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I doubt that illusion as opposed to reality, or fiction as opposed to fact, has recently been more front and center than it was tonight in the President’s State of The Union (SOTU) address. Of course, if you’re 1) a Democrat; 2) in the habit of getting your news from headlines or 3) from Jon Stewart, then you would have missed the smoke and mirrors. But smoke and mirrors it was none-the-less.

smokeWe’re beating ISIL. In whose reality? Since we began our brilliant bombing campaign and affiliation with “friendly opposition forces,” ISIL has taken control of more geographic area in Syria than it held before we began.

The national debt has been reduced. From when? The President is talking about now reducing part of the debt he increased by 8 trillion dollars during his two terms. That’s like you’re spouse coming home, telling you they spent $5,000 on a purchase but saved you $3000 because they could have spent $8000! The logic is as absurd, and deliberately disingenuous, in either case.

I still believe we are one people. Quoting his 2004 DNC speech in Boston that catapulted him to national attention, he neglects to own responsibility for being the most divisive President in modern times, such that a recent NBC poll had 42% of Americans using the word “divided,” “troubled” or “deteriorated”to describe the state of the nation.

Unemployment is 6%. Well, yes, in Federal La La Land where the unemployment rate only includes people who are currently working or looking for work, and fails to include those who have stopped looking for work. The real unemployment rate is closer to 21%. The “misery index,” a economic calculation made famous during the Carter Administration, is at a 40 year high.

We are moving towards energy independence. Pure hubris to take credit for private industry in Texas and North Dakota in spite of his Administration that shut down 50% of federal lands for exploration. You didn’t build that, Mr. President.

All lives matter. His round about reference (and tip of his hat) to the Ferguson/Staten Island protestor’s mantra “black lives matter” while neither he nor his “Civil Rights Adviser” Al Sharpton have spent 5 minutes publicly condemning the ongoing slaughter of black youth by black youth in Chicago, a gun-free zone.

I could go on but I actually sat through that whole speech and I’m tired. It’s quite draining to watch such deception and arrogance without being able to respond. So I’ve hit a few highlights to make the point that if you don’t want to wake up in a country you no longer recognize  you’d be smart get your information first hand, from multiple sources, and go deep in your research.

The purveyors of illusion are working overtime from the top down, full steam ahead to convince you that they’re here to help you and all you have to do is go along to get along. That’s never been the path to a free society and it never will. Like with Hurricane Katrina, the people who ran the opposite way FEMA was advising them to go are the ones who got to safety. The rest of them found themselves floating downstream on the rooftops of their houses or holed up in a football stadium along with thugs, rapists and robbers.

Which would you prefer?

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