The Cowardice of Anonymity

The internet should have made us smarter but instead it made us more cowardly.  Courage has always been one of the least prolific traits in us humans.  It’s why we are so moved by stories of heroism.  While we all wish we could step up in moments of crisis or need and do the right thing, most of us know that it’s likely going to be someone else who does the heavy lifting because, for the most part, we lack the courage of our convictions.

As if this realization, and fact, isn’t dismaying enough, enter the potentiality of the internet. With the advent of social media, it became possible for cowards to wreak havoc from the quiet and safety of their own personal space…be that their office or their mother’s basement.  Name calling, shaming, outing, verbally assaulting, accusing and spreading known falsehoods, (formerly called lying and recently identified as fake news) have become the coward’s creed. It’s all done without attribution; hence, anonymously.

Wanting and taking no credit, wanting and taking no responsibility cowards wreak havoc on a culture already vulnerable and fragile.  We have become a nation of wizards, behind the figurative curtain, powerless in our own lives but still able to turn enough wheels, ring enough bells and generally make enough noise to delude ourselves that we are powerful in our own way and able to make a difference.

The only difference such people make is that with each anonymous attack or dissemination of knowing falsehood, they move us closer to the destruction of everything good and decent that we are capable of achieving.  They feed their own inadequacies and insecurities by telling themselves they matter. After all, look at all the chaos they are able to create. As if negatively creating is the same as effecting positive change. As if there is no difference between evil and good.

I heard a true story about a visitor to Auschwitz, the German concentration camp, who spoke with an elderly woman who lived in one of the surrounding towns while the Nazi’s were cremating Jews within shouting distance.  This particular woman had helped feed and hide Jews. When the visitor asked her “How did you suddenly become righteous in the midst of all the chaos” she replied, “Oh, the righteous didn’t suddenly become righteous. They just refused to go over the cliff with everybody else.”

Recently, I have been the object of falsehoods published about me at the community in which I live. The Board of Directors took it upon themselves to publish those falsehoods in an email to all the residents. Its their response to a difference of opinion. The statements are false and I have proof of it and so I will take appropriate action. After all, I’m a lawyer.

It is unlikely that twenty years ago, or maybe even ten, people would have been so quick to think you can just make facts up, or twist the ones that exist, and then publicly spread the lies. But, sadly, too many of have devolved into our lower selves. Conditioned by social media, we have taken up the banner of anonymity cloaking ourselves in a false sense of power and importance.

Our culture of anonymity is doomed to self-destruct.  The Wizard of Oz is instructive. Eventually the curtains will be lifted, and the impotent cowards will be exposed for who they are.  But in order for that to happen, we will need to reach a tipping point where enough of us refuse to go over the cliff with everybody else.

I’m standing securely on the edge watching the many go off the cliff. Where are you?




Intel’s Bug is a Plague

This week it was revealed that Intel, the largest manufacturer of computer processors has, since 1995, been producing processors with an inherent bug. The bug provides a way to hack every computer and mobile device that has one of those processors. This translates into an incomprehensible amount of computers and mobile devises that can be hacked for the most private, and mistakenly believed, protected data.

We will inevitably lose our identities as we have lost our privacy.

While I am a lawyer, I am also a natural intuitive. Psychic, if you will. As a result of that inherent dichotomy in the way I am wired, I have always had two sets of nearly incompatible friends. One set is my left-brain, logical-rational friends and the other my right-brain, creative-intuitive friends. Most of the latter are psychics. People whose intuition is highly developed and who believe in concepts that make my left-brain friends roll their eyes in condescension and disbelief…concepts such as past lives, bi-location, astral projection and for purposes of this post, the lost continent of Atlantis.

It is human nature that when we encounter people whose world view is radically different than our own to see those people as either ignorant or crazy. After all, how else does one continue to put stock, not to mention faith, in one’s ideas and beliefs if not by negating those which present a direct challenge to our status quo? The latest example of this is how many people dismiss, even hate, Donald Trump…and none more than the hard core politicians and agenda driven individuals who have been running this country their way for a hundred years. But this is just one example.

Here’s another.

My psychic friends and I believe that Atlantis (and perhaps Lemuria) were civilizations that had advanced technologically to the point, or beyond, to which we have now arrived. As a result of misusing that advanced technology, combined with a corresponding lack of ethical and moral development, that civilization destroyed itself. Further, add to that historical perspective the concept of reincarnation and we believe that many of us alive today were also alive then, in Atlantis. We are, so to speak, “back.” It is our opportunity to “get it right” this time by not allowing the technology to control or destroy humanity.

Which brings me back to the Intel bug. We are most likely going to make the same mistakes again that were made in Atlantis. We are headed for destruction in several ways thanks to the proliferation of technological development alongside a dearth of moral, ethical, and social development of equal measure.

We are all addicted to the technology. You know it and I know it and anyone who says otherwise is in denial. From the couples and families who dine together while texting, to the waiting rooms at hospitals and public spaces filled with people all on their cell phones, to the internet shopping, to the manipulated news we allow to control our thinking, to the social media that is a vacuous substitute for real life…we are all addicted.

