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ObamaCare A Success

Last week the Obama administration claimed that Obama Care was now  a success and had signed up 8 million people. I claim he is going to regret he made that statement the same way George Bush lived to regret his “mission accomplished” speech in the 1st year of the Iraq war. ObamaCare





First if Obamacara is the law of the land and every citizen is suppose to have health insurance in a country with over 330 million people, 8 million people is only 2% of the entire population. Secondly the law states you have to buy it and if you don’t you will be fined, again 8 million people seems like an awfully low number and a lot of people would rather be fined then sign up. Finally, due to the problems on the web site, the government is not telling you if the 8 million people that signed up actually paid for the insurance. This would be the equivalent of going to an online store adding an item to your cart but then not checking out and paying for the item. If an online public company reported that number to the press, they would probably be sued for misrepresentation.

One of my friends actually posted the 8 million signups on his Facebook page as a sign that Obama had done a good job and that the program was now a success. When I pointed out the obvious problems with his statements he accused me of being a Republican. The reality is that my party affiliation should have nothing to do on whether a statement is true or not, facts are facts. My friend wanted to believe the political fantasy for whatever reason.

Clearly my fried was a Democrat and wanted to believe the president but when facts state otherwise, he should have been able to see the truth. We as humans like to label ourselves and put ourselves  into categories and then that label becomes our identity and any assault on that identity becomes an assault on our selves. Men are especially prone to this as their profession becomes how they define themselves: banker, salesman, doctor but when men lose their jobs, many time their identity gets lost as well.

My point was not to attack my friend because he was a Democrat but rather to point out the flaws in the president’s statement. If my friend had a bigger identity of who he was he wouldn’t have felt slighted by my statements.


Steve Clark


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