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The Wisdom of Kung Fu Panda

220px-KungfupandaIn 2008 the movie Kung Fu Panda came out. The animated movie was about an overweight panda named Po who wanted to be a Kung Fu master. Po would spend hours in his room visualizing and role playing all the ways he could improve his Kung Fu. In reality, however, he was grossly out of shape and had no real physical ability at all for the martial art.

Then, Fate intervenes and Po gets his chance to train with all of his Kung Fu idols. During a yearly festival that the Kung Fu monastery put on, Po attends the festival as a food vendor but is unable to get into the square to see the demonstrations. Through a series of mishaps and accidents he is finally able to get into the square. Yet, in doing so he ruins the show for everyone else. Intrigued by the panda’s tenacity the head of the monastery, Master Kim, selects Po to train with the Master’s elite band of Kung Fu warriors.

Abused and taunted by the head trainer as well as all of the other Kung Fu practitioners, a dejected and demoralized Po wants to quit. While attempting to leave, Master Kim intervenes and successfully persuades Po to stay and continue to train as the Master sees greatness in the little fellow.

Master Kim has a motive behind his desire to keep Po in training. A former student, Tai Lung, was extraordinarily gifted at Kung Fu but had a violent streak. He sought vengeance upon the monestary and its inhabitants for a wrong he believed was unfairly perpetrated upon him which led to his expulsion. Because it was tradition that the best practitioner of Kung Fu be given access to the Dragon Scroll, which contained the deepest secrets of Kung Fu, Tai Lung’s quest was to get his hands on the scroll…at all costs.

By the end of the movie Po becomes quite adept at Kung Fu. In order to save the monastery from the impending attack by Tai Lung, Po is given access to the scroll. To his shock he finds the scroll’s paper blank. Not one single word! Perplexed yet determined to prevail, Po proceeds to do battle anyway. During the confrontation, Tai Lung gets his hands on the scroll and becomes enraged by what he does not see. There is no secret! While Po has embraced this truth Tai Lung becomes even more furious. Its Tai Lung’s fury that defeats him, allowing Po and his faith to be victorious.

In the movie, as in life, there is no secret. There is only practice. Po was able to defeat Tai Lung because he realized it was his spirit, as well as his ability, that was his strength. Po’s guidance was internal. Even though Tai Lung was more powerful, his misuse of the energy was misguided and led to his defeat.

We are always being pitched the secret to success in the hope of making money. We are told if you do the following, success will follow:

  • Go to college
  • Get a job
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Get this license
  • Take this course

But the reality is all of these things are missteps unless we don’t go into them with the right intent and the right energy. Being educated is now more important than ever. However, there are many ways to educate yourself. Colleges now charge over 40k a year because they say they have the secret to the job market. Society, via colleges, sell the illusion that you can’t find a job without a college degree. The unspoken corollary is that if you do go to college, you may stay enslaved your entire life to school loans you can never pay off. Debt strangles the life out of you.

There is no secret. Only you have the key. That key is available and accessible within. Think for yourself and follow your heart.

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Steve Clark


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