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Takeaways and Priorities on D-DAY

Today is the commemoration of D-Day, the landing of U.S. troops on the beaches of Normandy, France in 1944 with the sole and express purpose of destroying Nazi Germany. It seems a very good day to remember a noble fight and an equally good day to assess current circumstances in relation to any individual or group’s intention to enslave and rule the world.

CLOCKIn 1939, it was the emerging Third Reich. In 2015 it is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, commonly known as ISIL.

The Second World War lasted 6 years. It began with Hitler’s attack on Poland in 1939 and ended with the Nazi’s surrender in May 1945. The United States was first drawn into the war in 1941 with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The war in which the world is currently involved began in 1998 when the terrorist group al-Qaeda bombed two U.S. embassies in East Africa killing hundreds of people. In 1999, another terror group formed calling itself Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad and pledged its allegiance to Al-Qaeda. That group later changed its name to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL. In 2013, a merger was announced between Al-Qaeda and ISIL but it was short lived. In 2014, ISIL split and went on the rampage now occurring throughout the Middle East, slaughtering innocent Muslims, Christians, and anyone else obstructing its stated goal of world domination and creation of a global Islamic Caliphate governing the world under Sharia Law. The United States was drawn into this was in 2001, when al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center in New York City killing 2753 people.

We have yet to awaken to the modern day need for the commitment we made on June 6, 1944. And, in a way, our refusal to face this life threatening reality is consistent with how we delayed facing it prior to 1944. I guess it is human nature to first hope the threat will somehow pass us by. Even the Jews of Germany, in the midst of Hitler’s crackdown, seemed unable to face the horror they were confronted with at the time.

But denial works for only so long and inevitably leads to unintended, and at times, disastrous consequences. The Clinton’s criminal behavior, the stock market, Bruce Jenner, the Duggans, the Triple Crown, Obamatrade…these are all frivolous and minuscule distractions that keep us from focusing on the magnitude of what awaits us.

Whether you start counting from the attack on U.S. Embassies in 1998 (17 years), ISIL’s pledge to al-Qaeda in 1999 (16 years), the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 (14 years), ISIL’s 2013 merger with al-Qaeda (2 years) or its split from al-Qaeda in 2014 and murderous march ever since (1 year)…we had better wake up and realize that the clock is ticking on the inevitable need to come face to face with evil in our time, named ISIL, and defeat it.

Denial will not eliminate the task that confronts us; it will merely delay it. Far from saving lives, the delay will wind up costing many more lives in terms of innocents along the way and the soldiers it will take to defeat an enemy given more time to constitute and fortify itself. D-Day is the painful reminder of the price of denial and delay. It’s now time to open our eyes and ears.

The clock is ticking.


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