solution to all life’s problems. To think that socialism is that panacea is to naively march down the road of disillusionment only to find you have arrived at a place of enslavement.

The millennial perspective of what they are seeing is pretty spot on. We are a nation (politically) and a people (culturally) adrift. We are seduced by our technology and owned by our possessions.

We have no anchor and this is the greatest danger.

This is why our choices in November are Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or the write-in of our choice. It’s because we arrived at this moment having jettisoned, actually devalued, time-tested principles that matter. Principles that keep us anchored in the values to which we humans need to be oft reminded.

For thousands of years those principles were found in the Judeo-Christian heritage. They were also valued. For hundreds of years, other principles were founded in the Constitution of the United States. They too were valued. But in the mid-to late twentieth century, the Progressive movement took God out of our culture, starting with our schools.  About the same time, they began to diminish the importance of the Constitution to where we are now – – hearing daily attack after attack upon its relevance.

I do not believe that humankind in meant to stand still or live in outdated conditions or under irrelevant precepts. But removing the structural underpinnings without being able to replace them with something better is naïve at best and self-destructive at worst. It’s always easier to tear down than to build up.

The solution? I have only part of it.

We, the adults, have to stop living a lie. We have to walk the talk. We have to disengage from the “more is never enough” addiction and the belief that living a life entrapped in acquiring more money and more things is why we were born. We have to be able to put down the competition that has become a way of life (for us and for our children) and be open to admitting how wrong we were to think that more physical stuff is the answer to finding love, peace or happiness.

We, adults, are in the unique position of having lived through a world that preceded most of the technology we take for granted today. We are the “bridges.” If we are willing to be brave and honest we can testify to what values matter, which are necessary to construct personal and cultural foundations, and which are illusions that seduce us into complacency and apathy.

We, the adults, can give the millennials the anchors they are in search of – – for all extremes are dangerous. It will be just as destructive for them to follow the empty Pied Piper of non-ownership through socialism as it has been for us to follow the Pied Piper of materialism through crony capitalism.

We, the adults, can give the millennials something real and lasting by which they can shape better lives and a better world than we have brought them. We can give them the truth by our words and through our corresponding actions.

And we can give them back the fundamental principles that made this country the greatest living experiment in individual freedom that has ever graced this planet.






Why Obama Calls it ISIL

Understanding history is the first part of the answer. Understanding psychology is the second part.

wordsSo, first a little history.

If you have never heard the names “Sykes-Pichot” you likely have no idea what or where the “Levant” is. The Levant is what the “L” of ISIL represents. Sykes-Pichot references two individuals who caused the Arab world to long for the reestablishment of the Levant.

As WWI progressed, Russia, France and the United Kingdom entered into a secret agreement to establish their control of the Ottoman Empire that would be defeated in the war.  These powers effectively divided the soon-to-be former Ottoman Arab provinces into areas of future British and French control. The slicing and divvying up of the vast amounts of Ottoman controlled territory was for the purpose of assuring that the empire did not reconstitute itself and once again pose a threat to the Christian world.

Sir Tatton Benvenuto Mark Sykes, on behalf of the United Kingdom was instrumental in the drafting of the document that defined the new boundaries as was François Marie Denis Georges-Picot who negotiated the agreement on behalf of France. Hence, the Sykes-Pichot Agreement became known at the conclusion of the war.

It infuriated the Arab world. Not only had it lost the political, military and geographic positions of dominance it held prior to WWI, the Agreement was a turning point in Christian-Arab relations as it reneged on the  UK’s promise for a national Arab homeland in the area of Greater Syria,which had been the quid pro quo for the Arabs having fought on the side of the British against the Ottoman Empire. It was a grand betrayal that took away protection for religious and ethnic minorities in the region.

The name “Levant States was the term used to refer to the French mandate over Syria and Lebanon as a result of the agreement. More generally, in the Arab world, it refers to all of the Middle East… all the way to the Mediterranean and the islands beyond. The word itself instills and incites hatred, for what the Agreement did in creating 1) artificial boundaries; 2) confining conflicting ethnic and religious groups to the same geographic regions, and 3) generally disempowering the Arab world while placing a divided region under the auspices of either the British or the French.

