Donald Trump and Wollman Rink

Central Park in New York City is an amazing park and within the park is a fabulous ice skating rink called Wollman Rink.

Wollman RInkIn 1980, N.Y.C did major renovations to Central Park and shut down the ice skating rink .  The renovations were suppose to take 2.5 years, but 6 years later the rink was still in disrepair. The public was outraged that the rink was not functioning thereby denying them access to to this great facility. For New Yorkers there is nothing more joyful than ice skating in Central Park.

There was no incentive to fix the park as the people assigned to doing the work were getting paid regardless. Dragging out the repair for 6 years meant a steady paycheck all that time. Government contractors bill similarly to lawyers: by the hour. The company fixing the rink knew the longer they worked on the rink the more money they could extract from the city. So even though the project was still 3.5 years overdue, the project managers were still drawing their paychecks.

In 1986, Donald Trump went to the papers and blasted then mayor, Ed Koch, for gross negligence in not getting the project done, pointing out that the mismanagement was costing the City and the people of NY tons of money.

Trump told Koch he could fix the rink and have it open in three months at no cost to the City! He would pay for it!  All he asked was to run the venue and an adjacent restaurant and use the profits to recoup his costs. Mayor Koch refused Trumps’ offer.  But the public was outraged and turned on the Mayor. They knew Trump’s offer was generous. So, facing political backlash, Mayor Koch relented and awarded the project to Trump. The end result: A project that had taken the City over 6 years to fail to complete was completed in three months! Trump’s popularity soared for he was seen as someone who could take action and fix a problem.

Donald Trump is seen as a man of action and not words. He is a builder. He creates things he does not talk about them.  He has been attacked by both Conservatives and Liberals for his views. The most interesting attacks have come for the Conservative side of the media. He has been lambasted for not being Conservative enough, for changing his views on issues and lastly, for not being ideologically pure.

Yet even in the midst of these attacks, he remains popular.  The reason he remains popular is that he is a doer.  The average person who supports Trump does not care that he is not ideologically pure . What they want is their issues addressed.

In the 2014 midterm cycle, the Republican Party had a landslide victory yet Obama’s Leftist agenda continues to get implemented unopposed. Previously, when a party lost that much power, as the Democrats had, there was always reform in within the parties to mend their ways, address the citizens’ concerns in order to stay relevant. But alas… no more.

The politicians don’t care. They know the game is fully rigged and no mater what they do, they will always have the support of their base. Obama knows no matter what he does he will always have the Democratic Party behind him… where else are they going to go?

So here comes Trump talking directly to the voters with his simple message “Vote for me. I will address and fix your concerns.” That simple message is having a profound impact.

Take the case of illegal immigration. Both parties know it’s an issue and both have talked about the ways to solve it. Yet the problem remains unsolved. Immigration reform has been a political issue for over 30 years without resolution. People in the Conservative movement who like Trump could care less about someone’s ideological purity. They want the border fixed. Period! What they want is a wall built, beefed-up border patrol and a remedy to get the illegals out of the country. People know that Trump can and will fix this. If elected he won’t be talking about the issue; he will be fixing the issue.

This is what scares both parties. If Trump gets elected, he will have the will of the people behind him. Just as with the Wollman Rink, the politicians won’t be able to hide and Trump will finally build the wall he says he’ll build to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

Similarly, with the Veterans Administration that is entrusted to care for our Veterans. Given that over the last 15 years the U.S has been in a constant state of war, now more than ever we need the best facilities in the world to take care of our troops. It was the government’s decision to put the troops in harm’s way, so the least we must do is to provide excellent and comprehensive care of them when injured or upon their return from service. The V.A.’s  issues have been a problem for well over sixty years. There have even been books and movies addressing this national shame. One of hte most famous, the movie Born on the 4th of July goes to great lengths to discuss the many ways the V.A has failed our veterans. Anybody who has been a round the V.A knows it is a complete mess and, like all other government institutions, it exists for the benefit of the government bureaucracy and its bureaucrats, not the Veterans it was created to serve. For the bureaucrats as well as the workers, the V.A has become a career – a means to an end – a way to pay the bills. The original mission to provide the best quality care for our veterans no longer exists. Trump has campaigned that he plans to refurbish and fix the V.A.  I don’t think anybody doubts that Trump can get it fixed.

So the bottom line is that the entire political class, Left and Right, is scared. The politicians, the bureaucrats, the government workers all fear Trump for they know he will force them to do the unthinkable…start working to earn their paychecks.