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The New American

Want to know the fastest way to lose power over your own life? Fail to exercise it. Sounds pretty obvious and simple, I know. While that idea may be readily apparent, living it is another matter altogether.


For example, in my own life, I was very blessed as a child and young adult in that my father had been very successful in business. As a result, we lived a materially comfortable life. In fact, there can be no dispute about how spoiled I was. I never gave thought to where or how things and money appeared in my life; I just enjoyed the things and spent the money. But when your sustenance is provided, through no effort of your own, something much worse happens that a lack of appreciation for the work effort. You abdicate power over your own life. Because “Not while you’re living under my roof” or “No, not while it’s my money” become the boundaries beyond which you cannot move. Figuratively and literally.

Whenever an individual or group is willing to abdicate its power because holding on to it requires too much responsibility and too much work, there will always be someone in the wings ready and willing to assume that relinquished power.

Which brings me to Russia.

When President Obama drew his “red line” in Syria, he did so from the height of a priceless structure. It was the monument laid down by at least a century of former U.S. Presidents who had taught the world that the U.S. is a mighty giant and poking it never ends well for the aggressor. However, when Bashar Assad crossed that line, and the giant responded with timidity or worse, apathy, those looking on said to themselves, “Hmm…the giant isn’t so intimidating after all. In fact, it has no power.”

Within 30 days of Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people, and the failure of the United States to respond thereto, Russia entered the Ukraine. Not long after, China not only militarily entered the South China Sea, it began building new islands there.

There are always those awaiting the relinquishment of power by others in order to claim it for themselves.

However, our President’s cowardice with abdication of power goes way beyond him and his office. It is most dangerously seen in our culture at large.

In July, TIME Magazine covered a story of the largest satanic cult gathering ever that took place in Detroit, where hundreds gathered to unveil a 7 foot statue of Lucifer, the overlord of Hell. Worse than the unveiling itself was TIME’s reporting that by the inclusion of “binary symbols” on the statue, it represented a “willingness to celebrate, even embrace our differences.” This week, in Oklahoma, following a lengthy dispute, a stone representation of the Ten Commandments was removed from the State Capitol building, under cover of darkness, so as not to create a reaction or picketing.

Lucifer gets press while God gets trashed.

While we ponder, with angst, about the seemingly endless dangers of our world, 95 million out of work in this country, natural disasters, porous borders, ISIS advancing in the Middle East, Iran on the way to a nuclear bomb, just to name a few, we seem to be missing the obvious.

The fastest way to lose power is a failure to exercise it.

Radical Islamists are certain. Their certainty is empowering. Surely they are insane but they are certainly insane. They have no doubt in what they believe, they make no deviation from the path created by that belief, and they lose not a moment ruminating over the rightness or wrongness of their actions in service to their belief.

We, in the West, no longer have certainty. We were so willing to give up our personal power to authority, to government, without realizing that enslavement is the inevitable end. Generally speaking, over time, slaves stop thinking for themselves, internalize victimhood and give up the will to care. Held responsible for nothing and powerless over everything this is what we have become: uncertain and uncaring.

We are the New Americans and we are devoid of certainty.

When we are unmoved by the tearing off of limbs from live babies for profit we redefine hardheartedness. In fact, way beyond mere definition, the question emerges, “Does the New American even have a heart?

We were the Nation that could not have been defeated militarily. Now, we are the Nation eating itself alive without any conscious awareness of the pain we are causing ourselves or the end to which we travel.

When all morality and ethics are relative, when belief in a loving God and the Light of Truth become a shame to be whisked off in the night and its opposite, evil, hailed as a laudable testimony to our “differences”…we have willingly cast off the “image and likeness of “ in exchange for what ends in depravity.

Am I the only one who can hear God weeping?


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