ISIL stands for “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.” Its goal, among others, is to reverse the effects of the Sykes–Picot Agreement and reestablish the Caliphate, a Sharia-ruled Muslim nation with global dominance aspirations.

Now, the psychology.

Why does President Obama call it ISIL when every other public figure, and the global news media, call it ISIS?

Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, John Brennan, called Jerusalem “Al Quds.” Islamist terror groups routinely use the name to rally the faithful. It is the name Muslims give to Jerusalem. They do not recognize the name Jerusalem as they do not recognize the right of any of Israel or its Jewish or Christian inhabitants to exist. In fact, in the speech citing Al Quds, Brennan spoke a few sentences in Arabic then joked, “Don’t tell the folks who don’t speak Arabic what I just said.”

Brennan’s aside was quite revealing and consistent with a pattern of behavior in the Arabic world which is to say one thing in English when speaking to the West or western media but something totally opposite when speaking to the Muslim world in Arabic.  This is permitted under the Koranic doctrine of taqiyya, which permits lying to or deliberately deceiving infidels for the purpose of advancing Islam by drawing out, and making vulnerable, non-believers.

Why is Brennan’s choice of the name Al Quds instructive in understanding Obama’s choice of the name ISIL? Because by so doing, they are both publicly acknowledging and honoring the Muslim historical and political position on both Jerusalem and the Levant that is the majority view within the Muslim world.

The tragedy in Benghazi was the failed effort of the Obama Administration in transporting arms through Turkey to Syria in support of ISIS against President Bashir Assad, with the intention of toppling the Syrian dictator we had once supported. Now we claim to be trying to defeat ISIS in Syria. While in many minds ISIS may conjure up the militaristic terror organization carrying out heinous acts of slaughter, the greater entity and threat to freedom is ISIL, which seeks world domination.

Contrary to President Obama’s assertion in his post-Orlando-attack speech, wherein he stated that words don’t matter and therefore calling out “radical Islamic terrorists” by those words won’t make a difference in defeating them… words very much matter.  Ask Black America or the RNC.  Blacks have often spoken of code language used by white America to indicate a condescending attitude of the latter towards the former. For example, when speaking of “inner cities crime” Blacks say it’s really whites speaking about black people exclusively as the perpetrators. The political Left has also accused the political Right of using certain words to trigger racial fear and scare white working class voters. And who can forget the oft repeated “Right-wing conspiracy” accusation by the Clintons, designed to marginalize and demean their political opponents.

Al Quds and ISIL are code words. Lately, not very veiled ones at that because the enablers and supporters of radical Islam who serve at the highest levels of U.S. government have, in their confidence and arrogance, come out of the closet in their biases, alignments and political agenda.

When President Obama says ISIL the West hears ISIS… but the Muslim world, terrorist and non-terrorist alike, hears the validation of the Arab world’s claim to exclusivity throughout the Middle East, its expansion and dominance of a global Caliphate under Sharia law, and the annihilation of the State of Israel.

Yes, words matter.  For example, treason.








Exodus from Materialism

Tonight begins the Passover. It is the ageless story of release from bondage. As I prepare to align my mind and heart with this theme, I cannot help being struck by how much the story and its message is ours for the taking… if only we are not too blind to see and too unconscious to care.



There are many types of enslavement. Surely we can be enslaved physically as the Hebrews were to Pharaoh. This part of the lesson is well known. But the Hebrews were enslaved in another way. Their consciousness had become enslaved in much the same way as our consciousness is today. They were enslaved to the materialism that was ancient Egypt and they had become dependent upon Pharaoh for their livelihood, their sustenance and their protection.

So too, have we become enslaved to government. Our enslavement has never been clearer to me than during this election season.

Regardless of whether you look Left or Right, what you find thus far is that the voters are buying into, and passionately supporting, the candidates on both sides who are promising (both implicitly and explicitly) that they (Clinton/Trump) and it (government) will provide, protect and take care of our most basic needs. Their combined message is that they will give us “lots more free stuff” and they will “make us winners.” In exchange for free stuff and winning, we are apparently eager to relinquish the personal freedoms upon which this country was founded.

