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Meet Megyn Kelly, Esquire

Brilliant! That’s the only word for what Megyn Kelly had researched and prepared to ask Donald Trump regarding Trump University during tonight’s Republican debate. Well, maybe not the only word. “Precise” and “damning” also come to mind. It was so incredibly satisfying to watch not just anyone, but the woman Trump had tried so hard to publicly demean, disparage and dismiss following the earlier Fox News hosted debate.

Megyn (2)

Megyn Kelly came armed with research. But she also came determined not to be interrupted, shouted down, slandered or prevented from asking her question in its entirety, based upon the facts and judicial findings. And prevail she did.

Trump’s response, and pathetic defense, was to repeat over and over “just wait three years” and we’ll see…referring to the outcome of the  pending litigation. Well, like Hillary Clinton and a lagging Justice Department indictment, the nation cannot afford to wait for either of them to be prosecuted, fined and/or imprisoned. To wait will mean that the findings will follow his or her election to the most powerful office in the world. Only those who refuse to see the peril in such a scenario would contemplate voting for either Trump or Clinton.

Yes Donald Trump is, in the words of the Appellate judge who wrote the opinion in the counter-suit Trump brought against the primary plaintiff in the 5000+ person class-action law suit against him, a “con man” like so many who have come before him. He suckered innocent people who forked over money because of his name and his claims, only to be effectively bilked out of their money and denied what was represented.

Not only should we not be supporting either Trump or Clinton, we should be doing everything in our power to stop both of them from getting anywhere near the office they seek. They are both crooks and liars. They both lack integrity and ethics. They both seek personal gain at any price. They both seek to rain vengeance upon anyone who opposes them or gets in their way. They are bad people.

We can be angry at how we have been manipulated by the press. We can be angry at how politicians of the past, and many in the present, lied to us and grew rich while we struggled. We can be angry at a corrupted system that has been rigged for the few at the expense of the many. But there is a difference between righteous anger and blind rage.

Righteous anger is founded and grounded in fact. One can think rationally and act reasonably when righteously angry. Blind rage is the loss of rational thought and the acting out, excessive acting out, of uncontrolled emotion. Righteous anger leads to correction. Blind rage leads to destruction of self and others.

Let’s not continue down the path to November so blinded by our rage that we remain in denial of who Trump and Clinton are and of what they are capable. Let us cultivate righteous anger in its stead so that we evaluate rationally, act accordingly and make our decisions based upon the good of the nation and its future, rather than upon some adolescent urge to make someone pay for past mistakes.

The past only exists if we drag it into the present and thereby breathe new life into it for the future. Let’s jettison was has been and seek a new tomorrow where we take personal responsibility for how we make the decision that will surely determine the course for our nation’s future or its demise.



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