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Fast and Furious Deception

Its the Chinese “Year of the Horse.” May I suggest we also make it the American “Year of Thinking for Yourself?” If we don’t, the unending manipulation of facts and truth by the media and the politicians will destroy our Nation.

Uncle SamTwo examples:

1.  The President has suddenly decided to sign an Executive Order to equalize pay for women and men. On its face, noble. Factually, nothing more than an election year ploy. When you compare education, experience, specialized training in similar positions women are receiving parity of pay. Among young, single women with higher education, they are actually being paid greater than similarly situated males. But I repeat, its an election year.

2.  Attorney General Eric Holder, unaccountable for “Fast and Furious” in which both U.S.Border Agents died as did  Mexicans, yesterday testified before the House Oversight Committee and spoke both threateningly and disrespectfully to Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX). Arrogance with impunity because we have failed to demand accountability from Holder for “Fast and Furious” and other refusals by him to comply with production of documents subpoenaed of him by Congress.

Yesterday, I heard a caller on talk radio who suggested that the major network news departments are not the moneymakers for their corporate owners. The money makers are their sports and entertainment programming. Therefore, he suggested that anyone angry with media lies, manipulation and their improper relationship to the political class simply stop watching the Super Bowl, the Final Four etc. as well as entertainment programming.

There are 30 million Conservatives in the U.S. and a good amount of Libertarians, Liberals and Independents who are equally disgusted with where we are. If each of us literally stops watching those shows the financial impact will be devastating. Money talks.

Forget the horse. It’s the “Year of Thinking For Yourself.” You’re may be fed up, but you’re not powerless. It just takes thinking for yourself and a healthy dose of the courage of your convictions to act.


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