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White Lives Matter

It’s being reported that the Justice Department is preparing a memo stating that no Federal Civil Rights charges will be brought against Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. So I’m wondering if we will now get days on end of front page coverage of this anti-climactic ending to the politically motivated and, dare I say it, racist narrative? (Yes, false claims against white people because they are white is racism too).

livesNow that the internal police investigation, local prosecutor’s investigation, and even Eric Holder’s DOJ have found not insufficient evidence warranting charges against the officer who was doing his duty, where does Darren Wilson go to get his life back?

Surely there will be those who think that question an insensitive one. After all, Darren Wilson is alive and it was Michael Brown who literally lost his life. Yet, while I grieve for any loss of life, and certainly for surviving family members, there’s no moral equivalency here.

Michael Brown was a thief, a bully, a drug user and in search of confrontation following the commission of  crime. Darren Wilson was a trained police officer acting professionally in service to the community to which he was assigned. Michael Brown lost his life as a result of his own bad choices and criminal behavior. Darren Wilson lost the privacy and peace of mind he is entitled to absent any finding of wrongdoing. And after extensive efforts to find sufficient cause for charges or indictment, certainly on Eric Holder’s part, it turns out there simply is none.

So might I suggest to all those people, of every color, who are so concerned with black lives mattering, that they find some form of transportation and get themselves to Chicago. You know, the President’s home town and gun-free zone, where over the past few years black youth have been murdering black youth in unprecedented numbers.

Or is it just too easy to blame it all on white police officers in a cultural environment that has made it nearly impossible and political incorrect to speak truth to power.


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