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#Robot Lives Matter

If “Black Lives Matter and “All Lives Matter” then it’s apparently a stone’s throw to arrive at “Robot Lives Matter.”


Oops! We’re already there.

In Europe, which in my opinion is already off the rails with its open borders debacle, they are now proposing draft legislation that will make their robotic workforce “electronic persons” in the legal sense requiring that their employers pay social security on their behalf.  Ask yourself why? Will those robots ever collect Social Security? Will they ever need Social Security? If the answer to those two questions is an unqualified “no!” then what can be the purpose of those mandated payments?


Yes, whether it’s the EU or the U.S., centralized governments never tire of 1) growing and 2) collecting your money so they can spend it any irresponsible way they choose and 3) make certain the political class gets its unearned share along the way.

The other disconcerting issue regarding this emerging robotic workforce is its potential for, if you’ll forgive the pun, “out-manning” and overpowering we humans. There are already instances of robots “escaping” or “leaving” their location and taking off on their own.

Promobot, a robot in Russia designed for customer relations work, walked straight out of the lab, exiting through an accidentally open perimeter gate, and ended up on the busy road outside, confounding traffic.  Twice.  Yet, after its designer altered its AI system, twice, Promobot left of its own accord after both alternations. So, they are now talking about dismantling/destroying it and working on a third generation AI to be launched in the Fall 2016.

One can only imagine what thoughts and actions the third generation will choose to partake of.

While it may be a stretch to call unanticipated or unintended actions made by AI “Free Will,” it is none-the-less a serious concern of many in the AI field that robots may, in the not too distant future, begin to “think” for themselves in ways that are antagonistic, hostile and even life-threatening to the well-being of humans.

Many of our myths are founded in fact, but passed down in ways that are story-like in order to simplify or clarify their basic moral or message.  Such is the case in the metaphysical, or psi communities. There has long been talk in those communities that the “lost continent of Atlantis” was, in fact, a highly developed technological culture that at some point lost control of its AI and self-destructed.

True or false, the “myth” can be instructive.

It is becoming increasingly evident that our rapid, technological trajectory has far outpaced out social and cultural advancements. In fact, it could be argued that these have an inverse relationship: the faster we advance technologically the more constrained our social and cultural progress. Such is the primary basis for not only the stress under which we find ourselves – -but also the chaos.

Add to this the EU’s proposed draft legislation to give legal standing of “electronic persons” to robots and we have the making for our own real-time, non-mythical Atlantis.

This is not to say that we should never make scientific inquiry or progress. It is, however, to say that when aspects of an organism are as out of balance and disproportionately relational as is our current reality, there exists fertile ground for self-destruction.

We followed the EU and have opened our borders to un-vetted and potentially hostile persons. Let’s not continue to follow the irresponsible choices made by those who think that being on the cutting edge of lunacy is a good idea whose time has come.


#Robot Lives Matter
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#Robot Lives Matter
What was sci-fi entertainment is now potentially our greatest nightmare.
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Above The Fray Podcast
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