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The Lawyer, The Psychic and The President of The United States

I have been a lawyer for three decades and a professional intuitive for almost that long. As a lawyer, I could not have been as successful as I was without correctly evaluating my clients’ cases and resolving them to client satisfaction. As an intuitive (some say “psychic”) I could not have built the national client base I have without being able to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, events forthcoming in my clients’ lives.

duhWhich is why I remain stunned at how anyone in this country can still defend, or have any faith in, a President who has been as verifiably wrong as often as Barack Obama. In the 2011-12 election cycle, he mocked Mitt Romney’s calling Russia our greatest foreign threat and condescended to Romney’s “1950’s outlook”; he killed Osama bin Laden and had Al Qaeda on the run; ISIS was the “JV” team; he supported the Arab Spring”; the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful political party; he told us Libya was secure; Yemen was no problem; and most memorably, if you liked your doctor and your plan you could keep them.

In hindsight, the list is seemingly endless…and verifiable on video. It is, in fact, so much easier to recall all that he has gotten wrong than what he may have gotten right. So it begs the question, where has the media been and quite frankly, where have we been?

More importantly, where are we?

I’m encouraged within the past week by 1) Thomas Sowell’s article on the President’s shameful ISIS strategy; 2) The Atlantic’s article on who ISIS really is and what it is they really want and, best of all 3) Rudi Giuliani’s no holds barred speech to the American-Iranian Community of Arizona’s Symposium. Each of those indicate to me that we may finally be awakening to, and willing to openly identify, the tragic circumstances created by a Commander-in -Chief with no military, business or political experience but plenty of exposure to radicalism of his own choosing…best known as Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright to name a few.

In fact, Barack Obama is the best example of why you never offer “on the job training” to anyone where the job entails danger, be it psychological, physical or in the instant case, national.

Going into 2016, let’s not err to the other extreme. Obama had no experience. Let’s not be too quick to elect someone because they’ve been in the political game for a long time and “know the ropes.” We could hang ourselves just as easily with that standard.

Being President of the United States, as with any leadership position, is less about longevity or familiarity than it is about principles and values. When we demand to know what the candidates’ principles and values are, then base our votes on those, it is much more likely that in a crisis (whatever it may be) we will find ourselves with a captain able and willing to chart our course rather than drifting rudderless in what is clearly the wrong direction.


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