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The Clinton Email Scandal- Another Take

Given that everything is now seen through a political lens, many people can no longer see the fact that Hillary Clinton actually committed a crime while serving as Secretary of State by not safeguarding her emails.


When I mention this fact to my liberal friends, the best defense they can muster is that it is a Republican witch-hunt. Okay, maybe it is. I’ll concede the possibility; but whether it is or isn’t doesn’t change the fact that she still committed a major crime.

When I was in the military, I was given numerous briefs on how to handle classified material along with the severe penalties if I were to make  a mistake. For example, the radios that we took out into the field were encrypted and considered as classified material. They were treated with the utmost care because if one of them ever made it into the hands of the enemy, they would be able to decipher the military’s communication system.

On one particular field event, a radio operator lost his radio and the whole battalion (over 1,000 people) was ordered to “walk the woods” until the radio was found. It took over 20 hours to find it; but, that is how the military treats classified information. All measures are taken-  at all costs – to safeguard national secrets.

A fellow officer with a higher security clearance than mine told me that whenever he needed to read or send classified email (Secret, Top Secret, Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information) he had to obtain entry into a special vault called the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). No cell phones, cameras, thumb drives, disks etc were allowed in the vault. Why? So no one would purposefully or accidentally cross contaminate classified information onto non-classified devices!

Once a disk or thumb drive was used on a “classified only” computer, that devise was tagged with a classified sticker and was not then used on a non-classified computer. If he ever had classified email on a non-classified computer, his career would have been over and he would likely have been incarcerated. That is how serious the military takes classified material.

Classified material is a big deal because it helps protect our military personnel and our agencies.  The President is first and foremost Commander in Chief and, as such, his or her first responsibility is to protect American lives. Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States, (a/k/a/ Commander-in-Chief). In her reckless or intentional disregard she, as Secretary of State, failed to protect American lives by placing them in jeopardy. While not an American, just this weekend the Iranians hanged an Iranian nuclear scientist who was convicted of providing the U.S. with information on the Iran nuclear program. The scientist was specifically discussed by Hillary Clinton on her unsecured email server.

Benghazi and now a hanged Iranian scientist. She has already cost lives. Who can imagine the scope of the damage she will cause with even more power!

One of the things missing in the debates thus far has been Hillary Clinton’s recklessness with her email server. But America is on trial as a result as well.  Every sane person knows that if an ordinary person did what Clinton did, they would be in prison by now for a very long time. Hillary Clinton did what she did because she knows the same laws don’t apply to her. There is one set of laws for the “common folk” and a different set for her and other elites.

The whole world is watching how America’s vaunted legal system where “all men are treated equally” and where “the rule of law applies to everyone” is deteriorating. From a financial perspective, investors will view the country skeptically knowing that laws are arbitrarily applied and enforced. The whole world, in subtle and not so subtle ways, will treat America differently.

We the people, not the elites, will suffer the end result.

When I worked in emerging markets and traded bonds from Argentina, investors would demand a risk premium on the assets they would buy because they knew the laws in Argentina were arbitrary. They needed to be compensated for that risk. So, if a 10-year bond with a single A rating in Argentina traded at a 10% yield, that same bond in the U.S would trade for 7%. Investors would demand 300 basis points because they perceived the risk as different.

Investors knew if there was ever a problem in the country, Argentine officials did not have a history of a stable and fair legal system and, thus, needed to be compensated for their risk taking. Having worked in finance for many years, I can guarantee you the “quants” who price risk will adjust America’s risk premium higher which will, in the end, make every American instrument more expensive.

There are consequences for what Hillary Clinton did and the ramifications will be felt over various aspects of our society for years to come. Over time, the decision not to prosecute Clinton will impact us all. Her detractors as well as her supporters will all be worse off.  Nobody wins in this scenario except for one person: Hillary Clinton.

Welcome to Hillary’s America.




Hillary Clinton and the Email Scandal.
Article Name
Hillary Clinton and the Email Scandal.
The short and long term consequences of not prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her crimes.
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Above The Fray Podcast
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