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How PC and Partisanship Are Destroying Us

This week, Carol Costello, a CNN anchor provided the latest and perhaps one of the saddest commentaries on how far some people remain from an understanding of our connectedness to one another. Prefacing an audio clip of Sara Palin’s daughter, Bristol, describing with distress a recent assault she experienced, Costello said, this is “quite possibly the best minute-and-a-half of audio we’ve ever come across – well, come across in a long time anyway.” She then suggested her viewers “just sit back and enjoy it.”

EpidemicCostello has since apologized in writing for her comments but only because she received so much public backlash. It is much more telling that Costello made the comments to begin with absent her own conscience and compassion. Particularly compassion since following the recent Ray Rice video showing him brutally assaulting his fiancé in an elevator, Costello wrote eloquently of her own experience being assaulted.

So it begs the question how does a woman who experienced her own assault find glee in listening to a description of someone else’s? The answer, I am sorry to say, is political correctness and partisanship.

CNN is an apologist for the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party. Sarah Palin (and by extension her family) have long been targets of both. Therefore, what took precedent in Carol Costello’s mind (and apparently heart) was not her commonality with Bristol Palin in both being females who had been victimized and assaulted, but rather her disdain and professional bias for and against Sarah Palin and her family.

Political Correctness and partisanship are diseases that, given room to spread, will infect your consciousness and devour your humanity. Witness Carol Costello. I think we would be wise to be less concerned with containing Ebola and more concerned with this other epidemic.


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