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Rights For All: Equals Rights For None

In fiance we use to joke how all clients wanted insurance on their investments. However, in a world where everything gets insured nothing can be. For example in insurance, people essentially pool their resources together so that when one person gets their car stolen, there has been enough paid in premiums by the total number of participants in the pool to pay for the new car.  Its apparent that if all the insurance owners all had their cars stolen on the same day, there would not be enough in that pool to cover everyone’s loss. In fact, the insurance company would be out of business.

alone-in-crowdWe are experiencing this principle here in the U.S. with an ever expanding definition of rights. Instead of excepting the premise “that all men are created equal” it seems that every class of citizen needs a special class of protection of its rights. We began with homosexual, then further expanded to include gay and lesbian, then bisexual, transsexual, transgender (don’t ask me the difference because I don’t know), transvestite… and the list goes on. The question is “Where does it end?”

To me this is madness. It is one thing to be free to express ones sexuality in the bedroom and not to be harassed for it. Its quite another to be given special rights based upon your sex acts.

With these new rights enhanced by the litigious Nation in which we live…heaven forbid you cross the “gay mafia.” Catholic orphanages are shutting down all over the US because… well…they discriminate. Based on Catholic teaching, orphanages try to place children with married  couples– even a married couple has to be defined now (1 man and 1 woman). Because the orphanages won’t place children with gay couples, the gay mafia and their minions of lawyers are shutting down catholic charities. In trying to look out for our most vulnerable members of society, it seems more  important to make sure the gay community is placated. We have thousands of years of data from a multitude of cultures that a child does best with one woman and one man in the household. But now we have decided to throw out this common sense again to placate the gay community. So, instead of having gay couples adopt children from other orphanages and leaving the Catholic orphanages to their belief, the gay community demands all resistance be annihilated ( see story) and the Catholic charities destroyed in the process.

This is where the downfall begins.  Previously, Catholic orphanages had rights based on the First Amendment of the Constitution which establishes the free exercise of religion for all citizens. Instead of the courts enforcing the law, thus allowing the Catholic charities to proceed in adoption placement consistent with their religious beliefs, the opposite is now occurring. It appears that in 2014 we have new rights extended to the gay community that now supersede those rights guaranteed in the First Amendment.

That is the slippery slope of change and how it begins. As we create more and more minorities and sub-classes of human behavior, more and more laws need to be written. In the process of making every sub-group special, we end up annihilating the rights of all people. Its here that I’ll restate my original premise: When everybody has insurance no one has insurance. When everyone has special rights no one has rights.

The French celebrate Bastille Day. It was a day when a thousand armed Parisians stormed the Bastille, savagely murdered a half-dozen guards, defaced their corpses and stuck their heads on pikes. The founders of the French Revolution all died violently killed by the violence they themselves spawned. Ultimately, those Founders were not deemed pure enough, holy enough and so were killed.

The same fate awaits us here at home as we erode and destroy the rights granted us in our Constitution. In the end, there are never enough laws for a corrupt society. Those who pervert the system and inflame the uprising for the sake of special status, those who cry Social Justice as they advance, will inevitably be the victims of the monster they themselves created.


Steve Clark

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