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The United States of Dynastic Rule

I have my reasons why I would not want to see Hillary Clinton elected President in 2016. I have reasons why I similarly would not like to see Jeb Bush attain the office either. Further, thus far, I have a preference for the Presidency in 2016 but who I would like to fill the office is not the issue. The issue is not who we should want in 2016, but rather who we definitively should not want.

RuleWhether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, no citizen of this country should want to see either Secretary Clinton or Governor Bush ascend to the Office of President of The United States. The same reason applies to both aspirants: Dynastic Rule.

The founders of this nation, and by that I do not limit the term to those “Founding Fathers” to whom it frequently applies but rather the courageous men, women and children who left England, crossed the Atlantic, and braved unimaginable hardships to cast off tyranny, monarchy, and the concentration of power in a select few under the self-serving doctrine of “Divine Right.” Those individuals, could they speak to us today, would be the loudest voices in opposition to another Bush or Clinton Presidency.

Should either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush receive their Party’s nomination (and some say for Hillary it would be more of a coronation) and go on to win the general election, by the end of their second term in office either a Bush or a Clinton will have held the highest office in the land for 36 of the prior 44 years.

No good can come of that.

Returning to rule alongside either Bush or Clinton will be their same players, cast of characters, and sycophants that populated their familial predecessors’ Administrations. Surely we as a nation filled with visionaries, academic brilliance, business acumen and immeasurable raw talent can do better than “recycling.”

I am certain that any two candidates other than Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush nominated as their party’s choice of Presidential candidate will bring this country the kind of hope and change we have hungered for but been denied. Jettisoning the dynastic and inbred “rule” of the Clintons and the Bushes, we have a real chance to pierce the veil of distrust and disillusionment that has become the mood of the citizenry towards its highest elected officials.

We are not powerless. The media and king-makers tell us it takes extraordinarily huge sums of money to run a Presidential campaign. This is supposed to be the excuse for business as usual.  But, we are empowered if we choose to be. If enough primary voters in both the Republican and Democrat parties, simply make up their minds that it’s going to be anyone except Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, then so shall it be…big money and power brokers aside. Decisions are made by those who show up.

It won’t be a cure all and there is no guarantee…but such a tactic may be the only way to end the cycle of corruption and crony capitalism that plagues us and has brought this country dangerously close to killing the dream those founders envisioned. The least we can do is wisely exercise the right of self-determination they risked their lives to gift us.






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