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Who Thought Feet Could Say So Much?

When my father was dying from cancer, I took him to see the Chinese doctor that I frequented. My father, having previously dismissed any form of alternative medicine, changed his tune once he found out he had liver cancer and the prognosis was not good.

Dad was going through chemotherapy treatments, had begun to lose his hair and was feeling sick all the time. He was taking an assortment of drugs to ease his pain. Sadly, nothing was working.

A Chinese healer, Master Lee, had cured many of my ailments over the years and had helped my wife as well with many of the chronic conditions from which she had suffered. Master Lee had a remarkable ability to sense where the problem areas were and cure them. During one session for example, he unexpectedly placed his hands on my nose, adjusted it and fixed a breathing problem I had for years. In my teens, I had broken my nose and it had not properly healed. Master Lee, with no knowledge of the injury or my breathing problem, none-the-less sensed it and cured it. Such was the nature of Master Lee. He had an ability to perceive many issues that plagued the human body without being told.

Dad was a tough man and a skeptic about most things in life. He was a true blue American who had no time for nonsense or quackery. It was, therefore, with much trepidation that I brought him to see Master Lee.  I could tell by the look in his face when we arrived at the office that he was upset with me for bringing him there. I lead him into the inner office and then waited for him in the reception room.

An hour later my father emerged looking and feeling better. He told me this had been the first doctor he had seen anyone where he actually felt better after the appointment. I could see the look of optimism on his face and went to thank Master Lee for his work. However, when I went into his private office, he looked upset. He told me Dad didn’t have much time left. I asked how he could know and he said, “The feet don’t lie. Your father’s feet are swelling because all of the excess fluids draining into them that he cannot dispose of. When the fluids pool like this it is because the energy is not flowing properly. Death usually comes shortly thereafter.”

Master Lee had not shared this information with my father. Nor had any of the treating physicians. Given the litigious nature of our society, physicians are very careful of what they communicate for fear of being sued. But more than that, Master Lee did not wish to rob my father of hope. He told me instead so that I could begin to prepare. Thirty days later my father was dead.

What so amazed me about Master Lee’s perception was his diagnosis and ability to truly know the exact stage of the illness’s progression and, with precision, what lay ahead.

Master Lee was not a physician by Western definition. In fact, by trade he was an electric engineer. By discipline and training, he was a Kung Fu practitioner. He combined the principles of electricity with the internal energy created through the practice of Kung Fu and came up with a way to heal the body. His treatments were a matter of massaging and manipulating energy pressure points along the body to increase energy or, as we might say, improve the natural flow of electricity that runs through the body.

Master Lee could heal people through his hands although he had no medical degree or background in health  His medical knowledge was limited but his consciousness was quite expansive which enabled him to bypass traditional ways of looking at and treating disease.  It remains a sad fact that overall, we still hold a very narrow and limited view on a, multitude of issues that keep us revolving around, rather than moving beyond, self-imposed limitations. Master Lee knew about limitation, but he allowed his gift to flow and thereby helped the world.

We are each responsible for blazing new trails of knowledge and then living our truth. We must each find that which we have been gifted and let it flow through us towards others…the same way a man with no medical knowledge helped a dying man feel better and reignite hope one last time.


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