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Light, Darkness & Radical Islam

Protests in the Arab world have turned overtly violent against Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover picturing a tearful Mohammed saying “All is forgiven.” Jews whose ancestors have been living in France for 200 years are making the fastest exodus for Israel they can arrange. I think its time we here in the United States wake up and…while I’d like to say “smell the roses”…smell the winds of global Jihad.

LightI don’t care what the verbal or drawn insult is, murder is NEVER the appropriate response nor should it EVER be justified. Sure, do I wish that we were all so aware of our connectedness to one another that we’d never say or do anything to offend another person or their beliefs? Of course. But apparently, we’re not there yet as a species. However, it does not therefore follow that using perceived personal or religious insults to torture, decapitate or murder by any means whatsoever is a civilized remedy.

As I see it, radical Muslims are taking over the entire religion with way too little opposition from peaceful Muslims…or the rest of the world for that matter. As I see it, centuries old hatred and quest for domination found a manufactured cause celeb in the “Palestinian people” whose situation since 1948 has been the scapegoat for the Arab world’s blind determination to annihilate Jews and wipe the State of Israel off the world map, even at the expense of the “Palestinians” they claim to care so much about.

Now, generations of teaching false history and hatred to unaware and, dare I say, unenlightened Arabs has metastasized that disease, spreading its poison to the entire world. The “mask has been lifted.” It’s no longer about the Palestinians at all. It’s about hatred against and vengeance upon anyone who does not have the Muslim world view.

Human history is not without individuals and societies that had similar dreams of world domination who tried to inflict those dreams upon unwilling and, at times, resistant populations. They have never succeeded. The reason being that while we may be late in awakening to the magnitude of the threat, once awakened, the human spirit’s prime directive is to live free while choosing how, when, where, and even if it returns to God. We also get to define God in our own way in our own time. No one person, group or religion has a Divine right to impose upon any individual what that journey should look like.

Not then. Not now. Not ever.

It may be long, ugly and painful. But in the end the darkness, in our time known as radical Islam, will be defeated by the Light because in the end, that’s all there is. Light.

Not 72 virgins.



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