It does seem like a “great deal” for those in power; but, for the rest of us not so much.

We’ve been on this slippery slope of relinquishing our personal liberties for quite some time now. It didn’t start with this Administration, although President Obama certainly put the pedal to the metal. And this is where I think the Passover story of the Exodus is timely and instructive because, at some point, you’re just too far down the slope to ascend.

The back story to the Exodus is taught in Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. Egypt was more than just a geographic location or a nation. It was a level of consciousness that represented total immersion in materialism. The ancient Hebrews had become so much a part of that consciousness that they were all but detached from their spiritual selves. The story of their rapid exit from Egypt, so rapid that the yeast in the bread “had no time to rise” wasn’t about bread and yeast at all.

In Kabbalah, it is taught that there are 50 levels of consciousness. At the 50th level you’re basically a rock. The enslaved consciousness of the ancient Hebrews was at the 49th level. Had they remained within “Egypt”…the consciousness of total materialism…there would have been no way for them to “ascend” back to a level of conscious awareness where they would have been able to connect with their spiritual selves and, by extension, God.

Hence the hurried exit and, relatively soon thereafter, the First Commandment.

When asked, most people will tell you the First Commandment is “I am the Lord your God.” Well, that’s half of it. In Hebrew it’s, “I am the Lord your G‑d, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

The Ten Commandments are the spiritual foundation upon which those of us who are of Judeo-Christian lineage are encouraged to live our lives/ So, then, that first one must be pretty important to remember. In that first commandment, God wasn’t just saying “I’m the One.” God was saying “I’m the One and remember that but for what I did for you, you’d be a rock.”

We were taken out of enslavement to materialism and the adherence to it that prevents us from achieving a connection to our higher selves and God.

Now, we are once again living in culture that has become enslaved to materialism. We know that it is both unsatisfying and wrong. Yet, with an opportunity to exercise the governmental equivalent of Free Will, our vote, we clamor for more “stuff” and less freedom…another Pharaoh and more slavery.

Pharaoh had the slaves build the pyramids on swamp land so no matter how hard they worked it all kept sinking so they had to come back the next day and do the same work again. Apple and the other gods of materialism make products that are obsolete by the time you figure out how to operate them so you need to buy the newest version. Keeping up isn’t only exhausting, its demoralizing.

Look around. The hour is late.  We’re at the 49th level. You don’t have to be a Jew this time. You have to be awake and have the courage to not go off the cliff with the others. As they’re heading for the cliff, you head for the desert.

Yes, I know. The desert looks dry with rugged terrain, while the view from the cliff is breathtaking. But I can promise you this: going over that cliff will, literally, take your breath away. Head out into the desert.

There you will find all that you’ve been looking for… and the breath of life.




Was Michael Savage’s Thinking Too Small?

Is it about Christianity or a Divine path by whatever name?


An article appearing in “The New American” outlines talk radio host Michael Savage’s opinion as articulated on his recent radio broadcast, that without a  “revival” of Christianity the West in general, and the United States in particular, are racing towards their demise.

I understand the arguments Savage makes. I have the utmost respect for the Christian faith. Not the bureaucratic organizations that hijacked it over the centuries, the faith itself. I understand the bell that Savage is ringing.  I just happen to think that looking to Christianity alone is casting too narrow a net (if you’ll excuse the fisherman’s analogy, no pun intended).

The bind we find ourselves in is the result of two specific errors: 1) turning the belief in a loving and involved Supreme energy source into a retrogressive and laughable idea and, 2) allowing ourselves to become subservient to technology.

Error #1:  I don’t care what you call the Sole Source of All That Is. If you believe that this Source has, as its intention and primary directive, the highest good for all things formed in the physical world then the name is irrelevant. If you believe that this Source provides not only the framework, but also the vital life force energy to sustain all that exists in the physical and non-physical worlds, you cannot but help act in accordance with that knowing. And while you may not get it right 100% of the time, you are more likely than not to live your life with humility and gratitude for that sustenance… while holding yourself accountable for how you use this Source energy that, second by second, allows you to keep on breathing.

