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The Refugee Problem Isn’t US It’s IS

Lately, I’ve been thinking about false narratives and it came to me that what we as a nation have been sold is exactly that: a false narrative. The narrative is that we are a racist society that has not moved much beyond Jim Crow laws and the segregation that preceded the 1950’s. Further, because we are a racist society, the latest manifestation of that racism is our unwillingness to accept Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees during, what is for them, a time of crisis. This act of national, collective flagellation has divided into two fictitious camps: those who believe they are standing up against minority discrimination and those who don’t care about it at all.


This division is turning to hatred of one another.

In Kabbalah, mystical Judaism, one of the gravest sins we can commit is what is termed “baseless hatred.” This is hating someone for no reason at all. Because the division that now plagues us as a culture is based upon a fiction, we have been reduced to that very state of baseless hatred of one another.

I say the narrative is a fiction because there is an undeniable and unbridgeable gap between the reality of what is versus that which is being thrust upon us by people and organizations with a political agenda.

Institutional racism has not been a problem in this country for decades. Yes, there remain individuals who hate others simply because they are different (this will likely always be so) and there have been inequities in our judicial system in terms of arrest and sentencing that yet need to be corrected. But minorities in this country, be their skin be black, yellow, or brown, have the ability and yes, even the opportunity, to education and employment that far exceeds anything like their prospects anywhere else in the world.

What the politicians have conflated in your minds is the justified Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s with the unjustified outrage and demands of the Black Lives Matter movement. Having convinced you that they are the same, they pushed you one step further to believing that reasoned caution, in properly and fully vetting refugees from a part of the world where terrorists are successful in infiltrating and remaining undetected in refugee camps, is racism.

Nothing could be further from the truth; but truth has become irrelevant, dispensable and subservient to lies.

Both the Statue of Liberty and the WWII refugee ship “St. Louis” have been raised recently as arguments in support of currently allowing Syrian refugees into this country. In fact Ellis Island, which stands in the shadow of Lady Liberty, was the verification point for all immigrants in order that none enter the country and do anticipated or otherwise avoidable harm. If you were a Nazi you did not knowingly come through Ellis Island just as if you had tuberculosis you were similarly turned away. Ellis Island was intended to protect the nation from foreseeable harm…a notion that is now looked upon with mockery and derision.

The St. Louis had Jewish refugees from Nazi slaughter and the ship was shamefully turned away from our shores resulting in most of the passengers dying in concentration camps. It is a blight upon the nation. However, ask yourself how many Nazi’s intending to kill Americans had infiltrated the St. Louis or how many Jews were members of the Third Reich. None is the likely answer. Yet, IS terrorists have infiltrated refugee camps and are intending to use that infiltration here, as the just did in Paris, to kill Americans. So the St. Louis is yet another false premise for dividing us.

You have been convinced that you are the problem. Your narrow mindedness, your bigotry, your selfishness, your racism is the problem.

It is a lie.

Let me say with certainty that the problem is not US, the problem is IS. The problem is the Islamic State not the United States. The problem is actual terrorists who want to violently take over the world, not reasonable American citizens who want to protect our homeland.

The problem is that guilt and shame are tools being used as weapons, in advance of actual weapons, in order to create both figurative and literal paths of entry into American culture and, ultimately, America itself.

Do not allow yourself to be guilt-ridden or shamed. We are an honorable and generous people and the most charitable on earth. We are a brilliant experiment in political freedom and one doomed to fail only if we continue to follow the false narrative and turn upon one another.

Nothing and no one else can destroy our will to live in Truth and Light. We can, however, destroy ourselves by continuing to live the lie and refusing to feel our way out of the darkness.




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