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Cultural Suicide

You can build the wall and still fail to protect the country.Self-destructhThere are two kinds of threat: external and internal.  If we build the wall, and monitor it properly, we can go a long way toward addressing the external threat. The internal threat is quite another matter. It’s less apparent, more difficult to counter and much more dangerous.

Terrorists, or anyone else, seeking to do physical harm by crossing our borders unimpeded can do significant damage. Such damage can draw upon our physical and financial resources, from minor to catastrophic levels, in our recovery efforts. Disaster resulting from terror draws upon our collective will and determination in order not to be brought down by harbingers of hate. But, as with 9/11, we have been there. Our national resolve to repair physical destruction and surmount national grief has been tested and proven fit for the challenge.

But what about threats from within? On this front,I have far less confidence that we will awaken in time or that we can survive.

For decades, our children have been educated by Progressive, history-altering academics both in grade schools and universities. They have been taught a selective and self-serving view of America’s contribution and role in the world. Our “contribution” has been narrowed to one of exploitation. Our “role” has been defined as a global oppressor. We have inflicted upon two generations a conscience of guilt and shame for being American. We have inflicted upon one generation a conscience of guilt and shame for being white.

Nations, like individuals, err. Even the best of us stumble and fall. Even the best of us have moments in our lives, if given the chance, we would seize to do over differently. This is life. This is learning. Mistakes are the fertile ground upon which we grow better and, hopefully, wiser. Nations are no exception.

Yes, there have been grave errors committed in the name of manifest destiny (decimation of Native Americans), commerce (slavery) and fear (Japanese internment camps). But this same fallible nation that committed these grave errors is also the most charitable and giving nation in the world. In 2012, the U.S. gave $30B in developmental (i.e. not peace-keeping or anti-terrorism) public aid. The United States is among the first, if not the first, to send monetary and medical aid to victims of natural disasters.

We are a good and caring people. However, even good people who are daily subjected to falsehoods can be brainwashed into believing what is not true. So, by way of a carefully planned, thoroughly executed Progressive political agenda that has been slowly and systematically implemented since the Woodrow Wilson presidency, our self-image and our self-confidence have been eroded and all but destroyed.

Yet, there is still another internal threat as deadly as the Progressive agenda. It is the insidious melding of foreign cultures that have little in common with our own.  I am not talking about immigrants who come to the United States and retain their own religious and cultural identities within their own homes, communities and spiritual institutions. I am talking about immigrants who seek to impose upon America their home country’s culture with the goal of substituting it for that which is uniquely American.

In the fit of mental illness we call political correctness, there is no difference between the people of, let’s say Turkey and the people of the United States. We all want peace. We all have concern for the future. We all seek a better quality of life. We all want the best for our children.

Well, maybe not so much the children.

This week, the Turkish Constitutional Court ruled to annul a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as sexual abuse. That’s right. Now, if you are 12 years old in Turkey, you can be said to give consent to having sex… say…with a 60-year -old man (apparently even if you were raped and the offender says you consented!).

In case you haven’t noticed, we in the United States have nothing in common with a Court, let alone a culture, that would make such a law. This is anathema to us. Yet the speech police and the PC police here in the U.S. are so busy hurrying to market the “oneness of Bernie Sander’s-like kumbaya” that they step over the obvious to stand firmly upon the absurd.

We have nothing in common with nations, governments or cultures that abuse children, kill homosexuals, torture animals, behead for sport, cut off hands for stealing or enslave women, to name a few… all in the name of God.

So, as we delay securing our physical border, continue to misinform our young, and remain blind to the insidious invasion of our culture by foreign adversaries who seek our destruction, we remain complicit in that destruction.

Oh, and making believe it is not so… only hastens our demise.


Cultural Suicide
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Cultural Suicide
Making believe we are not at risk for internal and external threats is living in denial.
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Above The Fray Podcast
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