Error #2: The more we can do virtually, the less we will do physically. It’s unfortunately (or perhaps deliberately) human nature.  As is preferring to have things given to us and done for us rather than earning or accomplishing them through our own efforts. Our default drive, if you will, seems to be the path of least resistance inevitably leading to enslavement. Ironic since everything that happens in life teaches us that it’s through adversity, or at least a healthy dose of resistance, that we experience our greatest sense of satisfaction. The technology has made us more able to be less physical. Not less stressed just less physical. In that pseudo freedom we find ourselves enslaved to its speed. Faster and faster we race headlong into inertia. Talk about a paradox!

Now, when you combine the practical reality of Errors 1 & 2 you get a rudderless human enslaved to something inhuman. On the larger scale, you get a dying culture enslaved to… well, whoever or whatever shows up promising a better life for even less effort.

When you combine the practical outcome of Errors 1 & 2, you get a people, like a heard of sheep, willingly moving in the direction of their own slaughter.

I’m a Jew raised within my religion. Steve, my partner in this website, is Catholic raised within his. I understand the basics of mine as he does his. We talk about them often and try and live them as well. But as much as the principles of religion unite us as individuals, so too do they divide us as a species. After all, I suspect we have killed more of each other in the name of God than under any other banner.

So while Michael Savage thinks its Christianity that will save us, I think it’s broader than that.  What will save the West, and humanity in general, is this:

  1. All matter (you, me, rocks, the oceans, stars…whatever) exists and is continually sustained by a single loving Source.
  2. There really is only one way but it has many names. God, Source, Creator, Hashem, Jesus, Krishna and so on.
  3. Its vital that we publicly and privately, vocally and silently, acknowledge and show gratitude for #1.
  4. Technology (and governments) work for us; not the other way around.
  5. You are only enslaved to the extent that you wake up every day and choose it.
  6. By our efforts flows our joy.
  7. There is only One of Us




In Defense of Glenn Beck

Assuming Glenn Beck needs to be defended he doesn’t need me to do it. He seems quite capable of doing it himself, and has on more than one occasion when he has felt wronged, misquoted or misinterpreted. He has also apologized on more than one occasion when he has actually been wrong. So why would I bother with defense of a media personality that so many seem to think is either a fraud, religious zealot, or both?

Lady J ustice

I have listened to and watched Beck’s radio and internet programs for several years. The radio show’s intro defines the show as “the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment” while the live streaming internet program is more educational than entertaining or enlightening. Over the years that I have been a listener, Beck has definitely evolved. While in the early years the radio show was more entertainment and politics than enlightenment, with a fair amount of hangover (no pun intended) from his shock-jock days, it slowly began to morph into something more than that, as did Beck.

I could say I saw the handwriting on the wall. Over five years ago I contacted Beck’s CEO. Having done radio myself, I sent a demo tape of my on-air abilities and a video introduction of myself as a “video letter” to Beck himself. In it I told him that I saw where he was trying to go but was unlikely to get there using the path he was on at the time. I said he had to move beyond politics and organized religion as there were millions of people who were outside of either political party and who were more spiritual than religious and those people could not be reached through the Republican Party (Beck was a proponent at the time) or exclusively the Christian religion. I subsequently had the opportunity to meet Beck in person and, after a few moments exchange of conversation, he told me to give my contact information to his assistant which I did. The connection went nowhere. However, I have felt that either Beck or his staff has followed my posts on more than one occasion and used my material without credit which is something he has been accused of by both the late Andrew Breitbart and Michael Savage. I also think he did change course, as I had advised, and doing so expanded his media empire and his footprint.

I share the above in order to make the point that I could have my own gripe with Beck. I could be bitter, resentful and feel glee at the many slings and arrows that are directed at him by the likes of, Alex Jones, and Jon Stewart just to name a few. I could, but I don’t. Why? Because with all his human failings, Beck has been right much more than he has been wrong in sensing the trajectory of the nation and making serious efforts to inform, enlighten and caution as many people as possible as to where we are headed. Perhaps the three that most readily come to my mind are his early warnings about the Caliphate, the demise of the Republican Party, and the infiltration at every level of civil society and both political parties by Progressivism and its debilitating effects upon our way of life. On all three he was relentless. That relentlessness caused him to be the object of endless mockery and derision. But here’s the thing.

