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It All Begins With You

What if Love is literally a sound and light frequency that can be broadcast and received? What if there is a way to access this frequency? What if once you access this frequency you are immediately aligned with everyone else who is also on this frequency? What if being on this frequency means that you are in perfect alignment with the source of all energy? What if?


Oneness is a spiritual reality not a political solution. The political application of oneness is Socialism. The spiritual application of Oneness is harmony and unity. Socialism is externally imposed and enforced. Harmony begins internally and aligns externally with like energy. So how do you get to internal harmony? In fact, if harmony begins internally, what is it that you must harmonize within before you can even begin to join externally with like energy?

Within each of us are a multitude of frequencies upon which we can receive and/or transmit energy, not unlike other forms of transmissions such as radio waves or broadband. Which frequency you tune into determines which information, data or tone you will be able to access. Everything in the physical universe, all energy, is vibrating to its own specific frequency.  In us humans, every organ of our body vibrates to a different frequency. What can be transmitted and received by the brain cannot be transmitted and received by the heart.

As a species, we are at a point in conscious evolution where we have begun to awaken to the memory of unity, of Oneness. Its a compelling memory that is beckoning us to return to a state of wholeness. Since perception is reality, when the mind perceives the path to unity, to Oneness, it does so as the political solution we call socialism.  Socialism is the most in-lightened view that the brain frequency is capable of conceiving. However, the brain has less access to more comprehensive in-formation than can be accessed on the heart frequency. On the frequency at which the heart vibrates (receives and transmits energy) wholeness is experienced as harmony and unity. This is a spiritual state of being which can be accessed by opening oneself to Love.  Remember, Love is an actual sound and light frequency.  Accessing it satisfies the desire for Oneness we are experiencing personally and globally.

Love is Source energy. Everything in the physical world begins with Source energy. However, different levels of consciousness (think rocks vs. humans) have different capacities to align with that Source. And, within highly evolved consciousness (think humans) there is the capacity to choose to tune in and access Love. However, this can only be done through the heart. Remember, the brain has limited access. It’s not a philosophical limitation. It’s a vibratory limitation. The pathway through the heart leads to places the brain cannot go.

You are formed of Source energy. It is not all that you are but it is the animating principle that gives you your life and awareness. Therefore, you have within your DNA frequency, and specifically your heart frequency, the ability to BE Source energy in motion. Your ability to do this is directly correlated to your willingness to tune in through your heart rather than your brain.

You are a physical and non-physical representation of all that is Source energy. Source energy vibrates to a frequency we call Love and perceive as light. Your being contains a fractional representation of all that is Source. It is our life’s purpose to perceive beyond the physical perception of light and identify with the non-physical perception of Love. Once you know that you are Love, all limitations imposed by the narrow perceptions of the brain are overridden.

Remember that you are the physical manifestation of Love in action. When you forget this, you become limited by all that can occur in the absence of Love…worry, doubt, regret, and fear. These are of the brain not the heart. You also begin to think there are false solutions to separation. There are none. There is only one. This solution is wholeness and it only occurs in harmonic Oneness with Source.

There is only One of us. Everything else comes from being tuned into the wrong frequency.





It All Begins With You
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It All Begins With You
The importance of following your heart as well as your head when making decisions.
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Above The Fray Podcast
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