You Are God In Action

These are difficult times filled, it seems, with more intolerance and outright hatred than I can ever remember. The tragic bombing in Brussels today is but the latest reminder that there are people whose hatred knows no civil bounds while, thanks to some, our Presidential primary season has been a political version of The Jerry Springer Show.


While I often write about world and national events, I am acutely aware of the fears and frustrations now held by so many people. Therefore, I want to post about the opposite of hate…which is love. By so doing, I want to share my awareness of what ails us and what will heal us, both as a nation and a species.

Many people on the spiritual path, and even some on deeply religious paths, speak of the concept of “light” as being an integral part of having a spiritual or mystical experience. In fact, it’s often reported by those who have had NDE (near death experience) that they have seen, sensed or been drawn toward a brilliant light which beckons them onward.

I have been on a spiritual journey as a student of metaphysics my entire adult life. On such a quest, there is never a definitive moment when all that you have been seeking is known. This is so because no matter how awakened or aware one becomes, there is always another level of understanding that needs to be explored on the way to union with the Presence of All That Is. What I’d like to share is my current understanding of the concept of light.

We, here in this 3-D reality, perceive light as illumination. In its purest form, light is not illumination. It is love. This is why beings such a Moses, Jesus, Mother Mary and others were perceived as “glowing”…as having an extraordinary amount of light emanating from in or around them. These were individuals filled with love. Highly evolved spiritual beings, filled with love, emanate light. Hence, degrees of love, in our reality, are perceived as degrees of illumination.

Each one of us is capable of emanating light. The amount of light we emanate is directly related to the amount of love we hold in our heart. Have you ever noticed how people who have fallen in love seem to glow? Or pregnant mothers, joyful in their pregnancy, seem to glow? How they see the world differently, with more tolerance and optimism, as they experience increased love?

The question is “How do we become more filled with love?” The answer is to remember that God/Source/the I AM Presence is love in its purest and most powerful state. You are the manifestation of God in action in the physical world. Once you internalize, or become in-formed, that you are the manifestation of God in action, you begin to think, speak and act as Love would do.

Further your connection to God, which literally provides you with the spiritual nourishment and guidance that is your birthright, is only available to you in the present moment. God is not present in the past or the future; rather, only in the now, in this and every microsecond. This is because Creation is an ever-present, ongoing process. God’s total attention is in the now… as yours must be in order to connect with that Presence. So, regret and guilt (past) or worry and fear (future) are places you go in your mind that disconnect you from God/Love.

Notice how “dark” life seems when you are lost in regret, guilt, worry or fear. That darkness is real. You have cut yourself off from the Source of Love which then diminishes the amount of illumination you can experience here in this reality.

This is what ails us now. Regret and fear. What heals us then is Love and light.

The remedy is simple to remember but admittedly difficult to do until you become in-formed with the truth of it: You are God in action. Be Love…in thought, word and deed. Refuse to be otherwise. Fill yourself with the truth of who you are and for what purpose you have come.

You are God in action. You have come to allow God to have a physical experience through you. This is your highest purpose. Not wealth. Not fame. Not power. You are God in action. Open to that memory, allow it to in-form you, be love in all you do, then watch the world change.