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Instructions For Being You

When I was a child I would converse with inanimate objects.

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I can recall my parents retelling the story of how, when I was three and four years old, I would bump into a chair, for example, and say “’cub-ie chair!” (because I couldn’t pronounce the words “excuse me”). I also read words and sentences left to right… but then read them right to left. I would read a dictionary for fun as I thought words were important and in some way alive. I communicated with animals and trees. I often felt physical pain when someone or something else was harmed. I sometimes knew what others were thinking. I didn’t perceive the world the way most people did. For me, life was as much about the unseen and the unsaid as it was about the external, visible and auditory world.

As a result, I spent the first few decades of my life trying to fit into a world that seemingly had no place for me. Why did I have all of this awareness and what was I to do with it?

For those few decades during which I struggled with how to find my place in the world, I experienced a lot of wrong turns and made a lot of unwise choices. Because I was surrounded by people who did not share or understand my perceptions, I was unsupported in living a life that was consistent with truth as I experienced it.

Being unique, and living that uniqueness, is the hardest way to go through life. It is also the way we were designed to do it. You, too, are unique. How many times in your life have you been the recipient of those words? Probably not enough!

As we all struggle to adapt, and at times survive, the rapid changes the world is going through, how valuable would it be to truly know that you were born with direct access to all of the information you need to handle each and every moment of your life with certainty, focus and calm? The answer to that question is that such knowing would be priceless.

Looking back at human history and beyond, we have moved from predominantly individual barbarism to predominantly civilized societies with the help of certain events and structures that have aided us in that journey. The Goddess-led cultures that preceded monotheism, the giving of the Ten Commandments, the life of Jesus, agriculture, industrialization, and 20th century technological explosion have all contributed to this forward march.

With each of these advancements, so too has the individual’s freedom expanded. Yes, there are still remnants around the world of that barbarism I spoke of earlier, but we are on an undeniable path leading us to a fuller understanding of what Free Will is and the unlimited power that comes from autonomy over one’s own heart and mind through a direct inner connection with the Source of All That Is.

Resistance is always greatest nearest the point of breakthrough.

This is what we are experience now…globally. The resistance can be found in political and religious bureaucracies; yet, it is unstoppable. It is the approaching breakthrough of sufficient numbers of individuals around the world who have experienced, either over time or most recently, the possibilities that exist beyond our five senses and the limitations of enslavement, when fully engaged in using our hearts and minds to create the kind of world in which we choose to exist and flourish.

I now know, and want you to know, the power of the uniqueness that is you. You do not exist to be a replica of anyone who preceded you, or anyone who is in the world today. You are not meant to “fit in” at the price of denying or relinquishing your unique contribution to the ever-unfolding experience of conscious human evolution. So long as you do not intentionally harm another, nor they you, we are all required to honor our individual perceptions, truths and life choices as we identify and manifest the essence of who we are.

Once I realized the answer to that question of long ago, “Why did I have all of this awareness and what was I to do with it?” I stopped trying to fit in.

Now I create space that lovingly supports me as I am.



Instructions For Being You
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Instructions For Being You
There is a way to know how to best live your life. Its just not available through others.
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Above The Fray Podcast
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