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Silent No More

I owe my father a debt of gratitude. He taught me to fear no one and to believe that I could do anything to which I put my mind.

His teaching caused me to do many things in my life that others seemed to think required a degree of courage or, in some cases, a disregard for societal limitations but for me seemed natural and lacking in difficulty. For example, I went to Europe for six weeks by myself at age 24 with only a one night reservation in Spain; went to law school at age 33; adopted a daughter from China at age 45; lived an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle for a few years in my late 40’s; moved from an entire life lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to Austin, Texas 3 years ago knowing no one and for no professional reason. I have functioned as a lawyer and an Intuitive (people cringe at the word “Psychic”) my entire adult life. Yet each of these, and more, pale in comparison to writing this entry.


We each have a gift. Mine is the written and spoken word. I have decided to use my gift to post a warning.

We are approaching a moment in human history that, for those who survive, will be the stuff of history books and legends. If you are a Christian, you may refer to it as “End Times.” If you are a Jew you have Isaiah and other Prophets who seem to be calling out their ancient warnings once again. If you are an atheist perhaps you think of it as we humans just screwing up a good thing.

I am a Jew who describes herself as a Spiritual Mystic. There are many people, both in and outside of Judaism, who would so define themselves. The definitions are less relevant than an awareness of what is occurring and the responsibility each of us must take on as we transit through this time of individual choice on behalf of humankind.

The expression that “history repeats itself” exists for a reason. It does, in fact, repeat itself. Again, for the biblically astute, Koheleth (Ecclesiastes 1:9) says, “The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is nothing new under the sun.” The admonition that “there is nothing new” provides us in each generation with a pathway to discovering purpose in our lives. The repetition is our opportunity to alter our responses to what humankind has chosen previously. It is our opportunity to correct, repair and heal our reactions so as to alter old, ineffective and harmful patterns for the highest good of all concerned.

This is surely not the first time we have confronted hard choices that require courage and faith. Perhaps the most familiar is the Israelites leaving Egypt or, shortly thereafter, losing patience and returning to the practice, idolatrous worship, out of which they had just been miraculously freed. Ancient Egypt was a culture of materialism, decadence and death. Despite their salvation, the Israelites reverted to indulging in those patterns having been safely shepherded to their Promised Land.

But obstinacy, willfulness and fear have long been with us.

Every generation since humankind began has had its particular challenges. Each has been given the opportunity to choose anew. Sadly, we are a stubborn and stiff-necked species that has been unwilling to make the significant, life-affirming choices and changes that are required of us. And with each generation, the call to awaken to our individual responsibility to choose more wisely becomes more immediate if we are to survive the challenge. We are here. This is our time. These are our choices:

Do we choose hate-filled Iran or do we choose Israel?

Do we choose to protect the innocent or do we choose barbaric Planned Parenthood?

Do we choose Black Lives Matter or do we choose All Lives Matter?

Do we choose to abandon our Veterans or do we choose to heal and honor them?

Do we choose political correctness or do we choose Truth?

Do we choose fear or do we choose Love?

This last question is the most important because Fear and Love are on a continuum. At one end is Fear, Evil, Darkness and Death while on the other is Love, Truth, Light and Life.

If each of us makes certain that every single choice we make now on those other five questions moves us closer to Love, Truth and Light we can, perhaps for the first time in human history, alter the pattern and be the generation that repairs the world.

It’s called Tikkun. It’s the Hebrew concept that we are each here to heal and repair the world. To end the separation not by force but by laying our hearts bare in service to the certainty that the ultimate choice is Life or Death.

The same book that informs us there is “nothing new under the sun” also warns us in Nitzavim (Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20) of a blessing and a curse, encouraging us to “…choose life, so that you will live.” 

Let us not delude ourselves once more that this is, somehow, someone else’s choice to make. It is yours. It is mine. It is now.


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