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Rachel Doezal’s Biggest Mistake

Rachel Doezal, who quit as head of the Spokane NAACP after her parents publicly revealed that she was lying about her race, was interviewed on the Today show this morning and said something incredibly shallow and self-serving. When asked at what point she fully identified herself as being black, even though she is white, she replied, “When the adoption of my son was finalized. He is black and he said “’You’re my natural Mom’. So that was when I did it because otherwise it would have been a physical impossibility.”

ConfusionIt happens that I am the white mother of an adopted Asian daughter. My ex-husband and I adopted her when she was two years old. From the moment I first saw her, and every moment since, she is in every way my daughter. Had she developed in my womb and descended from my uterus she could not be any more my child. Nor, for that matter, could I be any more her mother.  We did not have to be of one color to be naturally of one heart.

As our daughter was growing up, upon her inquiry and in age-appropriate language, I reinforced the truth that she had a “mother for birth” and a “mother for life.” We each had a role to play. We each loved her with every ounce of our being. She was, quite simply, doubly blessed.

I don’t believe that you can teach the importance of truth without living it. Further, I don’t think you can model healthy self-esteem and confidence by denying who you are. This is what Rachel Doezal did with her son. She taught him that who you are may not be enough and, therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to fake your identity in order to accommodate someone else’s needs. This is a recipe for disaster.

Faking her identity repeatedly throughout her life has now exposed this deeply disturbed woman to be a perpetual liar. She did her son no favor by her rationalization. What she has, in fact, taught her son and modeled for him is that principles and values are disposable when they do not advance your agenda and fail to enrich your ego and your purse.

There are a great many people who, in their quest to be open and non-judgmental, think Rachel Doezal is black, even though she is white, because she identifies with being black. To humor or encourage such delusion and deceit isn’t spiritual, kind, or politically correct.

It’s sick.

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