He was right.

I get that Beck is an entertainer. He can be wickedly funny or deliver a deeply compelling story while acting out a myriad of characters and personalities along the way.  He can also offend my sensibilities at times when he, his co-host and producer go over the edge with humor based upon bodily functions. But he is also a relentless seeker of truth and a self-educated man whose efforts at both are commendable and too rare. I get that as an alcoholic turned religious Mormon one could argue that he has traded one addiction for another. However, we are all enslaved to something. For most it’s money, success, fame, sex, chocolate, heroin or technology. The list goes on and on. It’s the nature of this reality we call life. So as I see it, Beck could be addicted and enslaved to something much worse than a loving, all-forgiving, grace granting God who is the seemingly most important source of guidance in his life…that and the wife he loves and for whom he credits turning his life around.

So, I prefer to put aside the cheap shots, motivated oftentimes by envy, and instead focus on the good Beck has done and is doing.

His charitable organization, Mercury One, has not only been the first on the scene of domestic disasters but also the most forthcoming and action oriented in its efforts to rescue Christians from genocide in the Middle East. He went to the border to take toys and express love for the children trapped in immigration holding facilities through decisions made by their parents and no fault of their own. He held inspiring and peaceful rallies dedicated to honor, courage and love that drew hundreds of thousands of people both in the U.S. and Israel. He marched for racial unity after Ferguson and Baltimore. He continues to warn the nation of the suicidal consequences of failing to stand with the Constitution.

Currently, he has prayed and concluded that Ted Cruz is the best candidate in support of that stand. In standing for his belief, he has literally gone on the road campaigning for Cruz and for the first time in his public career, endorsed a Presidential candidate. He believes Cruz is a man of destiny. Beck may be right on Cruz or not. But as Shakespeare said in Henry IV, and if I may paraphrase, let’s not shoot the messenger because we don’t like the message.

These area troubling times. We are in need of asking serious questions and finding meaningful answers. Whether you agree with his delivery, his politics or his God, Beck continues to shine a bright light before a nation wandering in the dark in search of its own identity. Shame on those who, for personal or political reasons, are trying to diminish or extinguish that light.

We could do worse than pay attention to someone who has been right more often than he has been wrong. How many of his critics, or us, have that track record?


You Are God In Action

These are difficult times filled, it seems, with more intolerance and outright hatred than I can ever remember. The tragic bombing in Brussels today is but the latest reminder that there are people whose hatred knows no civil bounds while, thanks to some, our Presidential primary season has been a political version of The Jerry Springer Show.


While I often write about world and national events, I am acutely aware of the fears and frustrations now held by so many people. Therefore, I want to post about the opposite of hate…which is love. By so doing, I want to share my awareness of what ails us and what will heal us, both as a nation and a species.

Many people on the spiritual path, and even some on deeply religious paths, speak of the concept of “light” as being an integral part of having a spiritual or mystical experience. In fact, it’s often reported by those who have had NDE (near death experience) that they have seen, sensed or been drawn toward a brilliant light which beckons them onward.

I have been on a spiritual journey as a student of metaphysics my entire adult life. On such a quest, there is never a definitive moment when all that you have been seeking is known. This is so because no matter how awakened or aware one becomes, there is always another level of understanding that needs to be explored on the way to union with the Presence of All That Is. What I’d like to share is my current understanding of the concept of light.

We, here in this 3-D reality, perceive light as illumination. In its purest form, light is not illumination. It is love. This is why beings such a Moses, Jesus, Mother Mary and others were perceived as “glowing”…as having an extraordinary amount of light emanating from in or around them. These were individuals filled with love. Highly evolved spiritual beings, filled with love, emanate light. Hence, degrees of love, in our reality, are perceived as degrees of illumination.

Each one of us is capable of emanating light. The amount of light we emanate is directly related to the amount of love we hold in our heart. Have you ever noticed how people who have fallen in love seem to glow? Or pregnant mothers, joyful in their pregnancy, seem to glow? How they see the world differently, with more tolerance and optimism, as they experience increased love?

