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Winston Churchill Taught Us Words Matter

During World War  II, Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of England and for a long period of time he was the leader and face of the free world. His was the only country that had been able to offer any resistance to Germany’s march across Europe.

Neville_chamberlain1921Part of Churchill’s success was his ability and willingness to identify and give name to German Nationalism as the encroaching threat. He was able to plan accordingly and marshal his country’s resources precisely because of his unrelenting determination in speaking out against the threat he perceived Germany to be not only to England but the Western world at large.

Blindness or cowardice by other European leaders were the reasons that Hitler’s army steamrolled over most of Europe. To the contrary, Churchill was able to plan his country’s defenses because he faced the enemy head on. His dogged perseverance remains one of the principal reasons that Germany met defeat in World War II.

Contrast this to the numerous responses and statements made by President Obama regarding the latest terrorist attacks by ISIS. Our President labels the attacks as carried out by “fanatics.”  In his recent speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama discussed, in great detail, the problems with religious fanaticism going back to the Crusades– yes– the Crusades… an event that took place over 900 years go! So, while Christianity appears to be fair game when analyzing current day barbarism by ISIS, apparently radical Islam is not.

In fact, the entire Obama administration, from the State Department to the Department of Defense as well as the White House all speak with measured and guarded words when addressing the threats coming from ISIS, never calling them what they are: Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism.

Unlike Churchill, who was able to anticipate the Germans’ moves precisely because he saw Hitler and his intentions for what they were, Obama’s inability or unwillingness (blindness, cowardice or sympathy) to clearly identify the risks posed by ISIS makes him unable to accurately predict their movements. This inability by the Obama Administration to call ISIS what it is places the United States in a more vulnerable, and thereby dangerous, position.

In many ways, President Obama has it easier than Churchill did. The Germans tried to hide their maniacal end game; not so ISIS. Churchill had to convince his nation and the world that what Hitler said was not what he really intended. Contrast ISIS, which promotes its intentions by way of video beheadings while marketing Sharia and a Caliphate to the world with a boldness never before seen.

Yet while Churchill took on his challenge, Obama shirks his.

Neville Chamberlain preceded Churchill and will forever be remembered as an apologist and a naif. Inconceivably, and tragically, these appear to be fitting adjectives for the 44th President of The United States of America.



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