Now we are on the verge, through AI, of substituting robots for what is left of relationships. Men will be able to have female bot partners that satisfy their every carnal fantasy with no corresponding emotional demands while women will be able to have partners that satisfy their emotional needs without having to work so hard to make that happen or, in many instances, paying the price of their self-respect in order to even have a partner.  We will purchase our customized partners while human mates be damned. Japanese men have already shown us the future of what happens when you can choose between an emotionally complex (and perceived demanding sexual partner) and one that provides whatever is asked for while asking nothing in return. The Japanese men prefer the bots.

Isn’t that why we like our dogs and cats so much? Unconditional love, even when we neglect or abuse them? We get what we want and need while the “other” be damned. It’s easier that way, right? The problem is that what comes easy is generally unappreciated and undervalued. We find meaning in life from our struggles, from the things we strive, sweat and work for not from what comes easy. It’s one of the most profound lessons of human existence that we all learn, sooner or later. So having everything we want handed to us, or our every want and desire anticipated and satisfied, will not only be empty of meaning it will cripple and enslave us.

So, while it is typical that when most people hear the word psychic, or talk of alternate realities and reincarnation, they take it with a grain of salt…or not at all…those of us who have walked that path for all, or most, of our lives have seen this handwriting on the wall. We are headed for self-destruction. Not of a few individuals, but of the species as we know it.


Because regardless of how lifelike the bots are, or how advanced the AI becomes, none of it is human. At best these are all man-made substitutes. Only hubris leads us to conclude that we can replicate through technology what God has created. And like all forgeries, what we try and replicate will, in the end, be revealed for the fraud it is.

The Torah, the first Five Book of Moses commonly referred to as the “Old Testament” is instructive. This same hubris led humankind to build a tower to the heavens so that back then they, too, could be as God. The effort resulted in chaos, destruction and separation we still suffer from today.

Laugh at and dismiss the psychics, the intuitives with a sixth sense, if you will. But in your heart you know that we are in trouble and it isn’t Donald Trump, the Republicans or the Democrats that is the source of that trouble. It is us…and the disease that will wipe us out isn’t plague. Its hubris.

Carole (

The Last Days of Night

If you want to be inspired by what goodness of heart and purity of purpose look like but also want to understand the scope of corruption that has existed between the private sector, government and media as far back as Tesla and Edison, then you must read this truly brilliant novel by Graham Moore. Its historical fiction par excellence!

Read more here:




#Robot Lives Matter

If “Black Lives Matter and “All Lives Matter” then it’s apparently a stone’s throw to arrive at “Robot Lives Matter.”


Oops! We’re already there.

In Europe, which in my opinion is already off the rails with its open borders debacle, they are now proposing draft legislation that will make their robotic workforce “electronic persons” in the legal sense requiring that their employers pay social security on their behalf.  Ask yourself why? Will those robots ever collect Social Security? Will they ever need Social Security? If the answer to those two questions is an unqualified “no!” then what can be the purpose of those mandated payments?


Yes, whether it’s the EU or the U.S., centralized governments never tire of 1) growing and 2) collecting your money so they can spend it any irresponsible way they choose and 3) make certain the political class gets its unearned share along the way.

The other disconcerting issue regarding this emerging robotic workforce is its potential for, if you’ll forgive the pun, “out-manning” and overpowering we humans. There are already instances of robots “escaping” or “leaving” their location and taking off on their own.

Promobot, a robot in Russia designed for customer relations work, walked straight out of the lab, exiting through an accidentally open perimeter gate, and ended up on the busy road outside, confounding traffic.  Twice.  Yet, after its designer altered its AI system, twice, Promobot left of its own accord after both alternations. So, they are now talking about dismantling/destroying it and working on a third generation AI to be launched in the Fall 2016.

One can only imagine what thoughts and actions the third generation will choose to partake of.

While it may be a stretch to call unanticipated or unintended actions made by AI “Free Will,” it is none-the-less a serious concern of many in the AI field that robots may, in the not too distant future, begin to “think” for themselves in ways that are antagonistic, hostile and even life-threatening to the well-being of humans.

Many of our myths are founded in fact, but passed down in ways that are story-like in order to simplify or clarify their basic moral or message.  Such is the case in the metaphysical, or psi communities. There has long been talk in those communities that the “lost continent of Atlantis” was, in fact, a highly developed technological culture that at some point lost control of its AI and self-destructed.

True or false, the “myth” can be instructive.

It is becoming increasingly evident that our rapid, technological trajectory has far outpaced out social and cultural advancements. In fact, it could be argued that these have an inverse relationship: the faster we advance technologically the more constrained our social and cultural progress. Such is the primary basis for not only the stress under which we find ourselves – -but also the chaos.

Add to this the EU’s proposed draft legislation to give legal standing of “electronic persons” to robots and we have the making for our own real-time, non-mythical Atlantis.

This is not to say that we should never make scientific inquiry or progress. It is, however, to say that when aspects of an organism are as out of balance and disproportionately relational as is our current reality, there exists fertile ground for self-destruction.

We followed the EU and have opened our borders to un-vetted and potentially hostile persons. Let’s not continue to follow the irresponsible choices made by those who think that being on the cutting edge of lunacy is a good idea whose time has come.