The question is “How do we become more filled with love?” The answer is to remember that God/Source/the I AM Presence is love in its purest and most powerful state. You are the manifestation of God in action in the physical world. Once you internalize, or become in-formed, that you are the manifestation of God in action, you begin to think, speak and act as Love would do.

Further your connection to God, which literally provides you with the spiritual nourishment and guidance that is your birthright, is only available to you in the present moment. God is not present in the past or the future; rather, only in the now, in this and every microsecond. This is because Creation is an ever-present, ongoing process. God’s total attention is in the now… as yours must be in order to connect with that Presence. So, regret and guilt (past) or worry and fear (future) are places you go in your mind that disconnect you from God/Love.

Notice how “dark” life seems when you are lost in regret, guilt, worry or fear. That darkness is real. You have cut yourself off from the Source of Love which then diminishes the amount of illumination you can experience here in this reality.

This is what ails us now. Regret and fear. What heals us then is Love and light.

The remedy is simple to remember but admittedly difficult to do until you become in-formed with the truth of it: You are God in action. Be Love…in thought, word and deed. Refuse to be otherwise. Fill yourself with the truth of who you are and for what purpose you have come.

You are God in action. You have come to allow God to have a physical experience through you. This is your highest purpose. Not wealth. Not fame. Not power. You are God in action. Open to that memory, allow it to in-form you, be love in all you do, then watch the world change.




An Open Letter To Charles Krauthammer

Dear Mr. Krauthammer:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the post “The Holocaust and the Jewish Identity.”  While I agree with both the premise and the conclusion, I must take issue with one particular conjecture.

In highlighting Mr. Sander’s identification with the Holocaust as the point of reference for his Judaism, you note in your post that “Sanders is 74, but I suspect a growing number of young Jews would give an answer similar to his.” I disagree.  Sadly, I think American Jewish youth would identify with neither the accomplishments of their ancestors nor the Holocaust. I believe they would identify mostly with Socialism as both their ideology and their religion. This is the legacy of decades of American Jewish assimilation and identification with the political Left, surrender to political correctness and an organized effort within our education system to 1) condemn Israel (and by so doing Judaism as well) and 2) promoting Socialism as the saving grace of humanity.

I am the mother of an American Jewish daughter who was born in China and raised in the United States. My daughter was educated in Orthodox Jewish day schools from ages six to eleven following my ex-husband’s conversion to Orthodox Judaism. I myself was raised in a non-practicing family that held holiday dinners and rarely went to synagogue.  Pride in my Judaism was more theoretical than practical, based more upon tradition than practice.  However, in honoring my then husband’s choice, we became an observant family and, therefore, our daughter had an early and deep foundation poured in the spiritual practice, ethics and rituals of Judaism. When we divorced, our daughter was eleven and I returned to my “more mystical than observant” brand of Judaism and my daughter entered public school.

Fast forward eleven  years. My daughter is now completing a three-year voluntary service as a Lone Soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Commander in a Combat Search and Rescue Unit. Despite her having left the U.S. a fairly observant Jew three years ago, she is no longer observant. She is now a Zionist through and through. This initially surprised me; yet, I have come to understand why and how this is so.  She has had a benefit unavailable to most American Jewish youth and Jewish young adults.  No longer finding emotional or spiritual sustenance in the practice of Judaism, she has chosen instead to find it through pride in the land and its People.  Such a choice does not exist for young American Jews who do not have the Israeli experience in one form or another.

Absent an observant family steeped in both tradition and religious practice, seeing the Holocaust as something predominantly historical rather than personal, and influenced by the pressures of political correctness, these young American Jews turn instead to Socialism as their anchor and cause celebre. It is a tragedy of monumental proportion. The treasure trove of identification with either the religion or the land is lost to these newly defined “wandering Jews” who seek through the darkness what is only available in the light. It would behoove American Jews to take advantage of the many programs and vehicles for sending their children to Israel (Birthright, Young Judea, Garin Tzabar etc.)  for even a brief period of time to gain a perspective and a connection that is only available by walking the land and internalizing what it means and feels like to not be a minority in your culture.

I hope a time will come when your belief that many young American Jews would identify with the Holocaust as their defining moment is replaced by an identification with the achievements, contributions and uniqueness that is Judaism and its People.