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Submit or Die

In a 1972 essay by author Ayn Rand, published as part of a compilation of her works in 1995 titled “Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution” Rand wrote the following: “Without property rights, there is no way to solve or to avoid the hopeless chaos of clashing views, interests, demands, desires and whims.”submitI cannot imagine an observation more on point to explain what we are witnessing with the mass invasion of Europe by Muslim immigrants or here in the United States across our southern border by Latino and Middle Eastern immigrants.

Nations without borders (unlike Doctors Without Borders) are entities that have abandoned their property rights. You cannot have a property right without first setting forth the boundaries that establish property.

Rand explores in detail the intentions and methodology, beginning as far back as the late 1960’s in Berkley, California that was put in place here in the United States that began as a usurping of administrative authority at universities, and throughout academia, by illegal and often violent student rebellion.

What Rand observed (and I might add prophesied) here in the U.S. regarding the “power of the mob to solve social problems by means of physical force” is likewise set forth relative to Europe in “The Coming Insurrection”, a 2007 political tract written by The Invisible Committee outlining the step-by-step process by which they intend to effect the “imminent collapse of capitalist culture.”

What Rand noted at Berkley in the 1960’s burgeoned into Occupy Wall Street, the Baltimore/Ferguson riots and, most recently, Black Lives Matter. Likewise, what the Invisible Committee proposed has become the Muslim invasion of Europe. Each day brings new headlines about chaos, violence and religious persecution in European towns, cities and refugee camps of non-Muslims by Muslims. As I write, these are just those making news within the past few hours.





We in the United States have no historical perspective for what is occurring at home or abroad. We have never lived under dictatorship or tyranny in our lifetimes or in our history, for that matter, but for a brief hangover period from British rule that led to the America Revolution.

The solution?

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, in his book “The Great Partnership: Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning” states: “Multiculturalism insists that every culture is equally entitled to respect. All else is a form of racism or phobia or authoritarianism.” Sachs goes on to state: “Abrahamic politics (that found in the Bible) never forgets that there are things more important than politics, and that is what makes it the best defense of liberty.”

Morality can exist independent of religion but it will not last long. Religious values are the foundation upon which lasting morality thrives. Over time, absent that foundation, morality becomes nothing more than words from a time gone by that have lost their meaning.

In our quest for equality through multiculturalism and our dismissal of God, we abandoned the Abrahamic foundation of politics and morality that created societies of unprecedented individual freedom and scientific advancement. In that same quest, we allowed ourselves to cower before the name callers who contort necessary values and principles into racism and Islamophobia.

Submission is a necessary part of the human experience. The question is, “To what do we choose to submit?” Until and unless we are willing to humble ourselves once again and submit to a transcendental ethic to which both we and the state are accountable, we will continue down this path of self-annihilation and cowardice in the face of the most violent among us.




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